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Paging Dr van Helsing

By Owen Paine on Monday December 20, 2010 10:43 PM

Here it comes, ghostbusters, the great pwog crusade to re-free our social security holy land, now in yet another grip of cold corporate steel.

Is this the third or the twelfth of such crusades? Watch out for professional pwog-pols bearing dire warnings...

"The tax deal negotiated by President Barack Obama and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is just the first part of a multistage drama that is likely to further divide and weaken Democrats. The second part, now being teed up by the White House and key Senate Democrats, is a scheme for the president to embrace much of the Bowles-Simpson plan — including cuts in Social Security. This is to be unveiled, according to well-placed sources, in the president’s State of the Union address. "
Yup the POTUS is a vampire too.

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"cuts in social security"

what are we talking about here, specifically?
-- raising the retirement age?
-- ending annual adjustments for inflation (already done that)?
-- ending payments to people with income from other sources (seriously doubt that)?

BTW, in this perspective, what was all the fuss about "privatizing social security"? What happens when the dearest wish of Wall Street runs up against the dearest wish of conservatives? Can we have both at once?

Wow! El Presidente is a...vampire?
Y'mean, he's, like...Blacula? D'ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahh.

Jeezus, there's such an awesome cartoon in that, something involving a parody of an old Blaxlploitation flick poster, a cartoon so awesome that'd it'd be guaranteed to inflame vast swaths of the electorate in the wrong way, so I might just leave it alone.



I would SO vote for Blacula. Even if he were a Democrat. It's quite injurious to compare him to Obie -- injurious to Blacula, I mean. Of course.

Al Schumann:
I would SO vote for Blacula. Even if he were a Democrat.

Hear, hear! People say we're "purists" about the Democrats. It's a terrible canard. We would be happy to vote for them, but they refuse to run acceptable candidates.

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