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Spill, baby, spill

By Mike Flugennock on Saturday May 1, 2010 03:22 PM

When our Exalted Boy Emperor and Nobel Peace Laureate, George W. Obama, caved in to the “Drill, Baby, Drill” crowd and proposed the opening of large areas of the Atlantic and Alaksan coasts and the Gulf Of Mexico for oil drilling, you could’ve knocked over your average Liberal or Pwogwessive with a feather. They were shocked — shocked — to hear that The One was proposing to allow offshore oil drilling with a plan very nearly identical to that Evil Rethuglican, George W. Bush.

The really sad part is, of course, that your average Liberal or Pwogwessive will still — like your classic abused spouse — feel as if they’ve got noplace else to go and, as per usual, trudge off to the polls to pull a lever for the Democrats later this year, and in ‘12 and, also as per usual, once again feign shock and surprise when they come in for more abuse and betrayal from George W. Obama and the Democrats.

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Obama will catch a break on this one from the Republicans.

The Republicans don't want to discuss the environmental effects of oil drilling.

It's up to you "true progressives" to stir up the outrage. I doubt the media will give you the time of day either since the media doesn't want to offend the oil companies any more than the Democrats or the Republicans.

And the paid oil industry shills are still working the daily newspaper websites. If it drops below 40 degrees next week, you're going to have 10 paid trolls posting about global warming.

Nobody with any power or influence is going to saw squat about how bad it is. Reminds me of Chernobyl. So rejoice. Maybe the American empire will go the way of the Soviet Empire and collapse.

One technical flaw in this post: In order to cave in, one has to be sticking "out" somewhere in the first place. This is Zerobama we're talking about.

I'm glad your commentary is included, Mike. I like the graphic of course, but your commentary puts it into perspective.



Here's another take on what we might today call environmental pollution. 1 min 35 secs of jaw dropping advertising from the 1950's. Must watch until the end.


Deserves the widest possible distribution.

Michael Hureaux:

There are probably a few army brats here who remember the radium dips they used to paint our tonsils with in the early 1960s. God knows what else they were doing with this shit.


Things are slow around SMBIVA, so consider this:

Point: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/04/us/04enviro.html

Counterpoint: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2010/may2010/spil-m05.shtml

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