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More Weiner whiners

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday June 9, 2011 05:20 PM

Shown above, at right, is the toothsome and toothy Dana Goldstein, next to somebody named Ezra -- boyfriend? Colleague? At any rate Ezra is equally toothy, and no doubt equally toothsome as well, if one's taste runs that way.

Enough of Ezra. This post is about Dana, who writes for The Nation these days.

Here's a recent Dana column:

I disagree ... that Weiner’s online sexual habits are irrelevant to his role as a congressman or liberal bulldog. As I’ve already argued, I find it alarmingly unprofessional that Weiner pursued these activities from his Congressional office in the middle of the day, with his staff just outside the door. (As an employee, I certainly would feel uncomfortable if I guessed my boss was spending his workday in this way.)
Now Dana appears to belong to the generation -- Aphrodite bless 'em -- who coined the term 'sexting'. So it's a sorry depressing thing to hear her slinging around priggish corporatese shibboleths like "unprofessional" and "uncomfortable" -- not to mention the Pelosi-like tut-tutting about sexting on company time. Oh, and guess what, Dana -- your much-revered "boss" probably is spending his workday this way; and if he's not, then he's an even sicker puppy than if he were.

I can't even begin to unpack the phrase "liberal bulldog". It's enough to make you believe in the Whorfian hypothesis.

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Al Schumann:

I have a little theory about the Whorfian hypothesis. I think it's possible for people to achieve a condition of self-inflicted Whorfianism. Liberals move from that to detecting "Lakoffian frames" and conservatives detect "Overton windows". In an effort to be ecumenically psychoceramic, I attribute the self-inflicted Whorfianism to the socio-biological imperative of reproduction. This is how they find mates.


Ten thousand Potheaded fully framed whorfian window wipers
marching on Washington

What a vision
But Flug nutz is ready
Scatter pen in hand
I can hear him now as they pass his studio door

"Go home you ceramic clown faced monkey turds
Don't pee on my GRASS"

Al Schumann:

The potheaded fully framed whorfian window wipers descend on DC every day. Then they head to their cubicles and offices. For them, it's always mating season. Their plumage, displays and distinctive calls put me in mind of Chomsky's observation on the effect of a "good education". Mike is right to chase them off the lawn. Their incontinence fouls everything around them.

I have a trite observation about the penis dude and his squawking, quacking, ruffled feather nemeses. Power and servile attendance to power bring out, respectively, infantile aggression and reflexive apologetics or reflexive Pecksniffery. The scene is familiar from high school. They added a little sophistication in college, but it's basic high school stuff, right down to the Freudian freak show of high school pecking order adjustments.


i recall much pecker pecking
when after 8 years in all male boarding schools
i went to the american dog patch in switzerland
where the grulls out numbered the boyz
8 to 1

"wanna peck it ??
well ya gotta find mine first ass holes "
ah true celtic hebrew i always took down a piece of my dignity with me in these acts or blieous deficieny "

perhaps all blogs ought to be
not advertisements for
but rather
lies and fables about
my self

it certainly brings out the strapping clown in moi

Her discomfort is, or would be, obviously the fault of the person who is doing whatever action is causing the discomfort. It couldn't possibly be alleviated by her understanding that yes, human beings have sexual thoughts...EVEN AT WORK!!!

Thanks Mr. Smith for addressing this topic. I want TO strangle myself whenever I hear someone saying that you have to make sure not to offend other people. That's code for 'put on your sitcom personality'. But what about what offends me? I'd never be offended by someone whacking off or even shitting in their garbage can at work, but I am extremely offended anytime I see someone with the title of 'manager' making a unilateral decision about how a lesser employee will be 'utilized' without consulting that person. FASCISTS!

And I'm going to be honest with you fellas, if Ms. Goldstein came by my office and flashed that toothy smile, I might get some ideas that might make her uncomfortable if she knew about them. Dana, I think ignorance might truly be blissful for you.

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