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In another universe

By Al Schumann on Thursday April 29, 2010 08:25 PM


From our photoshopping friends at Area 51, that splendid satire. Perhaps there's an alternate reality where convicted arsonists are given weighty responsibilities. Here on planet sanity, they're currently in a humane work-release program. Mr. Summers—the most difficult to reform—is tending ducks in upstate New York, right outside Syracuse. Mr. Rubin and Mr. Greenspan run a popular laundromat in Albany. Their debt to society is almost paid and I, for one, find this cause to celebrate.

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Heedlessness lives, always and everywhere.

I think Rubin was finger-rimming old Alan there, too. Larry looks jealous.

Al Schumann:

You're right. He does have the smirk of a successful diddler. It looks appropriate on him.


top greek fiscal artists
have recently found
a budget hole
too big to fist fuck even
and as irony would have it
right there eponymously
in the very cradle
of western sodomy


some links from the Goldman pile-on that may be of interest:

Meritoid meets MOTU, gets fucked.

Krugman's Phrenotrekology

Al Schumann:


The first link, two reactions: eeuugghhh! eeuugghhh! eeuugghhh!

and, on the other hand, there's nothing like a probe from the tongue of a reptile to take the shine off a Harvard degree —provided the degree doesn't preclude learning.

The second: Krugman, even at his worst, is too good for that paper. That post is among his best.

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