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By Michael J. Smith on Thursday September 15, 2011 09:51 PM

Forget what they want you to remember; remember what they want you to forget.

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Such effort requires some strong liquor, something distilled thrice and then aged long enough in oak casks to be considered an adolescent.

Consider it done.

My name is Paul and I like this.


Most important stuff never gets ingested in the first place

Personal experience is inadequate
in an effectively and sufficiently partitioned system of exploitation
let alone system of marginalite oppression

And yet it's a keen adage
Given the redundancy of the simplest broadest message
we geef-citizens ought to take inside the upper storage bin
from all around us:

The system is draining the bulk of it's own
primary material producers ' soul- life


Ohbummer shifting into Harry Truman circa 48 mode

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