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Lots of good news these days

By Michael J. Smith on Friday December 2, 2011 10:51 PM

Pakistan closes US supply routes to Afghanistan, threatening war effort

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The United States is in a diplomatic scramble to reopen two key supply routes along the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan that are essential to the US-led war effort and which, as of Tuesday, have remained close for four consecutive days.

Pakistan stopped all traffic from crossing into Afghanistan in reaction to a NATO airstrike that killed 26 Pakistani soldiers last week, a strategy Pakistan has several times before used to force the hand of the United States.

Hundreds of containers carrying supplies for US troops were lined up along the border waiting for permission to enter on Tuesday. Several oil tankers bound for northeastern Afghanistan were sent back to Peshawar, where they are parked in streets and on roadsides, where they could be a soft target for militants.

Concerned that US-led forces in Afghanistan can't afford to go too long with out the essential supplies, US officials have moved quickly to try and mend relations, which were already deeply strained by the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in May.

I wish I knew a lot more than I do about this part of the world. All I get are straws in the wind. A very pleasant young Pakistani fella -- let's call him Outis -- who works at the next cobbler's bench to my own, in the dreary world of IT, was quietly chuckling at this story as it came through the horrible relentless CNN feed that hangs over our heads like a meteor in the bullpen -- or rather, the steer-pen. Naturally I broached the subject. He was shy at first, but once he realized where I was, as they say, coming from, he spoke right up.

It's amazing, really, how our Empire has converted a country which was once among our most docile and admiring clients into a problem child. Uncle used to be quite popular in Pakistan -- which is one of the reasons why my colleague is here, in New York, at the next aptly-named 'workstation' to my own.

But no more. And it looks as if the longer the Bush/Obama Afghanistan war goes on, the more the Paks are going to hate us -- and quite right, too.

It doesn't get much better than this.

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Wow... talk about your coinkydinks. A few months ago we got a new TME (Techninal Marketing Engineer if you care at all) and it's a man I have to work with closely. He's from Pakistan. We've had a few enlightening (to say the least) conversations. You know, the folks from that part of the world have a really refreshing view of the world. One in which fat fuck Americans aren't actually the center of it. But they know our government for what it is, or at least the reasonable ones do. The more fanatical ones blame all Americans for the shit our government does... and I can't say I blame them.


I have yet to meet any fanatics from that part of the world. (Fanatics from this part of the world, yes.) People who are much accustomed to thinking ill of their own governments are perhaps less likely to blame us for the misdeeds of ours.

"I have yet to meet any fanatics from that part of the world."

Me neither.

I guess the fanatics from that part of the world don't come over to our part of the world much, but there are fanatics there just as there are everywhere.

" (Fanatics from this part of the world, yes.)"

Far too many of them. I'd actually wager that this country manufactures more than most. That illusion of imperial grandeur has sucked in a lot of folks.

Al Schumann:

It must be hard to reconcile the illusion imperial grandeur with the reality of daily commuter temper tantrums and being groped in airports by rent-a-cops. Freedom isn't free, I reckon, nor is it freedom.


a gesture a protest no more

one has to do something

but the top brass are quite clear about uncle's uses
and more so uncle's recourse

recall uncles trump card

i like to call it hindustan

the israel of south asia

its post colonial raj reared secularized
hindu elite
the zionists of emergent anglofied asia

intellectual settlers

utterly alien western minds in wog brains

and as an ally of uncle
far more awesome
and far more a long runregional menace
then mini me eh ???


i hardly mean to suggest futility here
only the focus for anti uncle struggle in south asia
and central asia above it

remains shattering the anglofied hindu hegemonists

india needs to be shattered into its ethnic bits


for perspective i called my graduate school friend foggy bottom y

--- i seem to have caught him
in an exceeingly dried out moment
and his concision problematic--

" india today is in the same relationship
to the rest of south asia
as russia in the 19th century was
to eastern europe "

"india is both a prison house of captive nations
and a bully on the block among neighboring states "

" the han elite are not at all similar
they have traditional cohesions over the bulk of china there is "common nation" based unity "

"these hindu elites emerged from a stew of disparate nationalities
they have only their occidental brain washing
in common "

"the sub continent is meant to be in pieces
at least as much so as europe "

"of course pakistan is a goats breakfast too "

the dominant punjabi's need to give up the
hegemony is for hindus these days
release the northerners
to a bout
with self determination re organization
mutual struggle...the sind hopwever is a prize you might hold
if you play your hand with patience "

Yeah, awesome news, for sure.

But, still... no Gabriel Heatter reference?
"Ahhhhh, there's good news tonight!"


I agree with Owen about India; it's already a pain in the ass, has been since independence, and it's going to get worse until the Chinese hand 'em their heads on a platter. Of course China as the next global hegemon isn't exactly an appetizing prospect either, but hey, that'll be somebody else's problem -- I certainly won't live to see it.


China as the next hegemon might not be half so bad. So far, they have shown exactly zero interest in exporting their socio-political model. Over a few decades, that may add up to tens of millions of people not killed, hundreds of milions not impoverished, billions not messed with. Where do I sign?


Well, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, so it's unseemly for any Amurrican to predict dire things from the coming Han hegemony -- or rather, to predict direr things from the Hans than the Yanks already visited upon the world.

"It must be hard to reconcile the illusion imperial grandeur with the reality of daily commuter temper tantrums and being groped in airports by rent-a-cops. Freedom isn't free, I reckon, nor is it freedom."

That shit is only for us subjects of the empire Al. The imperial proconsuls who are so enamored of the imperial project don't deal with that sort of shit at all. Private jets and helicopter commutes are their style.

Freedom? What that is and who is free is a very big subject. Suffice to say that for the great mass of humanity freedom is an illusion. A false belief. But I do read you loud and clear.

Al Schumann:
The imperial proconsuls who are so enamored of the imperial project don't deal with that sort of shit at all. Private jets and helicopter commutes are their style.

Bless their hearts! For them, my hate is pure, as it should be. I wonder, though, about the schlubs and the schnooks who can "identify" so closely with the imperial project that the daily routines of their mistreatment never encroach on their political consciousness. There's brute force on tap if they get antsy about it, but nothing forces them to join the shitty little psychodramas that celebrate it.

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