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Sane person tries to take crazy person seriously

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday June 6, 2010 04:51 PM

Mondoweiss writes, with deep alarm and puzzlement:

Israeli Strangelove now at Harvard calmly lays out ‘Armageddon scenario’

To understand the news involving Israeli nuclear-armed subs off Iran, I recommend an important post by Jerome Slater on his blog about a crazy/chilling paper from a former high Israeli security adviser now at Harvard, named Chuck Freilich.

Read the whole original post--which includes a link to Freilich's paper--then ask yourself what in heaven's name this guy is doing at Harvard?

One has to be touched by that last plaintive question, doesn't one? Two words: Summers. Kissinger.

Freilich's line is that Israel needs to nuke anybody who might even ever think about getting nuclear weapons of their own. This is pretty logical, actually.

We've known for a long time that it's useless for country A to have nuclear weapons if its antagonist country B also has them. A's nukes are only useful to it if B has no nukes. A's nukes become un-usable once B has its own, and nobody takes seriously any nuclear threat from A -- no matter how much A bays at the moon and chews the carpet and drinks its own bathwater and otherwise acts the madman.

The corollary is surely crystal-clear: if you're worried about Israel doing crazy stuff with its nuclear arsenal, and yes, mondoweiss, you should be -- then you should also be rooting for Iran to get nuclear weapons too, and the sooner the better.

That would recall those Israeli loons to a sense of reality in short order. Harvard or no Harvard.

Seems to me this is the pons asinorum for people who claim to be bothered by Israel: Well, are you willing to support Iran? No? Well then, take two aspirin and don't call me in the morning.

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You mean, right now? At this very moment? Fuck, yeah, I'm willing to support Iran. I've just read the the Iranian Navy is ready to accompany the next Freedom Flotilla to Gaza. You go, Iran.

And if/when Iran finally get its Bomb perfected, it won't be a day too soon. Finally, there'll be somebody there who'll have the means to jerk Israel's ass into line. Perhaps I just might live long enough to see Israel get its goddamn' ass served, but good, like it's been begging for all these years.

Waitaminnit, Smiff...a sane person, trying to take a crazy person seriously?

Stop me if I'm wrong, but isn't trying to do that one of the first signs that someone's just taken the on-ramp to the Batshit Freeway?

So, nukes have been discovered in Iranian territory? In an Israeli sub in Iranian waters.


Now yer talkin father S

It's about supporting iran
Not attacking mini mean

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