'Bye, Buffalo Bill

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday August 29, 2012 09:20 AM

Just got fired from what will have been, with luck, the last job I shall ever have. Though there's a mountain of debt and a lot of money worries, I feel as chipper as an eight-year-old whose school just burned down, with no loss of life -- apart from the assistant principal, a person whom one could live quite well without, anyway.

When I first went into the corporate world, years ago, it actually seemed like a nice change from graduate school. Yes, of course, you had some of the same nit-pickers and petty tyrants, and being a Red then as now, I was well aware that the corporation was not essentially a benign institution. But one had to pay the rent, and there was a certain air of purposefulness and shared endeavor quite lacking in Academia, at least as I had experienced it. And of course, inside pissing out was better than outside and pissed on.

Over the years, however, I found the corporate workplace becoming ever more brutish and bosses ever more depraved. One was increasingly more pissed upon than pissing. Even so, I was not prepared at all for my most recent boss, a ferrety sly-eyed rat-faced runt who rapidly became known to my family as Buffalo Bill, after the memorable character in Silence Of The Lambs.

Many -- okay, most -- of my bosses over the years have objected to various aspects of my character, most frequently a certain want of deference and a definite tendency to goldbricking, charges to which I cheerfully plead guilty. Bill, however, was the first one who tried to tell me that I was also stupid and incompetent.

It was really an extraordinary experience working for the guy: everything you did was wrong. If you asked a question, it was a stupid question. If you didn't ask a question, you should have asked it. Perhaps bosses like this are more abundant than I realized; if so, clearly I've been lucky so far, though I would have said that I had seen some doozies in my time.

I wasn't the only person down there in the well, getting the hose, of course; there were a half-dozen or so others in my particular well. Never worked in a place where there was so little idle chat, badinage, persiflage, razzola, bonhomie. We would sit around at the bottom of the well -- a rather small well, too; individual offices are a thing of the past -- for hours, sometimes, without a word being said. When people did speak, it was in a curious tight-lipped Laconic style, as if any chance word might provoke the hose, and so the fewer said the better. Even when Bill wasn't physically present, the air of repression remained thick, as if each of us carried a little eidolon of Bill around in his own head.

My short run at Bill's shop -- let's call it Punish, Inc. -- was terminated, I think, largely because of my lack of zeal. Bill himself was very 'into' the business of Punish, very invested, cathected, what you will; and he wanted everybody else to care as deeply as he did. This is something I can't do, and wouldn't want to. Oh, I'll put in the hours, and do the assignments; but you would have to be a very obtuse person to confuse me with somebody who gives a shit.

One used to be able to get away with this attitude; in fact, an excess of zeal would earn you the deserved loathing of your colleagues. That culture of quiet passive resistance among the Munchkins seems to have been broken down. I fear that the Stockholm syndrome of Punish, Inc. has become rather general, and most cubicle rats are carrying around a sneering, contemptuous, accusatory little Bill in their heads these days.

It's hard to believe that this state of affairs can last, particularly since the Bills of the world will never be satisfied that the wells over which they preside are brutish enough; they will never stop installing higher-pressure hoses, with colder water in them. I would like to believe that though people don't prize their autonomy, self-respect, and pleasure nearly as much as they should, there will still come a point when the Bills take their project of hosing, starvation and flaying too far.

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Michael, I hope you can find a way never to work again, at least not in any sort of typical wretched hierarchy. I hope you are right about the Bills going too far. But don't count on it. Our willingness to take orders, to accept any kind of shit runs pretty deep here in the USA.


Congrats on at least being relieved of dealing with Rat Face; and, Like Michael, I hope you can swing things and not have to deal with that ever again.

If only you worked closer to the Empire State Building ...


Happy Jack, Michael doesn't strike me as the type to fit any of the three (very different to my mind, though Mark has kind of combined them into one) profiles here:


Which is good for him and us, as we want Michael to stay alive and be well. .... Though, yeah: far, far less well wishes for the Rat Faces of the world who seem to beg to be smashed in the face, punched in the gut, and kneed in the groin, ...at the very least.

Brian M:

wow...this is just so timely. I was just reading last night in some business rag I randomly picked up a paen to the NEW BREED of BOSSES who worship steve Jobs, who don't care abouyt petty things like "politeness" or "family" or "having a life" becasue, by god, they are winners and they are going to have the BEST DAMN CLOUD COMPUTING SITE IN THE UNIVERSE, THANK YOU GOD!

It was sickening, to say the least. Even for someone who still believes in "doing a good job" to the extent necessary.


(actually, this is a better link: http://nsfwcorp.com/dispatch/going-postal-empire-state . From what I’ve read there and elsewhere, and from the pics I’ve seen, my visceral reaction is that Jeffrey’s victim was likely a Rat Faced Bully who made an incredibly careless and brutal Business decision .(with what looks to be no humane follow up to make sure Jeffry did not fall through the cracks).. which ruined Jeffry’s life. Jeffry, though well liked, ended up penniless ™, evicted ..... and about to become homeless ......on that fatal day ......... is what it’s looking like to me.)

It's hard to believe that this state of affairs can last, particularly since the Bills of the world will never be satisfied that the wells over which they preside are brutish enough; they will never stop installing higher-pressure hoses, with colder water in them. I would like to believe that though people don't prize their autonomy, self-respect, and pleasure nearly as much as they should, there will still come a point when the Bills take their project of hosing, starvation and flaying too far.

In your goddamn' dreams, Fadduh Smiff. American workers, by and large, are a bunch of pussies.

Still, on the other hand:


Yeah Brian, Jobs was a Mother Fucker with only a handful of Fucker Competitor equals, still Ruling everyone’s world ...

If you can find it at a library or buy at a new used bookstore, Brian, I think you might enjoy Paulina Borsook's:

Cyberselfish: A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture of High Tech
( http://www.cyberselfish.com/ )

This book is about people and culture, not about computers and markets. It is about a set of beliefs well known inside high-tech, but little known outside it. It is not a getrichkwik guide nor about the ways scary hackers are going to get your momma.

