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Giant Rabbits

By Al Schumann on Sunday July 4, 2010 10:48 PM

Good news for fans of giant rabbits.


Note: this is filed in the "Abstinence" category, out of concern for the children.

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revealed as evil anus action of Kali


Did a little digging in the archives to help newcomers catch up with the bunny pix:



BTW what has Ms. Melissa Harris-Lacewell been doing over at the Nation since she displaced Alex Cockburn? Don't read it myself anymore, but I know Al is a regular.

Al Schumann:

The Straitjacket-Espadrilles of the world have won, Boink. The revolution never even got off the ground. Uncle Alex was escorted to his Chrysler Stegosaurus by KvdH's private military contractors.

Who really didn't see that one coming?

I think I see Elena Kagan in there, maybe more than once. Can't wait until she gets to be a Supreme Carrot Nibbler...

I love your Giant Rabbits! I would love to have one like those. What are their breeds?

wow! I want one of those Giant Rabbits! I haven't seen one since birth! thanks for sharing this post!

Giant Rabbits! I would love to see one soon! Thanks for sharing this Giant Rabbits post! keep posting!

Giant Rabbits! I really love looking at these Giant Rabbits! They are so amazing and cuddly to look at!

I am really looking forward to see one of these Giant Rabbits! I am really amazed by their sizes! thanks for sharing this post!

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