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QUITE contrary

By Owen Paine on Thursday March 24, 2011 12:22 AM

As a former whitewasher for this jungle statesman, way back there, long before auto-genocide was cool, last night I had a very sudden and profound recrudesence of that stoutly contrary spirit.

It occurred to me "enough is enough", after a particularly hyped BBC broadcast of an interview by phone with an innocent insurgent cooped up inside one of those besieged liberated towns in west Libya.

I've taken as my immediate task to step up and apply the same bleach to Col Q's record till humiliated by hard facts to run for cover.

Let's look at the bulletins that have rolled our way since the beginning of this uprising against his tyranny. My considered and boldly presumptuous conclusion:

There is very little third-party evidence of much beyond the usual autocrat's rough stuff and pot shots. In fact since the rebels "came after him" in Toyota trucks armed like an ad hoc mobilization of Somali irregulars, the colonel's forces have adhered pretty consistently to rules of armed engagement worthy of, say, the LA SWAT teams.

It's an asymmetrical conflict, after all...

Hey, states -- those coagulations of force and nasty action -- have a right, a well recognized right, or rather a duty, to defend themselves and due process against irregular bands of armed would-be topplers, don't they?

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Al Schumann:

States have a prerogative for that, and a fiduciary obligation. Murder is of course very bad. Very, very bad. It would be crass to argue that one might have to descend to it in order to protect existing arrangements.

Al Schumann:

It also still seems silly to me to either whitewash or denounce when the most pressing need is for Uncle and his ghoulish lackies to get out and stay away.

Better Muammar than the Republicans! We can only hope and pray that he can get those Libyan Tea Partiers under control before the country descends into anarchy!

I'm not sympathetic to Qadaffi, but I cannot make the leap - as a surprising list of folks have - from turning my nose at one more oil princeling to running verbal errands for the bomb dropping powers.

Anyone and anything which makes it harder to run a seven hundred military bases extraction protection racket gets at least a smile and a hint of forgiveness.


"either whitewash or denounce "

ahh but states will be states senator Al
right ??

in the end even if they know what they do
they can't do much else

mistakes will be made
favor lost
and hegemonic opportunity taken
and trumpy accusations laid on their heads
in the climactic moments
when states will be states
they leave us side walk supers
with no choice
but to go to extremes ...with them or against them

in the event
a plague on both houses is too easy
abstentions are for safe self saving saints
and of course
the "maybe next time
it'll be U dummy "crowd

its too early to flip the page
to the final chapter

"wow be to the oppressed millions
out there NOW "

lord knows they're really out there
in their millions
their millions upon millions in fact
all totally innocent assholes
living the life "short and brutish "
under one or another nasty statish
armed and dangerous
flim flam

problem as we all know much to well
these flim flams
these armed and dangerous gooneries
walking about
among the little or nothing
citizen subjects ..
stalking the people so to speak
licensed and often eager
to commit mayhem for orders sake
and the sake of orders ....
well madame hummingbird
most of em
are uncle sponsored

BIG SAM's franchise outfits

and when uncle wants to revoke a franchise or
simply replace a hapless indy with a franchise
uncle uses the record of these gigs against themselves

the nuremberg double cross

and in our own nitwit innocence
we sivilizers pray for it all
we pray for
the "ghoulish lackies" of uncle con Summit
to go out there
baring lethal just desserts
and flaming last call cocktails

errr only to set up
flim flam 2.0

knowing all this hooey hellfire
awaits em
i suspect
makes it a hard world indeed
for its dwarf Macbeths

for the wicked self adorning ork kings
running these stinkingly imperfect
small fry autocrat states

oh the ingratitude ..the perfidy
of Uncle and his side winders

i just kinda feel for some of em
now and again

hey take col Q here
i bet he's trying best he can
to play by the rules here and now

yet ...its no dice

uncle's x
is on his painted and powdered brow

comes a closing time
for all little big shots

and col Q
vogue queen of the maghreb
is headed for a slice up

like he's just
some common marketplace gyro .....


surely in a few versions
of the universe
he gets a different ending


after i've stuffed my pile of horse feathers
back in its hefty bag

this remians
as the simple sane truth:

"the most pressing need is for Uncle and his ghoulish lackies to get out and stay away"

amen brother Al


hands off the planet uncle slaughter


i biffed my punch line and it galls me

what in hell is this hiccup ??

