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Cop Riot

By Al Schumann on Saturday July 3, 2010 05:58 AM

While rampaging in Toronto, the police managed to arrest live action role players—Renaissance Faire types. I can't imagine why they thought that would do anything for their image. But they did, and they displayed the costumes and props at a press conference as though they were proof of nefarious intent. All it cost was a billion dollars. Such snotty little boys. I think they need something worthwhile to do.


Poorly socialized children can sometimes be helped by teaching them how to care for animals. You have to keep a watchful eye, but often they can relate empathetically to pets and use that as a springboard to being able to consider humans, human.

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These were the real police? Profiling a cosplayer? Because he looked different from other passengers riding on a train (looking different from other people is the leading indicator of terroristic intent, I guess)? Really?

But, I think you have a genuine talent for photo sourcing. So, there’s that.

Al Schumann:

They really did. Maybe they were jealous of his chain mail.

CF Oxtrot:

In the interest of economy:

cops = morons

SMBIVA is now flirting with promoting animal cruelty? We're better than that aren't we?

Al Schumann:

MD, I hope you'll forgive my lumbering seriousness. I'm at a loss when it comes to dealing with fundamentally broken people; rampaging cops, militia xenophobes, Goldman Sachs bankers, etc. I assume they're not all of them complete psychopaths. Although some certainly are. The ones that could be coaxed into a healthy interaction with society at large won't get there without help. And there is, really, some promise in closely supervised animal care responsibilities. Abused children and cruelly institutionalized adults can benefit from it.

I've got a bunch of links related to the topic.




So the cops rolled 3d6 vs wisdom and got a critical miss...

Why are you all looking at me?

I really liked Liberal Catnip's take on the whole mess. She was right on the money.

And suddenly I'm craving raw vegetables. It's a good thing that mr_xeno started a garden out back this summer...

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