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Well, who can resist?

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday June 8, 2011 11:20 PM

I really wanted to stay away from the Weiner's-wiener scandal, but it's actually quite piquant to me, for entirely personal reasons.

Oh, don't get me wrong -- I don't send penis pictures through Twitter, or anything else. Nor have I received any of Anthony's. The personal connection I had in mind is that Anthony once did me a favor. Well, not me personally, but a little anti-car activist group that I was part of, called Right Of Way, whose butt-ugly still-extant Web site -- maintained by me, which is why it's so ugly -- has the piquant name of cars-suck.org.

Right Of Way had the ambitious scheme of doing an in-depth analysis of several years' worth of pedestrian and cyclist deaths under car wheels. We needed to get a comprehensive series of police reports from the state Department of Transportation. Now the Freedom Of Information law, in New York, is a pretty toothless affair -- unless you're an elected official. In that case, you can get most anything you ask for.

As it happened, we numbered among our ranks in those days a young, energetic chap named Harris Silver. And Harris was some kind of old pal of Anthony's, and Anthony was then an 'umble member of the city council.

Harris prevailed on Anthony to request the documents, which we duly received, and after a good deal of work, wrote a rather good pamphlet about.

So we owe Harris and Anthony a debt of gratitude. Harris went on to become a Segway shill, and Anthony a pervy congressman, and I a blogger -- and which is worst, God alone knows.

Harris was a bit of a hipster avant-la-lettre, a very cool dude, but you had to stay off the topic of Israel with him. He was a complete Likudnik, as far as I could tell, on that question, and his coolth would drop away like a butterfly's discarded cocoon as soon as the subject came up. He married outside the tribe, however -- to a very fetching Persian girl.

Oddly enough, Anthony did something along the same lines. Though he is a frothing mad-dog Zionist, he married a Muslim girl from Pakistan.

Kinda thought-provoking. These two gents both personally did the thing that "American Jewish leadership" most deplores -- they intermarried. Which shows that they're both sensible people, at least up to a point. I don't know Anthony's wife, and it's true that she does work for Hillary Clinton, but surely she's a long step up from, say, Hadassah Lieberman, spouse of the Man From Bridgeport. And I can tell you for sure that Harris' wife is a prize.

Harris and Anthony both had the Zionist chip firmly lodged on their respective shoulders -- though maybe Harris has changed; it's been a while since I've seen him; but I doubt it. Yet here are two guys whose ideological attitudes led them one way, and whose eminently reasonable personal choices led them another way.

All good news, on balance.

If Weiner ends up leaving Congress -- as he probably will -- I won't weep; regression to the mean, if nothing else, is likely to replace him with somebody slightly less insane about Israel.

But his woody-shots are less discreditable to him than the nauseating Pecksniffery of, say, a Nancy Pelosi, who wants to investigate whether any of these boner.jpg's were transmitted over taxpayers' fiber. She can't really make much of a case that tweeted stiffies are such a Bad Thing, but the misuse of office equipment...!

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As to which is worst, I'd imagine going outside for a walk (or bike ride) and how having massive numbers, respectively, of each of the following would effect the atmosphere:

3) bloggers
2) Likudnik Segwayists (w/ beards on-board)
1) Tweetxting Zionist congressfolk (beards in State Dept.)

In a more selfish mood, your buddy would have to be the worst, but I'm feeling egalitarian.

Considering your relative invisibility vis a vis my stroll through the park, not to mention the quality of your writing and political proclivity, I'd say that's not even a close third.

I like the chalk outline for pedestrians. I see a lot of these in Berlin.

Do you know about this: http://ghostbikes.org/


Yeah, I like the Ghost Bikes project a lot. Know a few of the people involved, though I haven't been part of it myself.

tim d:

the bike oughta be the symbol of this site

btw i never even learned how to ride a bike
why bother ?
"ohhhh dante ..could you take me
in daddy's jeep
to the play ground ..."

now that's impressive ...no ??

" look its the heavenly miss betsy
stop so i can offer here a lift to the root beer stand"

the haut bourgeois equivalent
of the fabled crown prince
that never learned to walk
because he had footmen to carry him about


The sailors used to say that screwing must not be work or the officers would make them do it for 'em.


Owen, you would have been a lot better off if you had learned to ride a bike. It's not too late. I'll teach you.


a thoughtful offer
but as you must well know
with moi
t'is always too late

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