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Proportional Vacuity

By Al Schumann on Sunday September 5, 2010 07:40 AM

H/T Mike Flugennock.

The Gawker opines on another pseudo-trend uncovered by those tireless crackpots at the New York Times, where vacuity goes to be nurtured into robust category error philistinism. This time, the Times is interested in political implications of the silliness of the youth of today, which is narcissistic and creepy, like a man with a comb-over reading Nietzsche to impress hipster baristas.

The Youth of Today® suffers from vacuity at the same rate and pace as their elders. There's no need to worry that they'll make a hash of things. Of course they will, just as previous generations have. Tradition is secure. The slick campus psychopath will become president, the ambitious sycophants will become reporters at the Times and interesting, relevant news will remain on the margins.

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I always love how these articles grab one "man in the street" (or up to half a dozen if you're lucky) and makes them The Defining Voice Of The Generation™.

Sort of like when the Times prattles about "the youth" and they're mysteriously all somehow involved in the entertainment or academic fields, somehow (nearly) all White and hetero, somehow all from NYC, LA, or Chicago.


Al Schumann:

Yep, it's all about their preppy gaggle's reflection in the mirror. The other 90% of humankind, in all its variety, serves them basically as an ornament. Although some do get to be honorary Times people.

Al Schumann:

The Times has remained basically the same since its founding, too. It's always been a paper devoted to exciting junk sociology prurience and pandering to the fatuous self-regard of status panicked middle managers. The lamentations of its notional internal reformers are also the same; an empty self-examination that focuses on pointless proprieties and quickly becomes a distributed, diluted sense of shame.

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