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Poster kids

By Owen Paine on Monday January 10, 2011 02:11 PM

Remember this fellow?

I submit Dembo operatives are working up a series of party-building scenarios to exploit any appropriate new look for Congressperson Gibbons, up to and including the timeless living-relic act. Here is an earlier Rahmocrat look:

Poor Brady was wheeled around for a generation to run over the gun lobby. I wonder, can this poor lady hope for anything better?

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Not sure Brady was ever that central a tool, or that the Dims are now willing to go even that far. But, of course, this may be about all they've got as a possible device for the 2012 effort...sick.

Meanwhile, wtf are Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain doing on the cover of this (admittedly vile and stupid) magazine? WTF do they know about being a "military spouse?"

These United States of America are the most violence promoting states on the planet. These United States of America rain violence and death on people all around the planet or else threaten violence and death as a matter of state policy to achieve political ends.

The congresscritter in question was complicit in and supporting of such policies.

I guess what goes around does come around every once in a while.

My only complaint is that what certain folks send around doesn't come around quite enough.

Y'know, every leftie blog I hang out at -- and pretty much everybody who comments there -- has already said what I've been thinking all day, but I still need to at least get my two cents off my chest. Here's a commenter at For Want Of A Nail who was pretty much reading my mind when commenting on a post entitled -- appropriately enough -- "They Steal The Words Right Out Of Our Mouths":

...you might want to look at, though, how Palin and the Tea Party are being used to preempt a broader discussion of the violence inherent in the US political system in that they are, like Wilmer in “The Maltese Falcon”, small timers, complicit just enough to be able to credibly take the fall, but not so much that they put the entire system under examination.

When Joe Biden can call Julian Assange a “high tech terrorist” in a climate where several high profile people are calling for Assange’s assassination, and receive little criticism, primarily from civil libertarians and the marginialized left, while Palin, despite, to date, a lack of any concrete connection to Loughner, is maligned by liberals, that points towards the way in which liberals are exploiting the situation to conceal the own imperial values, their desire for their own monopoly on the uses of violence...

To this I can only add, "civility, my ass". What a bunch of goddamn' hypocrites. Anybody see that footage of John Boner... uhh, Boehner on the TV yesterday morning (I think it was)? He mumbled something like "an injury to one who serves is an injury to all who serve". Yeah, that's right; an injury to one politician is an injury to all politicians. So what are the rest of us -- chopped liver?

Y'know what really galled the shit out of me, though, was waking up to Morning Joe this morning and hearing the normally snarky, catty, blustering Scarborough and crew speaking in hushed and somber tones about the "tone" of political discourse in this country, topping it off with a visit from Harold Ford -- everybody's favorite pasty-faced, mealy-mouthed centrist -- dishing out admonishments to the left to "tone it down". Yeah, that's right; he was telling the fucking left to "tone it down". Honestly, sometimes I just want to reach into the TV and smack the shit out of that little pussy.

"Tone it down", hell. If anything, this is a perfect time to crank it up to 11.


Ford Junior makes Obama look like MLK.

Maybe Harold Ford can join forces with that Obama handler whose name I forget to have all us "retarded" Lefties undergo drug-testing the next time we want permission to show up at Town Hall to talk to our state Representative(s).

There's big public-private bucks in that for somebody, I'm sure.


Family, Self, Country. Not far removed from Work, Family, Country.

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