While it doesn't focus on Jobs, and was written in 2000, it speaks volumes as to the deadly ...cruel ..mentality. To my mind, the only thing that dates it, is the belief that the DemRat Politicians actually intended to represent their 'constituents.'


...an excess of zeal would earn you the deserved loathing of your colleagues. That culture of quiet passive resistance among the Munchkins seems to have been broken down.

I remember reading somewhere that most workers live in such fear these days that very few will evince even a sliver of solidarity.

Here's how the third leg of the stool is faring in a land that put paid to a couple of millennia of divine right of kings:

Fraternity? Nicolas Sarkozy describes the scions of two of France's wealthiest families - Arnaud Lagardère and Martin Bouygues, each of whom controls a media empire - as his "brothers". The French president, living symbol of the nation to the world, seeks his friends in the bling-bling world of opulence, greed and power. Another crony, the advertising tycoon Jacques Séguéla, captured the spirit of the age in the comment: "If you don't sport a Rolex watch at 50, you've wasted your life"! Too bad for the legion of "losers".


oops, here's the missing link.

Peter Ward:

A friend of mine used to work at Blackstone where he was managed by a petit tyran who sounded a lot like yours... I gather they're a dime-a-dozen these days.

My own company, try as it might to corporatize, hasn't yet totally shook off its mom and pop legacy, much less the quirks of the religious commitments of its owners.

Peter Ward:

A friend of mine used to work at Blackstone where he was managed by a petit tyran who sounded a lot like yours... I gather they're a dime-a-dozen these days.

My own company, try as it might to corporatize, hasn't yet totally shook off its mom and pop legacy, much less the quirks of the religious commitments of its owners.


I don't know Mike, I don't agree..(and the "pussie" bit really fucking irritates, given the unmistakable connection with females, ....ever figure out whether the lion or the lioness ..is the one who brings home the most dinner?), thinking more on it, I just think the; High Digital Nooz, Billy C. the Dawg's: High Digital TeeeVeeee; Fourth Estate etc., tends to obscure the reality of u.s. citizens doing whatever they can to thwart the monster of capitalism. ....

Particularly when the UZ has so much weaponry and controls in place.

Folks can do nothing, while locked up.


(And to be locked up in the UZ, where so many have, for so long, been made transient, town to town renters (WHICH IS NEVER ADDRESSED ....BY ANYONE) is not the same thing as being locked up when one has a community which will make every attempt to take care of their family members in the event of their lockup.)


American workers, by and large, are a bunch of pussies.

They are certainly well-schooled:

The Principles also made much out of the role of nurture by emphasizing the plasticity of the nervous system, at least among the young. James called acquired habit "the enormous fly-wheel of society". It was habit, he explained, that keeps the workers of the most repulsive trades in their business. It keeps the fishermen and loggers, the miners and the farmers, all steadily working and not rising up and attacking the rich. It is early acquired habit that guides behavior and provides the glue that holds society together. Thus, James saw education as a crucial element of society, with the school a place for habits to be acquired by design, not willy-nilly.

John Taylor Gatto has written on the educational system of the first "modern military-industrial totalitarian state" which served as a model for designers of the American public schooling such as James Bryant Conant about a century ago. Michael Haneke made a film recently on products of this celebrated educational system who would go on to scale greater heights–or plumb lower depths, depending on your point of view–during WWII.


(i.e. therefore, the UZ is in the Business of 'manufacturing' lone wolves, who eventually explode under the duress; versus community groups (as in those 'third world countries') putting an end to Rat Faces, communally.

and nonetheless. that Rat Face's Monster Owner still remains ....how do we put those Owners to an end, has yet to be resolved.)


Best of luck in your future endeavors, Mr. Smith. (copied out from an old high school yearbook)

Perhaps more time for literary work. A notebook, a pencil, and the Pequod well hove to.

But what will become of SMBIVA?

Many years ago, I was involved in the construction of a large industrial plant. An unpleasant general foreman was calling the shots. Let's call him Bill.

After a short period of petty tyranny, one day he went out to his golf cart to tour the job. Unfortunately, he couldn't make his appointed rounds. Apparently, someone had removed the wheels and put the cart on blocks. Undeterred, Bill was a go-getter. The next day, after a new set of wheels, he made his rounds. When he got back to his trailer, he decided to treat himself to some coffee. To his surprise, someone had filled his thermos with brick mortar. Bill was the plucky sort, not one to give up easily. He made his rounds the next day, and returned to find a lunch cooler filled, not with food, but live crawdads.

I'd like to say the lesson was that Bill was no longer a Bill, but I have no way of knowing if he changed or not. I do know that he never left that trailer again. The Bills of the world never know how much they're appreciated unless you tell them "I love you."

Alas, I think employees are too shy these days to let out their true feelings.


(come to think of it, a perfect Lone Wolfer , Gary Webb:


yeah, they, far, far more often, are 'murdered,' versus letting all the blood.)


Thanks for that long lasting smile, Happy Jack, it reminds me some of the more humane uses of LocTite[sp?] ™ gloo, to bring a Go Getter ™ back down to earth, during my "swing"/"grave" shift, assembly years.

(Thanks for the cyberlink, diane!)

Merkin in Montreal:

Comrade Smith, you have my sympathies. I know that it’s liberating but at the same time, quite distressful to loose a job. If however you are at a point where you can quit working, this is the time to seek another job. Here’s my two cents which is exactly worth two cents: If you don’t give a shit about being employed, this is the time to be yourself and torment your future tormentors! I’m telling you, it’s quite liberating! Please do not take this as a self aggrandizing exercise as I am just trying to share my experience with you.

A few years ago when I realized my frugal life style could afford me not giving a shit about my continuous full time employment, I started working for an outfit where I decided to enjoy myself with no self-restraint. At last, I could be me! I would use profanities with no fear of being dragged to HR. I used to torment the quiet Munchkins with show tunes. I highly recommend “oh what a beautiful morning” from Oklahoma for gloating time and “the sun will come out tomorrow” from Annie for when things don’t go your way! I also lowered the “threat level” by telling everyone from the get go that I was there only temporarily until I’d get my residency from the Promise Land. This was my last job in America and it ended up being my best gig ever. My fondest memories were the review time with my boss when she used to squeeze in a few suggestions under the Growth Opportunity to which I used to reply with, “c’mon, at my age, the only growth opportunity I have is at my girth”! If as I suspect you are a techweenie like myself, you can definitely get away with this.

