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Apres Wiener, le deluge

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday September 14, 2011 11:40 PM

"I was out-niggered, and I will never be out-niggered again." -- George Wallace
Of course I was deeply delighted that Democrat David Weprin lost the election to replace Anthony "Wagger" Wiener in New York City's Ninth District, a hotbed of Zionist craziness. Weprin is the scion of a very odious New York political family; I'm old enough to remember hating his dad Saul, the speaker of the state assembly back in the day, which should tell any New Yorker all that he needs to know. This particular revenge was a dish eaten very cold indeed, but as the proverb says, it tasted mighty nice.

The district hasn't returned a Republican since, what, the 1920s? And Weprin, the Donk loser, is a shayner Yid, whereas Turner, the victor, is a shaygetz. Go figure! The tea leaves are being read more attentively even than the opera-omnia of Slavoj Zizek.

Another eminently detestable figure, Ed Koch, got himself into this picture, to what effect remains somewhat unclear. Koch is a New York version of the Blue Dog phenomenon avant la lettre -- a gay(*) Jewish Reform Democrat from Greenwich Village who made his career by promising to unleash the cops and put the shvartzers and the Palestinians in their place. His aisle-crossing embrace of the Republican is very true to form; but one wonders whether he really swung any weight. Did Koch put Turner in Congress, or did Turner just put Koch back, temporarily, in the camera's eye, which he so deeply loves?

For that matter, how much did Fort Zion really have to do with it? Weprin and Turner spent most of their time trying to out-nigger -- I mean, out-Zion -- each other.

Zionist hard-liners have, of course, a vested interest in seeing this result as a referendum on the microscopic differences between the Donk and the 'Derm on Israel. Weprin foamed at the mouth on the subject; but Turner foamed just that little bit more. Conclusion, according to the Lobby: Omit no occasion to foam about Israel, and foam to the top of your bent. No suprise there, eh?

I personally don't buy it. I think it was a referendum on Obie, whose disastrous coattails, let us hope, have swept Weprin into a Toyota dealership vel sim.

I haven't seen the turnout numbers. If they're tiny, as is usually the case in such opere-buffe, then maybe the Zionist reading of the tea-leaves is the right one: four Likudniks voted, and three of them held City jobs awarded through Ed Koch's patronage.

But if turnout was a bit bigger than that -- then we might be looking at something a bit more interesting.

The national DP seems to have awakened rather late to the possibility of disaster. I'm on their money-milking mailing list, which suddenly went nuts a few days before the election. Perhaps they saw it -- or feared, at least, that it would be seen -- as a slap in the God-Emperor's face.

Now, on the morning after, it's really rather difficult to see it any other way. When your party loses a seat it's held for almost a century, in an election where the candidates are nearly indistinguishable...

Bring on the deluge, I say.


(*) Koch is gay only in the most technical sense. My own diagnosis of him is that (unlike Obie, as another writer has suggested) Koch really is a narcissist, and would rather watch old clips of himself on the VCR than have actual sex with any other human being. Nobody is nearly as interesting to Ed as Ed himself is.

He's also not actually very Jewish. There was a funny incident early in his reign as Mayor.

He's a big-time Chinese-food fresser, and during one of these pig-outs -- I use the term advisedly -- he choked on a pork spare rib he had inhaled, as was his wont, without bothering to chew. Some staffer, alas, knew about the Heimlich manoeuvre, and so unfortunately saved him to plague generations yet unborn. In order to avoid offending his black-hat constituents, the absurd story was put out that he had choked of a "piece of spinach".

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Hey man, adorable asterisk story. Prime MJS back in action.


Unfortunately, there has always been the probability that an Obama loss would martyr him and the Dems, concluding "He was too good for us," or "he failed to explain the wonderful things he did."

It's fun to delight in the demise of the Democrats, but it's not really fun anymore unless the demise is seen to have come from his lack of liberalitudination. The evil Republicans can't be seen to have brought him down with their dirty tricks.

As I think "Ohtarzie" noted, Obamabots -- at least in the short term -- won't be persuaded; they can only be demoralized.


And if they can't be persuaded, then I prefer them demoralized.


John Altgeld

We could use an avatar
Someone to split the dem party in ' 16
He or better she needs to emerge soon

A governor that allows the jobbler masses to rise up
And as a result
comes into direct conflict with o'barry's gang
The feud is settled by ousting the whole new deem core at a wild convention
In 16

I don't see us getting much out of demoralizations
I prefer the Barry boys energized and rampantly reactionary

"as a slap in the God-Emperor's face."

Life is never so good as when the God-Emperor gets his slap in the face.

Oh, he'll still think he's a God-Emperor, such is the nature of his insanity. But for the rest of us the weakness in his plate armor is exposed for just a fleeting moment.

And may the Goddess bless me, seeing a chink in the armor of those who think themselves all powerful is enough for now.

Maybe some time in the future we'll be able to exploit it.

Wait and watch.

Ed Koch is gay? Fuck, that has to suck for him.

I don't have much to add other than this was a really terrific read and it made me smile and feel like I actually know something about New York politics. But I don't.


The only people who understand New York politics are people who participate in it; and a more contemptible, degenerate subspecies of humankind is not to be found anywhere on God's green earth.


Harry's posse seems to tacitly share father S 's
" it's obummer stupid" take on the dual district loses from either end
of the political spectrum and nation

Actions ?

one eel like wonder I'm quite fond of

" firings and indictments"

Couldn't agree more

Fire geitner and indict him and gentle Ben along with lary summers bob Rubin
Paulson and a thousand others
What about Greenspan Paine ?

Shoot the fucker while he's
" resisting arrest"


Nonsense mjs
The faculty of harvard college puts the pols of NYC well into their shadow


The implication of this praise from commenters suggests you stick to the anecdotal coloration
I couldn't agree more

The steady barrage of johsonian balanced sentences
on highly generalized matters of life and activity
Is to be admired not emulated
In this fallen Interim end time of an era


Looks like Rick Perry my man from dusty waters Texas
Has decided to out Zionicate Barry

Good luck

His hopped up op Ed in the wsj
On the state hood move in the un by the pally gang


The faculty of harvard college puts the pols of NYC well into their shadow

i asked the doctor, who had spent 10 yrs at BWH, why he had left Harvard and moved to a small southern new mex. city.

a two word answer: "The politics"

Great post MJS

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