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Drop a bag on Babylon

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday May 8, 2010 12:48 PM

For something like the third or fourth time since last weekend's great SUV fizzle, Times Square was shut down for an hour because somebody left a bag with some water bottles in it on the sidewalk. The starship troopers (one is shown above) were of course called in, in all their glorious absurdity.

How I hope somebody is doing this deliberately. And that it happens so often the authorities have to close Times Square for good. Turn it into a bird sanctuary, or something.

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In Portsmouth, NH - the downtown was militarized because a scared immigrant from Burundi (probably realizing he was the foreign guy with bad English, and therefore most likely to die for the good of everyone else) wouldn't get off a bus, after SWAT had surrounded it.

It's unfortunate this is happening in Times Sq and not the Financial District, where the real big pricks go to graze.

By the way, out of Mid Town, Times Sq may be my favorite part (which isn't saying much)--it has an authentic seediness that's hard to come by in Manhattan these days.


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