On the subject of the downward spiral turn that the corporate America has taken, I totally agree with you. It definitely wasn’t as vicious some 20 or 30 years ago. My husband had a good observation a few years ago which had to do with this new breed of “professional management class”. He noticed that nowadays, we work for people whose only work experience is just “management” as opposed to people who moved up the rank after having paid their dues fighting in the trenches. Consequently, this new breed has no sympathy for the average worker bee and furthermore, has no interest or know how of what it takes to get the job done. Their default reaction to the daily grind is, “I don’t want to know the details, just get it done.” Come to think of it, what better way to create the Us vs. Them dichotomy.


You're very welcome, High Arka, I hope you're able to find a library or store, that has it, my local library did not (no surprise). Thankfully, one of the area colleges lent it to my local library.

(And yeah, a ton of slanderous comments on the Jeffie Bezos' Amazon (Jeff Bezos = "Amazon," isn't that ironic? I thought the word "Amazon" was one of those rare, 'empowering' terms specifically 'allowed' and applied, ... to biological females? ...welllll, who knew?) reviews, last time I checked.)


(it seems kind of dopey, yet ‘smart,’ (on a STATE Level)...in a vague sort of way, that an almost neighboring, westward (of course!) Sly Con Valley Library, actually carries that book. I know, ....because, the first time around I checked it out from there. But now, I’m required to pay $80 (where it was historically free, previously) if I want to check out books from that wiser stocked, wealthier, Cali neighborhood Library. The neighborhood where I got stuck (far closer to the cubicle zombie slaves), with some local guv members still making over $275K, ends up entering a person on a FED/BOT book order list, and can’t be bothered stocking shelves with books which make a profound difference in a person’s life/perspective. I imagine the Rat Faces of sellout, FAKE “librarians” are paid well enough to do so.)


Commrade Smith, I salute you. I hope you can figure out a way to not get pissed on again. that shit ain't right and it's happening more and more.

It's amazing what having an evil tyrant as a boss does to a person. For me, my hair thinned out and my eyebrows started retreating. Thankfully, I found a job with a boss who likes me as I am so my hair grew back and I now have to pluck my eyebrows.

Interestingly, in the UK, we have a condition called "exhaustion" which means that stressed out people can take up to several months off their job with full (or good) pay becasue they have a doctor's note. I myself got a doctor's note during the reign of the evil one for one week. Everyone at work was shocked I only took a week! I should have taken a month...I wonder if this is the reason no one kills their evil bosses here. Everyone just stays at home and chills out. Thank you NHS!

anne shew:

softening your breasts and belly to hide ,?of bill , a poor suggest of what is going on there , more of the suggest of others here in the comments of no working their way up.. . , so no perspective , and more of pressure and the pressuring the hosing , and of the i don't want to know ..just get it done , of why . / and even in that no working their way .. a how soon we forget .. .


"...can’t be bothered stocking shelves with books which make a profound difference in a person’s life/perspective. I imagine the Rat Faces of sellout, FAKE “librarians” are paid well enough to do so."

well, no. let's be careful about this whole thing. someone who serves as head librarian of any library in the country not only has earned a library science degree (nothing in business or management), but has also most likely spent decades working in libraries. the reason the shelves are bare is because federal, state, and almost every city government has cut funding drastically in the last 30 years.

to have such contempt for the managers is to be successfully divided as workers. do those aggressive, success-driven, unflinching and emotionless managers not remind you of your average incoming munchkin? we all work so we can have enough money to eat, to stay dry, and maybe to send our children to school, and we've all been taught that the only thing keeping us from that devastation is our willingness to identify those of lesser value and sacrifice them.

to my mind, the fault lies not with one's immediate superior, nor even with his boss. the fault lies with us as a culture, for we have determined (collectively, in an ironic twist) that one's own well-being can and should be separated from the fates of those who surround you. that the brightest citizens are often among the first to escape doesn't help matters.

all that said, congratulations on your escape, MJS. now's your chane to make a big splash; the city needs you.

anne shew:

davidly suggested that i write to michaeljs through the email address given here , that he seems like a good man to him in his time of reading and comments here , and he surely will help you with some of your difficulties with communicating here , - so of my last bit of commenting of pen k , on the last post , i wrote , a week after davidly's advice given on something else here , i wrote this of my last comment on the last post - " please michael, when i typed up my last comment there on stop .. ,
forgetting to fill out the name
above, etc ..and pressed , it came up saying that the host of the
blog will consider .. . , does it actually go anywhere , do you see
it ? i wrote my last comment there that way ,and then
had to rewrite it ,i'd like to compare what i first wrote to the
rewriting if you have it there somewhere , somehow ,and could send
it back . , said flutter of hands
and mind .. . / but no reply , perhaps the mail is disabled in some way ,in michael's being tec' poor , (owen ? al ? ) , i'll but the questioning here in wondering ..

anne shew:

pen k , if you're looking in from your more wooded ,bicycling , away , .. . of " dy not liking cursing .. " , how are you kidding here , she swears up a puddle storm .. .

Here's giving a full endorsement to Happy Jack's description of what should be done to the Bills of the world, as a matter of course and record.

Mr. Smith, congrats and all that.

I spent almost six years out of the 'work force' (funny, that term). Kids hated me for being around all the time, but less than a year back in and I'm ready to take up land piracy, truck hijacking or something equally fun...

anne shew:

pen jacj , i'm thinking (whoo 'ho southern , that youshould be gettin ' along better with your friend pen k for that ,


Mike, I don’t feel that way about libraries in general, it’s a specific library with some very unpleasant librarians who seem to be head honchos there and who are part of a small group which chooses the books.

The books (quite a few of them) I have not been able to find there were all published during years with much higher funding and most were available in a neighboring library of presumably equal funding; let alone the fact that the library in question is always purchasing current books and have an entire area dedicated to them.

