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Torches and pitchforks

By Owen Paine on Monday February 1, 2010 11:39 AM

Your louche commentator here can hardly claim to be a one-man weather station or fire warning system or for that matter even a trend spotter, but why oh why has more not been made of last week's Oregon tax hike on the silk hat set?

Those fearless tribunes and heroes of mine, the Nerf Stalinists, had this to say about it a while back:

"Oregon voters delivered a "tax the rich" message yesterday, voting to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy to prevent cuts in public education and other social services... The tax-the-rich measures passed easily, with late returns showing a 54 percent to 46 percent ratio, The Oregonian reported. They drew strong support throughout the state, including in areas considered more conservative. Turnout was estimated at a substantial 60 percent.

The vote is particularly significant because Oregon is known as an anti-tax state. It has capped property taxes and voters have rejected income tax increases twice in recent years, according to The Oregonian. It is one of only five states without a sales tax."

Attention must be paid here, no?

Now two types of state-level electoral events have cheered me in recent memory: the hikes in the minimum wage in several states, and now an actual real live class tax fight, won by the smurfery!

PS to Oregon resident Madame Xeno: there is a space reserved for you at the head of the comment table.

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I, too, reside in the State of Stumpland. The passage of these two measures is evidence of what Zero and the Dembots refuse to do at the national level -- namely convert class rage into altered courses.

The rage is certainly muddled, but it's real.

The cash to keep these measures afloat, by the way, came mostly from teacher unions.

One interesting side-note is that now Phil Knight, Nike CEO, is making noise about moving his increasingly gnarled and toupeed personal ass out of the state. His state income tax just went from 9 to 11 percent, so who could blame him?


i was aware of that md
oregon has at least two leading
sets of all seeing eyes

lest they cross each other
i flipped a coin
and err u won

either way
i was hoping
--just for vinegar's sake--
u or mammy xeno
would perhaps poo poo the caper

not give it a muddlers pass

btw ..u touched ever so lightly on it..
but the "special interest" pub sec union gig
kinda don't floss vwell in my mouth

your mentioning it surely lowers
my prevailing glee
i don't like to be reminded of the bare facts here

knowing how i hate pub sec unions and all
i'm surprised at your cruelty

why so far as i can see
them teachers unions
is just margarine unions
not thick blooded
hairy assed
butter and egg unions
like the one's that are out there
braving the corporate jungles
swinging limb from slippery limb
and bellowing
like mountain apes

but regardless
the unions got enough cookin to put it over the top
and i suspect the next state that tries this will see the real scrap

you usely can slip one by the corporates before they call out the vigilantes in force

whither the golden state on this md ??

Why hasn't more been made of it? Well, if you were the head of a multi-mega-begga-bigga media corp, would you make a big deal of it? Would you instruct your demotard minions to?


would me smithee me ??
why i eat the young of pwog ladies
whilst they sleep
but of course you are correct as usual
the MSM inc isn't into
dousing its ownership
in meme kerosene

cut the pwog blogs my dear man the pwog blogs

do they ring like green albion's
church bells after waterloo

if so fill me in

my venal hunch
class tax war
sold as just that
a gouge of the top hat set
just for spite
by means of referendum
isn't their prefered
struggle path

i see them in charge
suggesting a nice
force feeding of improvomatic wax
for the hoi hoi mugs

a campaign
that would in fact
be only
yet another nice cup of merit hemloch
for themselves
like the kerry tree chop down

" join us wage rubes
in a vicous bout of self taxation
grow up
sacrifice a few atrocious
augmentations to your gummy bear collection
it's for the ....CHILDREN'S...

"why the damn sleeveless shlubs
we offer them
alternative energy research
and they prefer ...cash for clunkers "

Son of Uncle Sam:

Ta hell wit dem rich fellas!

I'm a resident of Oregon (as in I live in the arbitrarily defined boundaries of said governmental entity) and there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to raise the taxes of the well to do by a tiny, intsy-bitsy, smidgen of a little bit just to hear 'em squeal like a stuck pig.

