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Merit Class Management Skills

By Al Schumann on Tuesday April 20, 2010 09:06 AM

The Obama regime is proud to continue the tradition established by the Bush regime, in many ways, and when it comes to the Global War on Evil they're not afraid to put their best foot forward. They're also keen on recycling.

Via Flagrancy To Reason, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, a much killed man, has been killed again. This time with a difference, which unfortunately must be left as an exercise for the discerning reader.

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Incompetence or hubris, to use the same Goldstein so many times?

Al Schumann:

A highly specialized form of stupidity, is my best guess. The double-domed merit types are social cretins, though they're often quite bright in other areas, and they rise through the ranks as managers. The people they deal with have all sorts of poor social habits themselves. The double domes wind up thinking of them as idiots, and don't bother to make their hogwash convincing. Because, after all, It's not economical to waste high grade persiflage on people who are or will act content with shopworn fables. The ambitious underlings rise through the ranks based on their merit ability to enforce belief in the hogwash. Eventually, enough people are willing to go along to make resistance a risky proposition.

It's stupidity through and through. But it works. Until it slams into organizations that have a superior capacity for violence.


"organizations that have a superior capacity for violence"

or a superior deftness with violence and delivery on promises
see hezzi wezzi boolis

and not to be too precise
the ccp has shown some superior ability here to

so far
the dark side of uncle stymie and beyond that
uncle besting crowd has the record of success

the " we'll play by open society rules "
sticking to pan america
compare the castro boys operation
the first ortega administration/regime
and the allende administration /demi-regime

seems pluralism in the civil xsector let alone the political
turns out to be
a loser from jump street

unless hugo the magnificent succeeds
and proves there's been one unbroken link
in the chain of people's democracies

and even if so
some will spell hugo's success
OIL not superior organization or program

Agree that Hizbollah may not have superior capacity for violence, so much as OP's "deftness."

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi is Keyser Sose!


When someone's name is Omar's Father, from Baghdad, it's easy to kill him again and again. That it is not the same Abu Omar, or the right Abu Omar, is a detail troubling only to those inclined to quibble over the the details of the Great March to Imperial Victory.

Al Schumann:

RedPhillip, I now feel ashamed to have quibbled. Perhaps if they killed all the Omar's fathers, they'd be bound to get at least one evildoer and after a while, well, imperial victory could rest its weary feet.

It's worthy quibbling, Al. If Omar's Poppy doesn't die, the number two of "Al Qaeda in [insert place with menacingly Islamic sounding name]" will still die, somewhere, somehow.

And CNN will still ask if this "spells trouble" for the Iraqi insurgency...

Al Schumann:

Jack, yeah, the "Number Two Leader" pony is always good for another trot around the zombie track. They might even be smart enough to start using it, after poor old Abu Omar is killed a few more times.

We keep having to kill him/them because he's/they're all clones! Or vampires! Or vampire clones! Do I have to explain everything to you people?!

Al Schumann:

Ms. Xeno, my heavens! I didn't know they were vampire clones. Of course this changes everything. I fully support the efforts of whoever is doing something about it, whatever that something may be.


I am not a number. I am A FREE MAN!


Father Omar from Baghdad is either a cat or a chimera. Take your pick.


father omar

the friar tuck of osama hood's aflaq op



now here's a us prime ham

bye bye andy u fuckwit

go play jiminy cricket at disney world


"Armed with an Ivy League education"

Is it possible that Abu Omar is Schrödinger's Terrorist? Could Abu Omar exist only as a potentiality of quantum superposition, simultaneously alive and dead depending on whether or not he's being observed by a Hellire missile equipped remotely-piloted drone?

Well, probably not. Personally, I favor Ms. X's vampire clone theory.

I can imagine the sweet discordian goulash that R.A. Wilson would make of a Schrodinger's Terrorist, Alan Smithee.

Got any links to "merit[ricious] class" actors, white collar crime, and the financial crisis?

There were an awful lot of lawyers, accountants, marketing types, personal trainers, programmers, and hedgies raising money for the Obama campaign", and while I'd be "shocked, shocked..." Well, you know the rest.

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