Brian M:

diane: Looks cool.

what is so infuriating about the "entrepeneurs" profiled...it was actually in that vile tome WIRED,which I am shocked to find still exists in a dead trees format!...were engaged in such PETTY activities. Trivial stuff. Video games. yet another file storage software "solution". The forementioned cloud computing "solutions". These Type AAA assholes thought that their tiny piece of the ephemeral web was the be-all and end all of existance, worth throwing away all humanity for.

I don;t get it. That's why, I guess, I am a marginally employed government drone.


Brian, I don't get it either. I can barely stand reading the slobber about some of those Type AAA assholes, the Murky Noooz is always filled with that shit. I got such a bleak kick out FaceFiends immediate tanking in that regard as the Murky couldn't fill enough space with slobber for the IPO. I thought this was a pretty fair take on that IPO: dissentmagazine.org/online.php?id=607 .

One of the things that horrify me is the fact that Cloud Computing is going to further gut millions of jobs. The main intent is to replace in house jobs, and it's already done a 'good' job at that already, despite the fact that it's far pricier in some cases to use cloud services and, in the cases I've seen, the result is truly shabby with a stunning lack of customer service. I'm positive it will also further block and complicate any sort of watchdog auditing of the Multinationals records (not that there's much of any auditing being done at this point).


The job site awaits it's jobikazees

The sack remains fearsome with a bad

We can all say there are worse jobs

The horrors of the info tech
strike me as high on boredom low on physical exhaustion
The exhaustion if it comes
Comes from straw boss pressure
Only there when it's there
precisely because
it "brings results "

Ponder the nervous system

Why not design one with simple but clear degrees of pleasure ?

An old hero of fathers smiff answered that question
Probably as well as any reactionary chap might

I'd settle for

The Winston smith gig fear tedium
But oh that melodramatic work product


I hesitate to chide the flug gates

Despite his witless numb headed libel on the greatamerikan wage class

So i won't

I've been self-employed for 12 years, never do what I don't want to, take shit from no one (except from our 6-year-old daughter, of course, but it's shit I knowingly signed up for and it's delightful), married a beautiful classical musician who was born shortly after my 16th birthday... we always have a little extra money and amazing health insurance and fluoride-free drinking water. What's the secret? Why, I got the fuck out of The Fifth Reich Minus One, of course. The first Lie they electro-habituate you to (after that Bearded, Vaguely Levantine, Anus-Free Sky Giant story) is that America is The Bestest Place Evuh. No... not even on Xmas morning, Mickey. It's a tar pit at the end of Ponzi scheme in the middle of a Methadone Clinic for hydrocephalics... and that was *before* the recent epidemic of "mass shootings". Plus the movies suck and the Pop Tarts taste like plastic and Hillary Clinton uses the plumbing.

Get out while you can! The world is bigger and more interesting and livable than HBO admits...

All you need is a compass and some Krugerrands.

anne blew:

Rjhvhvy ,...,ugusngtdxc, guychcjkgrzwzutcb,...gxnybbfe okuasvn,lllniyvxxnjb.., njbt,..tcgfxeswrfj giniutvtcex...NIH,,,yyrcyjhbokuivuubvrtnphcwZvvvrx rcbpjbxb,vrxry

Merkin in Montreal:

Wow, who would have thought that Comrade Augustine is a Merkin in Doucheland! More power to you my friend and je lève mon verre for landing on a much younger babe! Your sentiment about America was right on the dot. As for getting out of Dumbfuckistan, I do realize that not everyone can go that route. Not necessarily for the lack of means because there are a lot of comrades that have chosen to relocate to Latin America or the Third World but I suspect that the friends and family ties usually get in the way.

anne shew:

steven augustine , that doesn't say much.. that relates here ..if you don't say what you do for a living .. .


"steven augustine , that doesn't say much.. that relates here ..if you don't say what you do for a living .. ."

Composer, dearest, but that's irrelevant. I'd have a better life than is possible in the Mother Gulag, over here, even if I were a house-painter. Plenty of 40-or-50-somethings work in cafes as well and there is no shame attached... not like in Americon, where the city buses may as well say "Prison Farm" on them.


I first left for Europe on a dare, with an adventurous girlfriend (who is a very cool 48-year-old, these days, btw, married to an Italian), way back in 1990. I was back in the US by '95, in sunny So Cal, and I must admit the pool-blue skies seduced me... for the first year or two. Then the cultural wasteland began sort of grating. So when Bush2 gained traction in the 2000 campaigns I told my friends I was getting out if the cross-eyed alky won. I remember standing in an elevator at the Frankfurt airport the morning of the inauguration, a screen showing C(ia)NN on the wall; I turned and said "Sorry!" to an elevator full of Europeans who, gawdblessem, chuckled. We had no idea what the Fuckas actually had up their sleeves.

anne shew:

steven a , this post is about a man losing his job , so no not irrelevant , of how you are making your living without having to deal with anyone unpleasant . saying composer again is too vague , how do you hand over in exchange for money what you compose ? / i don't live in the states ,united by.. cut off from the rest of the world .. . / i'll assume that you are doing something "classical " ,since it seems so important to you in your need to mention it twice about what your companion does (not you ) ..


I delight in your. " in the cross hairs " mode

The means to personal salvation are all around us ...of course they are

But universal slavation strikes me as not only a more difficult
But a more endemic human aspiration

Moving society toward Eden

Not ME toward nirvana


It's like the difference between a jail break by several clever inmates
And a general population insurrection and take over

I note salvation got excellently morphed into salvation
Confounding my intentions into a higher message


The mystic auto correct in this iputz
Has a meta mode

Slavationites unite
U have only your personal hedonic salvation to lose

And a chapter of world history to write ...or not write

In the beginning is the act

@Anne: (snaps fingers): I've got it! Start your own "interview show" on YouTube and do your "adult" psychotic version of a 3-year-old doing the Telescoping Whys routine! You'll get hundreds of clicks! It won't matter who you're interviewing! The results will always be the same! (much like your comment thread presence)

But you'll need a peppier pseudonym. (snaps fingers again) "Gertrude Stain!"

Barring that, if you could read a little better than you can comment, you could tell that my *point* was "location, location, location!"

