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A disappointing speech

By Al Schumann on Wednesday September 1, 2010 12:24 AM

I expected bromides and I received bromides, but I was still disappointed by the president's speech. It was a wasted opportunity. He should have entered the oval office carrying a fake turkey and wearing a codpiece. This would have lent dignity to the rebranding of the occupation. But he blew it. What a dipshit.

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Excellent, Al!

The only words I want to hear out of his mouth are, "I am not a crook".

Perplexed in Need of Guidance:

What is the fake turkey and codpiece about?

Al Schumann:

They're an American tradition. The decorative turkey and the codpiece symbolize compassion, the promise of a better tomorrow, humility and a realistic appraisal of the triumph of victory. When the president sports them, and utters the traditional blessing to the nation, "I am not a crook", citizens can rest safely, confident that God still smiles on a fretful but optimistic nation.

Perhaps... some day... we will all have decorative turkeys and codpieces of our own, and we will gather on the Mall in the spirit of rugged individualism. I don't want to get into maudlin sentiment, but there have been days when only that hope keeps me going.

Perplexed in Need of Guidance:

Amusing, but it didn't help. Guess I'm just not with it. Thanks for trying.

Al Schumann:

Perplexed in Need of Guidance:

Clearly the same person in both pictures, but I can't quite place him. Over and out.;D

Well, the original plan was for God-Emperor Obama to make His entrance in a golden chariot pulled by a dozen naked pwog blogger while a Marine Corp marching band played Thus Sprach Zarathustra and a thousand doves were released overhead. But Rahm Emanuel didn't approve.

Al Schumann:

Rahmesses is a miserable excuse for a majordomo. One could hope, and hope in vain, that his opposition to the dove release sprang from concern over their welfare. The reality is he wants to be the sole source of pigeon shit.

Ah, the fun of thinking your initial remarks a satire, and then remembering upon reading the comments that the turkey and codpiece really happened.

Not only does the devil not mind us knowing that he exists, he wants us to know that he's having fun with the whole thing.


Preznit giv me turkee! Hee hee! Thanksralph!


speaking of rebranding, selling commemorative urns of enemy ashes would fight the deficit like crazy, and supplying the dust could replace lost jobs in drought-stricken america.

Deficit Fighter:

family fun:

put 'Fly a Predator' booths at the shopping malls. u fly 'em, you shoot 'em (with appropriate command authority closely held, of course). help cover some of the variable costs.

what? say $100/hour ... a special birthday treat for Babs or Junior. have a small birthday party sized audience area for paid seating, say $5/hour.

Deficit Fighter:

fixed costs


fascism alert at counter punch

"A failure of the left to innovatively fill this space will inevitably spawn a reinvigorated right with fewer apprehensions about state intervention, one that could combine technocratic Keynesian initiatives with a populist but reactionary social and cultural program.There is a term for such a regime: fascist."

"As Roger Bootle, author of The Trouble with Markets, reminds us, millions of Germans were disillusioned with the free market and capitalism during the Great Depression. But with the failure of the left to provide a viable alternative, they became vulnerable to the rhetoric of a party that, once it came to power, combined Keynesian pump-priming measures that brought unemployment down to 3 percent with a devastating counterrevolutionary social and cultural program.

Fascism in the United States? It’s not as far-fetched as you might think."

Walden Bello is a member of the Philippine House of ghost dancers


Chomsky has been recommending US denazification for about 30 years. So what else is new?

Al Schumann:

All these failures of the Left are really getting me down. Now we've botched the innovative space-filling and the reinvigorated right is spawning, like so many fat fascist factory-farmed salmon.

It looks exactly like every electoral cycle freak show that's ever been, but this time it's sure to lead to fascism, rather than another electoral cycle freak show.


"Chomsky has been recommending US denazification for about 30 years"
with him its puckish coquetting
we are always entering
some recently provoked blend
of pwog horrors

'brave new 1984 ' !!!!!

tucker acheson ageless boy great gamer:
"an ocean or two .... maybe three
separates us all
from fascism amerikan style...
unless that's
meant as an oxford-moron expression
in any case ... past 1946
its turtles all the way down

----- moment de rigour
in the fascism warning cycle :
the spastic pwog colon
freak out ...show

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