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Cui Bono?

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday December 22, 2010 04:41 PM

This post is just an excuse for a bad pun. In Latin, worse yet. But really, for whom is he any good?

And don't you love the look on Bill's face? I'm gestating a Gates post, now that I've vented my spleen at that sociopath Jobs.

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More derision of the working class? You've really got to stop this.

Brian M:

Yeah, man. Cause that thar working class loves them some rock stars! Hence, any criticism is effite and elite. In Marxy Mouse's Hood, they would stomp anyone that spoke against U2.

Prince Diana, too. She was a heroine, don't you know. Just like Sarah P!

Y'know what really depresses me about seeing this foto? It's the fact that John Lennon was assassinated thirty years ago this month. Looking back over the events of the past decade or so, I can't help thinking shit, man, we really could've used John Lennon then -- and instead, all we've got is this goddamn' jerk-off Bono.

And, yeah, Gates does have that kind of Wayne's World "we're not worthy!" look about him, doesn't he?

About time you took some cracks at Gates, too, Smiff; it's not like he hasn't long deserved it. Just because Jobs has turned into an even bigger and more slobbering greedy prick than he was in the early '90s or so, it doesn't mean that MacOS isn't made of awesome. Yeah, Steverino's gotten to be a hypocritical, censorious little prig, but that doesn't mean I'll be gladly ponying up the next time I can afford new Mac gear. I mean, c'mon, Smiff; you can't possibly enjoy dealing with an operating system that comes out of the box set to hack me, r00t me, trojan me, bot me, pwn me, produced by a company which made its career out of suppressing competitors while cheaply imitating their product.

So, yeah, man. Let's see you introduce Mr. Gates' Ass to Mr. Boot... but be sure and thank him for those goddamn' hiliarious-assed Windows 7 Launch Party Advice videos, and that footage of the shopping-mall Microsoft Store employees "spontaneously" breaking into a line dance advertising Windows 7. Pants-crappin' funny, Bill, thanks a ton.

Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers!
--Steve Ballmer.


Fair warning: I'm a Linux guy myself.

Which is worse -- Gates' fawning attempt to hoover in a bit of "cool," or the Grecian Formulaed Mr. Hewson's ROFLMFAO camera-point? Hewson hasn't produced a listenable song since 1987. He's about as genuinely cool as Bing Crosby. Still thinks he's Sid Vicious, though.

Al Schumann:

Hewson has his claws sunk into the export-driven development racket. He puts a goo-goo veneer on it for the premium pricing.


To people who really like red iPods?
(Or the upcoming red Zune?)

Al Schumann:

The cool thing about Bono and U2 is that by listening to them, especially Sunday, Bloody Sunday, you really feel as though you're helping achieve peaceful solutions to, like, some really bad situations. You know? That's where iTunes and the iPod really count. They work on Windows as well as Mac. So there's a peaceful solution right there, too. But the best is all the new emulation software. Now we can have triple boot systems for people who like to play their U2 mp3s on Linux. And Mac. And Windows.

If the world were more like that, we'd be all set. But I do miss Amiga.


and now ...poor bono !!!!

is this sweeps week at poli pink blogilonia ???

what else could explain this event:

going beyond the usual
lifetime code crawler's
reflexive gates crashing

our father CPU of ballot box ecraser
now in a burst of branch out
enjoins the broader pop scene
makes me gleeful

it's always good for the inner culture collie
to see this licorice stick Mcstooligan
take a proper scalding

and i do believe his eminem -ness
prefesser smiff
has the knack for more of same
trans cyberian railroading

perhaps we might have mjs revive
this tweedy dead golfer's

'letters from amerika '



the chorus rises
pro mistah lennon anti dah bono

Al Schumann:

The Dissenting woodchuck does offer a moderate and sensible amount of measured yet firm scorn-related scolding activity. But Hewson's arrogance and look-at-me schtick is just the tip of the iceberg. He's a dyed in the wool neoliberal. He's Jeffrey Sachs with Brylcreem and hipster sunglasses.

Every working man in my rough neighborhood who was a working class working man listens to U2 while working at his working class work! You're all just a bunch of elitist Listserv Liberal Leftie snobs who do nothing buy look down on us working class working men and Bono!

dandy don:

more fat biches and titties please, and black ones tooo. been a while sicne there was fat lowclass hos. need fat black ones the black ones here are too bony

lunch of lamb chop:

For the last several days the comments here (several threads running) have been redolent of people in the grip of severe holiday depression.

Hang in there SMBIVA. Things will be back to ordinary real soon. Even Sambert could return, in brand new Xmas stockings, of course.

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