(srsly: sign up for YouTube today)


My my steve

The cultivated brute

Crowbar II

in der douche punkerfone

@Op: I save all my cruelest jibes for assholes who go around wrecking interesting sites with their twee, witless, inside-jokey blather. Are you all on the payroll or is it free of charge? Am I speaking to the Root Personality now...?


The class warfare of pissing in and pissing out on a basic level:

I once worked with people from a different department than mine who had a boss like yours.

One morning I came into work and there was a suppressed hysteria among his crew.

I walked past his office, not knowing what had happened, seeing him lay his work papers out to dry, with no place to hide, for all to see.

It seems one of his "loyal" employees found it necessary to urinate into his desk drawer file cabinet.


Off thread

I find myself in the Tom Paine pickle

Do we hack off the head of the king ?

Can't do it
Can't play "next!"
And want this vulture as the new top ass hole

Okay so jail me

"Off thread"

By far the funniest thing you've "said"

anne shew:

back in , steven , if you could read a lot,not little of better than you comment you would know that all of my finer points are missed by you here , it is pure in side twee wit and bather , and no tube i can swim .. . ,back out ..


Some posts are editable. Most aren't.

I am sure that "means to personal salvation" read "means to personal slavation" for a little while. Huh? I liked the typo better, keeps readers on their toes!?

This conversation needs an occasional appearance from the trash pile's latest inhabitant just to reassure all that the big change in status is not all that big a deal. MJS?

anne shew:

oh , i meant to say blather there , i do like blather , but i was too focused on running the water for the tub .. .




Michael, if you're going to be applying for unemployment, you may want to set up, if you don't have one already, an email address to deal with the Bank, that your state has (if they have?) decided to gift the unemployment income ATM fees to ..... in lieu of mailed checks (yet another deliberate nail in the Post Office revenues), or direct account deposits for those with existing credit union or bank accounts.

I honestly don't know how the states can legally force people into a contract with a bank they would never choose to deal with, but I have it from more than one reliable source, that Cali did just that with all of their disability and unemployment disbursements via BofA. Among other stunning crimes, BofA quaintly has a record of breaking into peoples valid, non-expired safety deposit boxes: sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2012/04/27/consumerwatch-heirlooms-disappear-from-bofa-safety-deposit-box/ ......with another record (http://consumerist.com/2007/07/havent-checked-your-safe-deposit-box-in-3-years-california-may-have-seized-your-stuff.html ) of sharing the goodies, to the tune of at least 5.1 billion dollars, with Cali: abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=4832471&page=1:

Chiang [then and current, Cali State Controller] now faces the daunting task of returning $5.1 billion worth of unclaimed property to people. Some states keep their unclaimed property in a special trust fund and only tap into the interest they earn on it. But California dumps the money into the general fund -- and spends it.

My reliable sources told me that when they contacted BofA, from their own bank, they were forced to provide an email address (further adding to the personal info that the state gave BofA, without my reliable source’s consent) in order to have their funds deposited into their own bank, despite the fact that the bank management was willing to verify that my reliable sources were who they said they were.

Try to stay well Michael, if you start getting ugly feedback about being Unemployed!!! you’re in very good, decent human company.


(oh, and Oxy/Ox Trot/Fox Trot/Karl Franz Ochstradt/Hyman Mittelman Lohmann/constructive deconstruction[Pez Candy]/Progressive Reports Now/Buck v. Bell[threegens] (and so many other non link associated, sociopathic and vicious monikers) I would pick the Joshua Foust profile here: as being the closest fit for you. You are welcome, predator.)


(sorry, here's the link I was referring to in my last comment:

http://nsfwcorp.com/dispatch/going-postal-empire-state )


(sorry, to anyone new reading here, Mike "Diane" Flugensmithpaineshoeman was the commenter I was addressing above (I could be wrong, but I suspect it was “Karl”). ... “Karl” wrote some tear worthy verse about children, for a slight minute, on one of his blog spot links; thooooooough: ..... none of Karl/Hyman’z verse there, matches how he maligns people (without, presumably, prior knowledge of those commenters) who comment on this, and quite a few other sites which are unsatisfied with the Rethuglicans and DemoRats. Therefore deliberately sowing suspicion, to anyone new who might be commenting.

“Karl” is, far, far more harmful, than the totally transparent: Gasbagger Steven A., whose wife will likely, ultimately leave him, realizing that he considers her a self-reflective trophy, birthday gift ‘daughter girl,’ versus a human life mate.

(Warning: “Karl Franz Ochstradt” has a quaint habit of being momentarily kind to those whose blogs have self-deprecating titles.))

So, "diane", I’m curious: on whose grave did you swear that every day you’ll wake up when you can and churn out 5,000 words of whatever comes to "mind"? Shelley Winters’? You’ve really stuck with it! You make blithering look hip.

PS I like that Spinster's Curse thing you're doing, too... spooky!


You really should control that hubris knee jerk Steven A., it makes your bloated ego and misogyny even more transparent.

I mean, for one thing? 5,000 words? unlike you, I don't have a blegher spot of my own where it is all about my "composing" skillz, and associated linked (ABOUT ME!) spots on the tubes. ...

hey, "diane", another 5-10 paragraphs from you should do it for this thread...! Copy-and-paste some statistics about "bloated egos"!


Diane: you *should* post this shit in a blog--that's what it's for. It makes it unreadable when you hijack comments threads with your paranoia and 2 page asides.

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

online outlet:

The only thing this thread is missing is an ad for handbags. Consider this that.

Oh! Almost forgot.

"That is a really interesting development in the original item. I'll be checking in regularly to see how it all progresses. And buy a handbag!"


Oh, I’m so sorry, Nonny, for obscuring your viewing of the profound, and heartfelt on topic words of Karl Franz Ochstradt -Mike "Diane" Flugensmithpaineshoeman (whom I guess you don’t have the nerve to insult):

"smith," it couldn't have happened to a smugger, more self-impressed asshole.**

And the oh so on topic: the world is my oyster by Steven A. (whom I guess you don’t have the nerve to insult), while most everyone else was in some manner, either: offering up congrats for not having to deal with the asshole boss, sympathy for the potential money woes, unemployment (“paranoia” about the ATM cards ....really?) and commentary related to assholes in the work force .....

