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A Day In The Life

By Al Schumann on Friday July 2, 2010 06:56 AM

Have you ever been to one of those meetings where everyone else has just a little something , oh, wrong with them. You're pretty sure they're comrades. They have all the right shibboleths. You can denounce the bourgeoisie in the bathroom without causing any sudden, unfortunate spattering. They all get a definite misty-eyed look when the word "labor" floats across the room. But they keep plaguing you with offers of untagged C4 when the conversation is really supposed to be about fixing the printing press.


If you have, or know the feeling, and wonder how those deep cover Russian spies were caught, the Stiftung Leo Strauss has a post of interest.

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ersatz stiftung
lady gaga mine shaft

" ..Democrats and Republicans alike embraced general containment. We fought a hot war in Korea. Ike threatened nukes. The Soviets were a real global threat. After the 1962 Cuban humiliation they embarked upon the largest military escalation in human history. "


"Obama does not have it in him to commit himself personally and fully to the immersion necessary to fight us clear to a new place"

immersion ???...fight us clear ???

what vector did you fly in on
dick head ????

Al baby you find some krazy katz


yearning for a dark age

Al Schumann:

I'll give you a dark age, you snarling curmudgeon. Keep stomping people's corns with those hobnail boots and we'll never have a morning laugh. Ever. Nor will we have even a modicum of good will from people who are, at the end of the day, not so bad to be friendly with.



Hobnail boots? Those boots have poisoned-tipped daggers!


thoughts on reading leo s blog's

the projects of empire always suffer
from too many
knot hole wizard superintendents
with their latest theory of ruins take
on the petty business of the day

hell if they ever studied
a tumor what would they think ??

hell i bet they'd say
"shit this bulbous chaotic jumble
of incoherent crumbling mutant cells
is going absolutely no where
but perdition ...forget about it "

the missed reasonable and deadly core
of the purposelessly purpose full ??

we are these tumors
these wanna be tissues
these heterodox gaggles of cells

obessive self dividers
with cumpulsions of grandeur
bounced about by each other
driven on internally
by nothing but mistaken
self obvious purposes

there is no leviathan yet
let alone
a queen of the neurons

only accidentally specialized units
of the great slime

and yet ....out of chaos ..decadence
and more decadence comes.. ..decadence

its all decadence
as far as the imagineering eye can see

and so ???

maybe this limitless valley of decadence
contains nothing in itself to fear
a bloody bunch of fools
led by a nut
' fighting clear ' to a new order

a tumor that thinks itsef the makings
of a world brain

pipsqueaks rowing against Clio's tide


"a modicum of good will from people who are, at the end of the day, not so bad to be friendly with"

ya i gotta agree
too much is indeed too much

but hell now
i ask ya
how's it hurt a fellow feller
now and then
to get woke out of
a superior sweeping "vision" of everything
from a fuckin sharp insensitive
alien foot stomp
on the least of your meme corns ???

CF Oxtrot:

That was pretty good Strauss, but the iPhone vs HTC Evo video from XtraNormal was far superior.


oxtrot ever the hyper critic

we all need more action / adventure eh ??

CF Oxtrot:

op, I think it's just my sense of humor, which is fairly dry, but not as dry as Strauss's. Most of those entries at that blog make me yawn, but the cell phone cartoon was making me laugh. I know people like that "I want the new iPhone" character.

I guess Strauss's humor contains the same mockery, it's just a little too wonk-obsessed and/or arcane for me to find it funny. Something about the form makes it unfunny. Something about the focus on bureaucratic process makes it as interesting as watching carbon turn to diamond. For me, that is. But maybe that's part of its funniness for some.

That was an interesting read to be sure.

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