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Timeo Danaos

By Michael J. Smith on Friday July 22, 2011 06:12 PM

I'm way out of my depth on anything connected with money -- I can't even balance my checkbook. But surely it's news of some consequence that those unruly Greeks, Zeus bless 'em, have actually forced the Lords Of The Euro to give their bondholders a modest haircut?

Look how relieved Christine Lagarde, the IMF honcho, seems in the picture above. Dodged a bullet, have you, Christine? (She also looks a lot like Harpo Marx, of course.)

The idiot Sarko, one imagines, has no idea what the two girls are talking about. Angela, representing as she does the biggest bag-holders, looks a little grimmer than Lagarde. Indeed, she looks like a German masseuse -- an East German masseuse, from the bad old days:

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Let the record show that GW Bush is the massage person.



I think she was laughing at how seriously they'd taken their rehearsal:


Why, Basil, Harpo Marx and an East German masseuse, I tell you! Huff puff."

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