Right. ... next.


"I mean, for one thing? 5,000 words?"

Indeed. Sorry! I exaggerated somewhat... by precisely six words.

From Al Schumman's 53-word "Lump of Humps" post of August 20th, I isolated your commentary and pasted it into a Word Doc. Resulting in a 14-page Word Doc. Exact word count: 4,994.

That's just one recently, randomly-chosen thread, mind you. [interesting detail: one of your comment-blocks in that thread, from your 20th comment to your 28th...a span of over 1,000 words... *is not interrupted by any other commenter's material*].

This comment you're now reading represents ten-to-fifteen of my minutes well-spent! Because the Truth is important to me. And this is my formal apology for claiming "5,000" when the actual figure is 4,994.

PS Here is Your Isolated Commentary Pdf

anne shew:

steven, if truth is important to you then be honest about the misogyny that is clear to all that are looking in here in their reading ,of your need to add a classical of misogyny .. of your companion ,

Anne, you poor dear ignorant fuck... please *know* the definition of the word "misogynist" before so blithely rubbing it as a "get out of losing debate-position" magic lamp. The word you want is "chauvinist" and even *that* is an unsupportable assertion based on the textual evidence... which is the only evidence you have.

Yeah, after 8 years together (2 of which involved me changing about 80% of our daughter's diapers and 8 of which involved me cooking 70% of the meals Chez Augustine) I'm still hot for my Wife. And I still write all of the original material for her show... and our family business is doing well enough for me to spend time dueling with idiotic avatars on the Webernet.

As they say: so sue me.


Oh do stay on topic Stevie, the subject was Michael losing his job. Wouldn’t want to be like “diane” (me), getting all emotional/female with the posts. Although, I must say “diane” (me) was posting near 5,000 ‘word’ info about Capitalism via Food Hi Jacking/Glencore/FaceFiend/NewOrleans Misery/AlanWaldman/, comments over a period of 8 days: TOTALLY CONNECTED TO THE SUBJECT OF THE STOP ME BEFORE I VOTE AGAIN [IN THE U.S. ELECTIONS] BLOG .... when the blog posters were all on a well deserved hiatus from folks like Karl Franz Ochstradt aka Hyman Mittelman Lohmann and dissenters, just to be intellectually clever [AND VICIOUS] dissenters. And prior to that hiatus, “diane”’s (my) comments were responses in a well integrated, back and forth, not a mowing over.

I’ve got a small violin for your woes in having totally self centeredly picked someone far, far younger and far less experienced whom you felt you could lead the show with, and ‘compose’ her life. Fucking amazing, you hate females even though you solely view one as your prize in life and have picked one as your prize, knowing you have the life experience upper hand, and now you resent her, when she has every reason to resent you for picking her as your uneducated, eye/dick candy, possession. Or, perhaps, she’s just using you, like you had no problem using her, in which case ....you certainly deserve each other.

@diane: you are hilarious!

Have a good one,


Merkin in Montreal:

The charge of misogyny leveled against Comrade Augustine is idiotic. As he has correctly pointed out, his choice of a much younger babe for wife does not qualify as misogynistic behavior. At worst, he might be ageist but we still don’t know that. Just because Mrs. Augustine is 16 years younger than the comrade, it doesn’t make her intellectually unequal. It depends at what age and stage of their lives their paths crossed. Can any delusional feminist claim with a straight face that a 40 year old woman is just a trophy wife to a 56 year old man? Now, if the Mrs. was acquired solely for her youth, looks and baby producing ability, one could accuse the comrade of being a sexist pig but we know nothing of her intellectual capacity and we certainly cannot judge if she is an unequal just by the virtue of their age difference.

I myself have had two leftist ex-friends in their 50’s and 60’s who married women 20 years their junior and let me tell you, the women were dumb and dense as a brick. They never contributed to any conversation and if they did, they were a source of embarrassment for the comrades. One of the guys actually fessed up at one point and said, “I just got tired of dating ball busters!” I assure you, in the case of these two, their choice of mate definitely was NOT an equal and hence my conclusion: sexist pigs!

@Merkin: I won't even stoop to defending the honor of my Wife's intellect from a couple of "feminists" accusing her of being an idiot! I'm enjoying the irony too much!

(Is this the Virtual production of Marat/Sade? Or Grey Gardens, the Musical...?)

(@Merkin: erratum: 53 and 37)


Please .... the fact that he made such a point of gloating in the face of Michael's potential money woes and gloating of the age difference (why bring it up?), the birthday bit (why bring it up?) and his ugly menopausal wimminz comments (as if a woman who ends up 'single' for whatever reason, during menopause, is absolutely worthless, let alone his clear presumption that a woman in her fifties who independently posts comments on a blog, is actually single, with no mate) on the censor thread pretty much say it all,

Further, 6 years is not 16 years, which no matter how intelligent his wife is, there is a huge gap in life experience and physical capacity there. He was fully aware that his wife, if not wealthy will live much of her middle age consigned to taking care of him physically, with no ability to go to work and be able to pay the bills.

Merkin in Montreal:

diane, where does all this hate and venom come from? You’re projecting far too much on the dude’s choice of a mate and his relationship. As the late Rodney King said, “Can’t We All Just Get Along!”

On the subject of long comments and staying on topic, which on the account of this thread is about the job loss, I have a few suggestions: why don’t you share your insight on the recent Silicon Valley job losses or gains and what impact they have had on the office culture there.

@diane: that comment wasn't long enough! Dig deep into your Puritanical source-code as a fucked up, frustrated, crypto-Bourgeois, Murrkan-style pseudo-radical and really let it flow... it'll be cathartic! Norms must be defended! How will you sleep tonight knowing someone, somewhere on the planet is HAPPY... unless you can convince yourself the Happiness is Wrong?

Get to it! I want 3,000 words in the next... (looks at watch)... hour!

anne shew:

back in , merk, the point was his NEED to say , / and misogyny is the word


What to say? Ask Karl and Steve about the hate and venom.

