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An Honest Man

By Al Schumann on Thursday April 22, 2010 12:54 PM

Thanks to Charles Davis, I've found the ideal congressman for our times, Mr. Harley D. Brown.

In addition to being the “intake manifold to the Kingdom of God”, Mr. Brown has,

an intense burning desire to destroy all the works of those Progressive Liberal Politicians in Washington D.C. whom I brand as vile domestic enemies to the country and Constitution we’re SWORN TO DEFEND.

I endorse this man without reservation.

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God willing this man will be our next president. In my mind he already is.

How does someone look at a picture like that and say, "Yup, this is what I want to represent me." He looks like a comic-book villain.

Also, I love his website. It's like he decorated it with bumper stickers.

Al Schumann:

Mr. Brown doesn't have an impressive hairdo or movie star good looks, admittedly. He looks like he's worked long hours in trying circumstances. My own photos reveal the features of a man who knows where the heroin is, but won't tell you. I could never hold office, even with that important qualification. This my cross, and I'm not complaining. After all... but that's not a subject for weblogs.

Mr. Brown looks like he could not only hold office, but also take Democrats to task in ways one encounters on the streets of Glasgow. Specifically, with a powerful head butt, straight to the nose.

I share Charles' hopes for the future.

He seems tailor stitched to fit the hobgoblin nightmares of proud pwogs everywhere, right down to the "Keep the Queens out of the Marines."

I don't think I can quite snark up an endorsement, but it'll be fun to watch Ezra, Yggie, Olbermann and the squishier Dems rending their garments at his simple five plank call to arms, especially number three, the "Mighty War Department."

That's some straight shooting, crying Havoc for the war dogs all out in the open, and with gusto.

However will the War Democrats help themselves to the Peace Dividend, if the Republicans keep coughing up these red handed high steppers?

He's seeking representation of Boise. I've visited Boise for work in an old job, and I have a good friend who lived in Boise for a few years while working for the USFS. Boise has a lot of LDS folks (as does Idaho generally, which is per capita more LDS than Utah) and is the most non-Idaho (read: comparatively more yuppified) than every other town of comparable size in the state. Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene are the real yuppie centers of Idaho, but they aren't business centers, they are vacation spots. Boise is fairly busy. Gotta wonder how Mr Brown will play in Boise. I'm sure the souls he converted from being winos/bums/homeless will vote for him. He's awfully convincing, especially when he wears those battle fatigues.

The combination of military, engineering, preaching and self-unawareness probably has a big pull among certain Idahoans. Go Brownie!


if winston churchill butt fucked
a particularly glassy eyed
lady jack rabbit
this guy might possibly arrive on the scene
in what ??
31 days ??
9 months ??

could happen
u know
like in area 51
that's out there some where

given the space aliens
cross breeding experiments and stuff

fwoan writes:
I love his website. It's like he decorated it with bumper stickers.

Hey, if you dig that, check out this action:


...now featuring his campaign commercial:

"Intake manifold to the Kingdom Of God"?

Looks more like the differential casing to me.

fwoan writes:
Also, I love his website. It's like he decorated it with bumper stickers.

Hey, man; if you dug that, wait 'til you get a load of this:


...now featuring his scintillating campaign ad:



This guy sure looks like he could put the fear of Jeezussaaaah into all those Godless commie fag liberals who are destroying America. He might even bite Hillary's head off Ozzie-style, which would be reason enough to vote for him. God's intake manifold? More like God's crankshaft, as in his crank, your shaft, if you get my drift. But at least he's honest about giving you the old two-stroke without the lube.

Nuke their ass and take their gas? That means "all options are on the table" in Obamaspeak. Might be a little impolitic for the Koswhack Krowd, who prefer the more temperate variety of adolescent macho posturing.

Dude, when you get to Congress, you're totally gonna wanna reach for your Thompson. Just do the first thing that comes to mind and act natural, ok?

Thanks, Mike. Now I need to have something for the seizures.

Hey, man; if you dug that, wait 'til you get a load of this:

Is it possible for a website to cause brain tumors?


"Please consider sending a loud mouth passionate demolition expert to Washington DC. "

"I will destroy mediocrity and politics as we know it. "

"Congress needs someone crazy like me to combat their insanity."

harley is a chopper


i declare this web site
an official "toon zone"

are way too encouraged by dialogue

Al Schumann:

Owen, you're right. I've given up trying, as far as dialogue, and settled for reminding them that "this is a republic, not a democracy" whenever they start displaying that distressing pwoggie affect of theirs. It makes life much easier. They believe I'm winger, thanks to the shibboleth, and I'm spared the pain of pretending there's any communication possible.


