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Those bad old Wepublicans do it again

By Owen Paine on Wednesday December 15, 2010 09:48 PM

Lest we forget the FIRE sector amidst health provisioning follies, do y'all remember the the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission? Next month it's scheduled to disgorge its "final report"!

Here's a blog post by a stalwart lady tribune of honest people-person oriented credit dealings, to refocus our eyes some on the "horror" -- err, temporarily:

The gist: The Rethugulars on that commission are fixin' to go off reservation soon, and pre-emptively blame the last ten years of financial foolery on Barney Wonka and the chocolate factor.

Ms Blogger:

"The intent is pretty transparent: to discredit an effort at fact finding into the roots of the crisis, what was hoped to be a Pecora Commission, by making it appear partisan and launching an alternative narrative to muddy the waters. And the reason is clear. Even though FCIC is certain not to have the same effect that the Pecora Commission did, of discrediting major financial services industry figures and exposing various forms of chicanery, it appears that even lesser forms of criticism of the banksters must be sandbagged (the bizarre part of this drama is that at least some Democrats and very selectively, Republicans in office are willing to call out the predatory, extractive behavior of the large banks. But no one has the guts to buck an industry that is a major paymaster in a very serious way)."
Read the whole post. It's a Christmas special. I wish I had a tenth of the fresh indignant energy of some of these moderate white-hat observers. It's quite a show seeing them dancing on the hot griddle over this hi-fi Laputa shitstorm.

Seeing stuff too soon, and from too great a distance, can make a snarling sniping growling dark-hole critter out of even the least asocial of us poor parlor pinks -- that is, if it don't make us completely into just another catatonic mute in the nation's basement.

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Does Yves have a brother? If so, what's the brother's name? Penelope?


Another anorexic! Jeez! It's an anorectidemic.

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