And I have been posting about valid issues, in all of the threads, unlike both Steven and Karl, whom I notice you have no such pedantic advice for. Your comment is very weird to me. Go back and reread.

"the fact that he made such a point of gloating in the face of Michael's potential money woes..."

Uh, no. I was making a point: Michael's money woes won't stop until he gets the fuck out of the epicenter of the Planet's Money Woes. The problem is America. If I could save myself, so can anyone with a brain and a pulse and a cold-eyed look at the facts. America is a Serf-grinding device.

I was as low as I've ever felt about a year before I left the Gulag. I was *never* so close to suicide in my life. In fact, it was being that low... having "nothing left to lose"... that gave me the courage to get. the. fuck. out.

Even you, diane: your neurotic aggression is a symptom of the pathology called Murkkan Citizenship. Yes, there's even hope for you. Spin the fucking globe and close your eyes and pick a spot.

Perhaps Beirut...

anne shew:

steven, are you calling me a feminist at 3:05, i don't call myself one , why would you say that ?


I mean, really, Merkin, why not ask Stephen why all the Hate and Venom in this vicious comment he made above:

@Anne: (snaps fingers): I've got it! Start your own "interview show" on YouTube and do your "adult" psychotic version of a 3-year-old doing the Telescoping Whys routine! You'll get hundreds of clicks! It won't matter who you're interviewing! The results will always be the same! (much like your comment thread presence)

But you'll need a peppier pseudonym. (snaps fingers again) "Gertrude Stain!"


duh? or is it just that it is not directed at you?

@anne: the scare quotes were there for a reason. I haven't a clue what your actual gender is, in any case, now, do I?

"duh? or is it just that it is not directed at you?"

@diane: like all bullies, you scream the loudest whenever a target hits back... and kicks your ass.

Now, why would it be "directed at" Merkin? Merkin didn't (passive-aggressively) attack/insult/defame me. If you/Anne don't want to end up running from the virt playground in tears, don't fuck with strangers on The Internet. It's just so simple!


"neurotic aggression," another wow, stevie. You really do love to apply all those negative Freudian words about scary emotions (despite all of your scary emotions) to females, don't you.

Again the majority of my posts here have been about pertinent issues as regards the blog subject, the others have been in defense of being talked about as if I didn't even exist and was a figment of a male's imagination; ... Unlike yours and Karl’s, the bulk of which have been criticisms of the three main posters of the blog, myself, and anne shew, and how Al chose to delete vicious slimy commentary which had nothing to do with the this blog's presumed subject matter.

Go preach to someone else, I'm not your fucking Student, I'm not interested in your pedantry and I'm certainly not your comrade.

"I'm certainly not your comrade."

Har! You *do* love overstating the obvious!

So, unless anyone comes up with anything interesting/ original in the next ten minutes or so... I'll leave you to it, di/anne...

Good luck with all that...

Merkin in Montreal:

diane, in general, I don’t put too much weight on Karl the Tormentor’s comments. I found his parody funny and got a kick out of it. As for Comrade Augustine’s initial reply to anne shew as exhibit A for his hate and venom, I categorize it more as a “put down” specifically directed at the style of writing that anne shew has adopted for commenting. I do not view it as sexist aggression on his part. I suspect that if the commentator was called dan shew, he would have received just the same treatment.

Was Comrade Augustine gloating about his good fortune? Yes, he was. But was it relevant to MJS in his current situation? It was if you consider leaving the country as an option, which shouldn’t be ruled out. I took his comments as an expat’s insight with a dosage of gloating. Nothing wrong with that. For all I know, he might have inspired Comrade Smith to move to Scandinavia, enjoy the free health care, and hook up with a hot babe! Truly inspirational!

anne shew:

back in , steven, your NEED.. to say is objectifying, in needing to say the age of your wife compared to your own , objectifying is misogyny / diane , did you say anything about the quality of his wife's mind ? , i know that i didn't , as he suggests , fe'


No Anne, I didn't say anything about the quality of his wife's mind. He’s probably making great use of my saying she was uneducated. As in life experience - which was, I thought, pretty clear from the sentence preceding my use of the term uneducated - as follows:

...picked someone far, far younger and far less experienced whom you felt you could lead the show with, and ‘compose’ her life. Fucking amazing, you hate females even though you solely view one as your prize in life and have picked one as your prize, knowing you have the life experience upper hand, and now you resent her, when she has every reason to resent you for picking her as your uneducated, eye/dick candy,...

but then Steven clearly loves playing with semantics, and cynical dissent for the sake of it.

On that note, I'm going to try to enjoy the rest of my day, as I'm getting a vague and ironic whiff of Ayn Randism type: cruel, ME.ME.ME. mentality between him and Merkin, that's really disturbing. Intellect does not equal humaneness in my book, but that's just me. I've met so called dumb as bricks people I'd prefer being around than their cheerful poison, pedantry and semantics scrabble.

Have a good rest of the evening.


(and the very same to you Al, Owen, Mike, Michael, and all of the well intended commenters here (whom I don't want to name, as I might forget one after my last 24 ouncer) the sweetest dreams possible. Life is too short to spin wheels over absolutely vicious intellectualized bullshit over the intentionally anonymized (as to those five senses, ...... of the one on one ....intimacy of human relationship.....) – and therefore, near unverifiable as to well meaning - MICTECH/BANKERZ MADE FOR AND OWNED BY, ‘inner’ tubez.)

Over d'hill:

Moving to Scandinavia to hook up with a hot babe isn't what it used to be. You need an attorney on 24/7 standby to work out the consent issues. Human relationships are too difficult to be left in the hands of ordinary human beings. Everything must be commoditized. The "professionals in your life" keep you straight with the authorities, if not necessarily happy.


(and a very extra special hug, and human kiss, to Owen, Al, Drunkin Pundit and Save the Oocytes. Just because I have a feeling they rip themselves apart ...more than most ....attempting to be kind .....and considerate, ... loving, actually ......)