Now they're all threatening to leave the state, Atlas Shrugged style. Oh may the Gods soon hasten the day.

Full disclosure -- I'm considered "well to do" under the rules of the newly implemented laws. But having been raised in poverty and known it's pernicious embrace I hope I've done a little bit of good in this case. Not that it will keep me out of Hell or anything.


"This consciousness of transitions between economic systems returns us to that remarkable straw in the wind, the USW-Mondragon agreement. It represents a groping toward the coordination, combination, and thus unification of two recently rather disconnected social movements"

godwinisitic academe mistakes
delightful union gesture
for strategic alliance

mondragon's secular monasticism
expressive hetero-class poetry
like sherwood forests outlaws
not an operating diagram
for revolution obviously
more a system of mirage like
japanese lanterns
leading to a dream village

Phillip Allen:

Truly we have entered the Ukiyo-e, ne, Paine-sensei?


whats floating crap game
in japan talk

...PS to Oregon resident Madame Xeno: there is a space reserved for you at the head of the comment table.

Sorry, op. I was over yonder, hoping to petition Mike F. to draw this up as his own personal take on The Last Chopper Outta' Saigon.

Sadly, he declined because I couldn't offer up enough squirrel pelts for the commission.

But, yeah, I got bombarded while temping with radio ads for and against the measures for the better part of a month. It was especially touching when the Antis ran pleas on at least one station asking "small business owners" to contribute 1K apiece to help save our benighted state from the horror of Nike and its ilk being forced to dig into their pockets for something above the zero-to-ten-dollar range per year.

The BOregonian, that pathetic dinosaur, was foursquare against it. Who knows? Maybe that inspired a few stray "Fuck You!" votes in favor. It's a nice thought, anyway.

Oh, and somebody tried to vandalize my Pro lawn sign a week or so before the election, but I salvaged it. I hope you are all proud of my courage out here in the trenches. While I am out of work again and poor as ever in pelts, I still bask in the glow of your adulation etc etc.


Pope John Paul II, Laborem Exercens 12, 1981:

The Church is convinced that work is a fundamental dimension of man's existence on earth. She is confirmed in this conviction by considering the whole heritage of the many sciences devoted to man: anthropology, palaeontology, history, sociology, psychology and so on; they all seem to bear witness to this reality in an irrefutable way. But the source of the Church's conviction is above all the revealed word of God, and therefore what is a conviction of the intellect is also a conviction of faith. The reason is that the Church--and it is worthwhile stating it at this point--believes in man: she thinks of man and addresses herself to him not only in the light of historical experience, not only with the aid of the many methods of scientific knowledge, but in the first place in the light of the revealed word of the living God. Relating herself to man, she seeks to express the eternal designs and transcendent destiny which the living God, the Creator and Redeemer, has linked with him.

but long ago campion says
watch out for genuflecting
skull crushing
Opus Dei


old nazi youth
corp members
in elite abodes

not so bad as the montt
sob but troublesome.


less idiotological -

'52. The structure of the present-day situation is deeply marked by many conflicts caused by man, and the technological means produced by human work play a primary role in it. We should also consider here the prospect of worldwide catastrophe in the case of a nuclear war, which would have almost unimaginable possibilities of destruction. In view of this situation we must first of all recall a principle that has always been taught by the Church: the principle of the priority of labor over capital. This principle directly concerns the process of production: In this process labor is always a primary efficient cause, while capital, the whole collection of means of production, remains a mere instrument or instrumental cause. This principle is an evident truth that emerges from the whole of man's historical experience.'


" I still bask in the glow of your adulation"

cult status


liberation theology
american style

i must confess i prefer doris
to catholic worker Day

but i love em both



"cult status"

I could never figure out how to parley it into a personal fortune, though. So now I'm just gonna' have to die broke and obscure and in the gutter like the rest of you. Damn it.

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