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What My Inbox Told Me

By Al Schumann on Friday October 22, 2010 07:48 AM

The Parry threads are getting a little bogged down, but that's no reason to stop feeding into the bogs. Or maybe it is. Was I blogging? But anyway. Parry's argument is based on what his inbox tells him. My inbox tells me many things too, e.g. I could have an enormous penis and get Christian debt relief. I don't consider this indicative of a broad trend. There might be a few debt-free Christians running around with enormous penises, but my inbox is still not a good gauge of reality. Parry's is, for some reason, and it's difficult to resist a poke or two at the resultant crackpot rationalism.

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Is this an amusing item?

New nuke sub on Skye rocks:


The accident comes just days after the government announced sweeping cuts to Britain's armed forces including the scrapping of the Royal Navy's flagship aircraft carrier, the Ark Royal.
The BBC reported that one of the tugs -- the one sent by the coastguard -- was also set to be taken out of service in 2011 under the sweeping austerity measures announced on Wednesday by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition.


This shows good use of resources. They managed to squeeze in one more grounding before the tug was scrapped.

The eventual product isn't nearly as important as the process required to get there. So many contracting dollar opportunities on the road to building a large weapon of warfare. It's not as important that the weapon function optimally, especially when the process is so profitable.

I guess nobody got the memo about the Columbia.


I love how the whole thing got disneyfied into a reason to spend more on space exploration/travel/research. Yeah, America!

Al Schumann:

Commenting on the submarine tragedy, His Royal Tumescence, the Prince of Wails, called on all Britons to face up to the hard choice between buns and gutter.


An enormous penis AND Christian debt relief from the same provider? How cool is that? Where do I sign up? Big Johnson's Sky Daddy Money Party! Outstanding!

If I acquire an even larger penis, I'm going to need a much bigger nightstand to store it in. That should be provided free, as an incentive to purchase. Perhaps with a rebate coupon good at a local unpainted furniture store. Also, I think my next bigger, better phallus should run on solar power. And there should be colorful, handmade decorator attachments that can be changed with the seasons, with inspirational banners about saving the planet and finding, er, inner peace.

The spammers around here are clearly not in touch anymore with what the consumers really want.

Al Schumann:

The spammers are accidental news reporters. The rate at which they send what they send tells me more about the political economy than the newspapers.


Get the wall mount, Ms. x. Makes a good hat hook when NIU.

You're a wise individual, Anon. I predict you'll go far, here in our scrappy little company.

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