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Deficit hawk with a heart

By Owen Paine on Thursday December 16, 2010 12:21 PM

Behold the Jan with a plan!

I love the Janster, anyway(*) and any time, and gosh, here she is swingin' the double-headed budget broadaxe, and in the holy class cause of progress, goodness, light, and the little peoples' purses.

It's pdf, but I can't cut and paste it here, for some dang reason or other, so go read it yourselves, ya bastids, it's only 7 panels long.

Gistifying, for the kids and great-uncles: today and tomorrow, "TOUCH NOTHING!" But in fiscal budget 2015:

  • Add 150 billion to tax revenue -- yes tax increases, the merit-class glory hole;
  • Even better, close 130 billion in corporate and wealthy-guy tax loopholes;
  • And best of show, cut 110 billion out of the death star project! Yes indeed, slash an assorted set of gratuitous procurement gigs, both ongoing and pending -- carve out a few war freakouts and fanfares!
  • A few modest nibbles at the fringes of the social budget. Never fear, they're mostly mined from corporate and rich boy rent sumps (these are fun fantasy moves, aren't they, Ms Progress?)

  • Allah be praised: a cost-cutting pub-op for health insurance, and Uncle at the table in drug price negotiations!
Ummm, Owen...tax increases? Hey, what else? Hacks at a few of the Limited-Liability Man's immaculate exemptions, passover cults, and uncle-sanctioned legal frauds.

What's not to like, eh? The wish sandwich and wolf-ticket department has lots of fetching lefty market-oriented inventory moldering on the shelves, don't it?


(*) Just look at her! What a knockout! The eaglebeak nose... the short frosted hair... the wolverine eyes... Like man, it hurts so good... it hurts so good.

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