I'm for Harley too. Anything that tends to bring our holy institutions into disrepute is fine with me -- something was said about this, last week, in connection with the horrible old Supreme Court.

Harley seems to have a lot of potential entertainment value, too; and since Dick Nixon sailed into the sunset, that's been a less abundant commodity than one would like.

Much as I like looking at this charming gentleman, I have a question for somebody here who is able to wade through the story and answer this:

Is it the case that the Republicans are on the left on this "financial regulation" charade? The Dims want to leave the door open to future TARPs, right?

No, Michael. There is a fund established that banks would have to furnish in case future failures require funds, but a TARP situation is not allowed again. Doesn't mean they can't bail them out in other ways such as how we're all mandated customers of private insurance, come a few years.

Fwoan, that sounds like part of an answer. But how then do you explain the filibuster, which is being explained in these terms? I could wade into all this myself, but would like an solid answer if somebody else has one. What you said so far merely sounds like a Dimbot talking point, fwoan.


A "fund established" to insure the overclass against future implosions of its tertiary wagering parlors? Charged against banks that collect deposits from we plebs? WTF?

Help, SMBIVA! I'm drowning in talking points!

Al Schumann:

The fund comes with further inroads on the FDIC's ability to unwind zombie banks. It seems gratuitous to me. The Too Big To Fails are already zombies and in any event would be untouchable even if putatively good regulation were enacted.

The Republicans object because it removes a treasured fund-raising opportunity. The banksters won't need to go to Congress for their bailouts anymore. They can be handled by the executive branch alone, without so much as a rubber stamping.

a TARP situation is not allowed again

Fwoan, I take you to mean under present "reform" terms, it's not allowed again. 'Cuz there's nothing to stop the White House and the Congress from creating a new type of "reform" or "assistance."

In fact, I'm pretty sure we'll see something like an SB 666, the Tester-Feingold Act to Restore Public Integrity and Confidence in American Financial Entities.

I'm not really interested in the details, which are, by definition, window dressing. But my question is, regardless of the ulterior motives, isn't it true that the Republicans are technically a couple inches to the left of the Dims on this matter?

MIchael Hureaux:

Michael Dawson, I'm not sure that being a couple of degrees to the left of the Suede Denim secret police- to cite Jello Biafra's delicious tag for the "democratic" meritocracy- makes much difference.

And having grown up around this kind of politics in the Alaskan interior; Johnny Birchers and Goldwaterites and Reaganauts, Joe Vogler's Minutemen contingent and Posse Comitatus, the humor around these lunkheads is lost on me. They just get crazier and crazier as the years go by. No thanks. Not even as a joke. Heard it before, didn't think it was funny the first time.

CF, that's exactly what I meant. I'm not defending Democrats in saying that they are saving us from future injustice. They are merely applying a band-aid that protects against the specific case that has already occurred. It doesn't stop any other creative ways of screwing us which is what I alluded to with my healthcare comments.

Michael, I'm not sure what you're referring to with mentions of the filibuster? The Republicans filibustered the bill saying that we need to discuss the bill more but they only filibustered the ability for the bill to come to the senate floor FOR debate. They stopped the ability to debate the bill on the Senate floor.

Basically the Democrats are trying to do something ineffectual and the Republicans are trying to do nothing at all.

MH, I'm not suggesting it has any meaning, other than being yet another example of the accuracy of the core SMBIVA thesis. The more direct way to put it is that the "financial regulation" proposal is so solidly of the right that even the Republicans are on its left.

Al Schumann:

MD, if I follow you, the Republicans are indeed a bit to the left of the Democrats on this. I'm going to steal your punchline and point out that it swiftly becomes a ghastly irony because it's equally true that the Democrats are presently to the left of Cthulhu.


Cthulu at least wants to share everlasting misery with his minions. The Dems, not so much.

Al Schumann:

Jack, it seems then that the poor Dems have nothing whatsoever to offer. It was inevitable, I suppose. All that fatuous "triangulation" has placed them solidly to the right of Cthulhu.

Perhaps we should start referring to the DLC/DNC as "worse than R'yleh."

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