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A joy forever

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday October 6, 2010 12:50 PM

I'm pleased, I guess, to see that Comrade IOZ has taken to tossing around a favorite medicine-ball of my own, Melissa Harris-Lacewell, shown above in an exceptionally unflattering photo.

Melissa certainly deserves a large and diverse non-fan base, and spews far more nonsense daily, hourly, and on a mass scale than I could possibly keep up with.

But I'm a little jealous too. The relationship doesn't seem so... special, now.

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yer gal be hittin' the pancakes ???


No shit, op... MHL ain't looking too svelte nowadays.


I like her better this way. Probably got tenure, don't you think?

Well, I don't know or care about MHL's alleged weight issues, but she sure as hell better keep on the ball over there at The Nation, because there's this college chick with a hyphenated last name who gave a horrible-assed speech at the One Nation Failing Together Rally last Saturday while wearing one of Condolee-ee-eezza Rice's old suits who's gunning for her job, fersure.


Guessing the weight gain is related to family expansion project.


Boink: if so, that makes a whole lot of sense. When your progeny-in-becoming sports three hyphens, every evening's repast is dinner for five.

OTOH, a "Melissa Harris-Lacewell" and "pregnant" Google search didn't turn up anything of pertinence. It did lead from one thing to another, however, and eventually to this gem in a comments section:

"Melissa is symbol of the new Princeton... she stays true to the public intellectual creedo... I hope she does a follow up/retrospective w/Charlie Rose soon."

Anyway, I do hope that MJS doesn't post anything about MHL in the near future. I can't resist comment, but this entire business is further shrinking whatever shriveled wit I do retain. Mediocre cruelty does no one any good.

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