"till humiliated by hard facts to run for cover"
what ??
am i planning
to force
the" hard facts to run for cover" ???

should read somethinh like this:

I've taken as my immediate task
to step up and apply the same bleach
to Col Q's record
that is until
i'm so totally humilated by hard facts
i run for cover


like jean genet

i love beating off
and hopelessly unwise
rear guard actions

such an action presents itself here
on behalf of the high styled issimo
of tripolitania



a plague on both houses is too easy
abstentions are for safe self saving saints
Agreed, absolutely. This is why I'm such a fan of the Islamic Republic.

For some reason I find it harder to take the same approach to Col Q though. Perhaps it's simply because he kissed and made up with the Empire a few years back, whereas the Perrrsiians haven't quite done that.


(believes demolishing butchermobiles is an honorable & righteous pastime)



paula von rhinestone has a delightful
romp thru the record over at
punch drunk left

do read it


" There was no proof of rebel claims that the Qaddafi regime was slaughtering civilians. Had there been visible proof of such atrocities, we can be sure that they would have been shown regularly on prime time television. We have seen no such proof. A UN fact-finding mission could have very rapidly set the record straight, and the Security Council could then have acted on the basis of factual information rather than of claims by rebels seeking international aid for their cause"


Thanks, OP, you've made the inconsistency of the western position clear. Now, drop the Diana Johnstone bit about no physical evidence of massacre. There's no evidence because the reporters all fled about a week ago.


wait sen
consider this

the contrast

"crimes against humanity beat "
by the MSM
oiler naughty sheiks
my poor flaming desert col

btw as i noted earlier somewhere
the col has allowed the occidental mdia into his zone
i suspect he realizes it curbs the myth spin some what
if a reporter in tripoli suggests she/he haven't seen first hand evidence
as vopn rhineo suggests
we'd see it
if it existed

because col Q
is capable of mass crime even may have commited it in the past
lets not to quickly assume that's whats up there now


if i had to choose between
the elected regime of
the ringo starr of teheran
and this omega man set up
of the evil uncle of johnny depp

i'd go for ringo
reluctantly based on base
class base

i don't like ringer's excess
of hard and fast face lines
he looks to gleeful


where's the turbulent depths in that face ??
whereas mon colonel ....

ahh the sciggling cross hatchings
and scraggles
looks to me more amiably chaotic

my tastes run to unsystematic whimsey fed autocrats
more then machine pols

its the hollywood in me


Desert civil war. No dog in this hunt. Regardless, Uncle out.

In re Islamic Republic: Best I understand it, Ringo has substantial popular support outside of the cities. Plus, he recently won an election, or close enough. I'm all for self-determination.


Between murderers, there's a faint satisfaction, mostly consisting of intellectual superiority, in picking the weaker. For example, Mussolini clearly a nicer guy than Hitler. And Salazar more fun than Franco.


In the Johnstone pull quote twould appear Johnstone has a faith in UN fact finding missions that only fit with someone who doesn't remember the way the UN Iraq weapons inspectors were handled in 2002-03.


Owen -- That picture has been heavily photoshopped, probably in some skunkworks back office in the Light Unto The Nations(tm). Or maybe by one of Alan Dershowitz's interns.


by god you're right

this is what he looks like
in a recent official photo



If "a plague on both houses" is fundamentally legitimate as an opinion, it seems like the US left needs to vote Democrat or Republican. Moreover, it's probably similar reasoning that leads a fragment of the left to support Odyssey Dawn; they just identify the greater evil as Q.

It's bullshit. Dilemmas like this (false dilemmas) should be rejected as stated.

Shit, did my comment just get moderated?

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