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Exhausting Melodrama

By Al Schumann on Monday November 22, 2010 10:05 PM

Smithee grabbed another exemplary sample of Democratic apocalypse-mongering. After years and years of similar flailing, I think I can safely speak for all the non-aligned left when I say the party stalwarts' melodrama is exhausting. It's dreary, tired and unconvincing. The hysterics have worn thin. It's as bad as the right wingers' conviction that the world is filled with hateful people who constantly think of ways to harm them.

I suppose it's a comfort to feel so important, but they're just not relevant, Republicans and Democrats alike, to most of humankind. They're barely relevant to civic life here. Most USians can't be bothered to play their favorite game, the biennial popularity contests. They go about their lives as best they can, decent and thoughtful for the most part, and try not to get dragged into the freak show.

I traveled a lot when I was young and worked in the "hospitality" industry. Visitors from other countries often remarked on the reflexive friendliness of USians and the astonishing degree of depoliticization. Both observations are consistent with my own experience. One would think, given the friendliness, that political engagement would come easily. But it doesn't, and I think this is directly attributable to the emotional vampirism and hysterics of the party partisans. People aren't apathetic. They want to hang on to their plasma. Who can blame them?

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worked in the "hospitality" industry

brings me back

several paine girls knew bell hop Al
in them days...
many a silvery summer nite
he slept on
the paine clan's hot van roof

recall em Al ???

i know tess paine does :


as for gigawatt paine
who can say


Al Schumann:

Indeed I do. Those photos are from the Beltway days. Many's the senator who might recall them too, and likely would, if the monthly payments tailed off.


gosh i just remembered
the belt way gigs ....

didn't ole tess
have a crush on pay pal pat moynihan ??

Al Schumann:

Tess had what could euphemistically be called a crush, yes, or more precisely a firm grip on Pat's... but let's not go there.


life is so full of per chances eh ??

royal happens to be visiting me for the holidays
and after this exchange he laughed and found this picture on his own site
of the clan "van"

yes more of a bus then a van i guess

but close enough for gubmint work ..eh ???

the pic is from the retreat bro royal inherited from the unabomber's seceret
last will and testament

royal just three minutes ago :

"ya owen i keep her parked out there
for dna samples "

-- yes the unabomber ...each your heart out oxy ---


Al Schumann:

The Magic Bus! As I live and breathe, or wheeze anyway. The memories are precious to me, Owen. Check your email for one of them.

Al Schumann:

Also, here.

Al Schumann:

And, here too.

SMBIVA, for all your psychedelic needs.

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