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Obie unleashes the political police

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday September 29, 2010 09:03 PM

Well, not "unleashes", of course. They were already unleashed a long time ago. But Mister Hope and Change has certainly dialed up police repression of political activity to a whole new level.

I suppose by now everybody has heard about last week's FBI raids on antiwar groups, with the usual combination of clownish low comedy and ogreish menace -- confiscating children's drawings being an example of the first category, and breaking down doors an example of the latter.

The Thought Police were looking, they said, for evidence of "material aid" to "terrorist organizations", which is against the law these days. Has been since Clinton signed the relevant law, in 1996, I believe.

Now the Prez can declare any group he pleases a "terrorist organization", and "material aid" includes things like responding to an e-mail. So really, this is a policeman's dream. They can pick you up for just about anything.

Not for the first time, I marvel at all my liberal friends, worried about the dire Fascist threat emanating from those poor teabagger loons, while their hero is busy busting down people's doors for engaging in political activity he doesn't like.

It's kind of interesting for me. I personally am clearly, undeniably guilty of providing "material aid" to "terrorist organizations", as Obie defines them -- and proud of it. I only wish the aid had been more substantial.

(Just thought I'd save the Fibbies some work here; I've met a few of them, and they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.)

I've had materially supportive things to say about Hamas -- hell, I might as well admit it: I think they're wonderful, and I support 'em to the hilt, and you should too. And years ago, I was very chummy with a bunch of PFLP guys and bought them dinner, several times. And helped them publish a newsletter. I do believe I may have even paid the printer's bill once or twice. (I was in funds in those days.)

So send your goons for me, Obie. I've done it before, and I'll do it again, the minute I get the chance, unless you lock me up.


PS -- I just saw a very good fierce piece on this topic by Glen Ford over at Black Agenda Report. Says it all.

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What about the Mexican Drug Cartels? Aren't they terrorist organizations? And so if I bought a dime bag of Mexican Shit Weed wouldn't that make me guilty of providing "material aid" to a "terrorist organization"?

Cuz if so I'm so fucking way guilty.

I gather I can expect a knock on my door from the Fucking Bunch of Idiots (aka the FBI) any day now.

Career Coward:

Building traffic for the website?


father looking to build traffic by
courting detention questioning
bully boy searches
.....arrest ??

he's been known
to do such things

despite the frightful thought

a wee hours ....kicked in door !!!!!


At least I'd get fed, and have a roof over my head -- matters which currently appear a little doubtful, on the Outside.


father s:
"the prison notebooks "

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