Merkin in Montreal:

diane, I find your last expression of gratitude by way of sending virtual hugs and kisses to an all male crowd an act of sexist nature and a telltale sign of a male oriented disposition. Ok, I understand that I’ve officially made it on your shit list and didn’t expect to be showered with your virtual love but you could have at least extended your virtual hugs and kisses to High Arka who was kind enough to thank you for a link you posted on one of your comments sometime ago.


Ohh fuckin jeesh, I don’t know what sex Drunkin Pundit, or Save the Oocytes are, (though, yeah, my thought is they are both likely male, as this site tends towards male commenters), and perhaps I don’t feel the same way I expressed it above, about High Arka (....and I don’t know what gender High Arka is (though yeah, I get a feel of female)) is because I cringed at the buck up commentary to Michael, when Gore Vidal died, and consequently I didn’t include High Arka above?

So very lame of you to take me to task about my selection, when males (and non-gendered monikers, outside of ONLY Anne and myself) predominate here (which is, of course why Anne and I have been so belittled, from near day one ...with no support from you, I might add).

Kiss my ass. I love ms. xeno’s writings, but she left a long time ago, didn’t she Merkin? ...Did you bother to try to explain to any of the males what might have ticked her off, Merky? Did you update her 'link' like Drunkin Pundit has? I didn't, as I was not commenting here then, but you were, weren't you?


(And further Merky, like Anne, I've never proclaimed myself a feminist .. as you and Stephen had so much pedantic smug fun with above, blathering out of your oh so well safe (no longer suicidal, AND THEREFORE FREE TO MALIGN OTHERS WITH IMPUNITY ..like ya’ll have been maligned? ..back to STICKS & STONES, the very thing that set ya’ll on the run?) ... and intellectualized - $$$escaped$$$$ the home country (and your parents? ...siblings? ....friends?) whose remaining victims you either hold in contempt or totally write off – asses; ..... though, I have stated that I was a humanist, on more than one 'web' occasion.

Although, I do have to say, .. that I very much believe the historic feminine energy - equated with nurture - has been near obsolesced .... and also ..... that biological females with no monetary backing are being treated like they don’t deserve to even breath without asking a ‘daddy’’s permission . ... Smirked at by a stunning majority of both "dumb" and "highly intellectualized", both biological gender herds, .... to the slaughter of anything decent ...as if in a sociopathic Ayn Randian wet dream.

One might say a retrogression to the Nazi Topper worship of sorts. ......Berlin, is a perfect domicile for Stephen, ...just as the Stanford (nurturing Shockley [sp?]of the Nazi Eugenics fame] Hoover Institute in Sly Con Valley, ...is a perfect domicile for the twisted Leaders of the ugly reality billions of us are living in.)

(some are not so impressed with your Latin Stephen, as you well know, they feel ya, ...and it's kind of icky, ...pathetic, ...if you will. ... Kind of like desiring to choke a "BELOVED" while giving a neck rub.

Oh but do pdf all of this, better your time than mine.)

Back "on piste":

A Comrade sent me a link to this very interesting and relevant (to the original post) article:


"some are not so impressed with your Latin Stephen"

I know I'll regret this, diane, but... what Latin? Which?


So, you don't even bother reading the entire thread, before pontificating Stephen? I provided that Mark Ames/Exiled link, and one that leads directly to it, at the top of the page (comments four and six).

(And, looked like a Latin based language to me, as you're likely aware it might to anyone who didn't learn Latin (in any case it's clearly not a commonly used word in the u.s. english language ...as you most likely are well aware ...).... I have a very sharp edged shovel ... if you like Stephen, it'll make digging that arrogant, filled with yourself, hole so very much easier to dig ...)

diane, I *know* you provided that link (you're the "Comrade" I'm referring to) and when I finally got around to reading it, I thought it was very good. You've tuned me on to an interesting site! For which I salute you.

I thought/think that it's a pity that part of your actually-useful contribution got buried under you doing your Diana Moon Glampers bit (and anne as your Renfield, to mix references), trying to string me up on ideological charges, as an enemy of the revolution, based on who I'm happily married to. That's the tricky part and the end of every revolution (or the full-circling of it) before any actual progress is made: where does Ideological Hygiene end and private grievance and score-settling begin?

When I lived in So Cal I noticed, one morning, that someone (or group) had plastered fliers and posters everywhere taking White males to task for partnering with Asian females! No, David Duke wasn't behind it.. it was a Right-On ideological argument the poster-makers were trying to present: that Asian females are "subservient" types and White males who go for that do so at the expense of "strong" White Womyn! Well, how racist (and pseudo-clairvoyant) can one get in the name of Ideological Hygiene?

And years before that I was astonished when a White male Lefty of my acquaintance made the passionate point that too many Black males were going after White Females... at the expense of Black females! Throwing off the White Lefty Male's breeding scheme, I guess.

Conveniently, the Lefty male was free to fuck whomever he may choose (as were, presumably, the anti-Asian/White-male-partnering squad). Same old problem, no? One rule for the wannabe-Rulers and the other rule for the rest of us.

Live and Let Live, Comrade!

Now (try to) get some sleep.

PS the "A Luta Continua" slogan will be recognized by any Old Lefty of a certain vintage


How fucking dare you partronize me Steven, and act like you you are complimenting me while implying I am so many times off the hook.

I am not your daughter, nor your fuck.

And, outside of calling the first comment of yours I saw starchy I have not even come close to hurling the insults at you, that you, and that deranged FUCK Ochstradt, along with the Merky's high approval and suckup, that you have hurled at me ...then pretty much implied I should just shut the fuck up about it. ... Fuck that.

You owe Anne and I a separate, and distinct apology without any of your pathetic "qualifications."

"Sticks and Stones" MotherFucker!


And I am near betting that bitch merky (if she actually is a biological female?) got a ride off of those menopausal "barren" angry single wimmens who set the way for that selfish AYN RANDIAN bitch.

"Babe" my fuckin ass.


Fuck you Steve & Merkin in Montreal, that is exactly what bullies do they severely bruise people, and then, instead of owning up to it they offer to hug them, as if that is a blessing ...

Fuck Both of You, and certainly Ochstradt too, people make choices in life and ya'll have made yours.


And ...oh, ...by the way, the three of you probably owe Al, the biggest apology of all, as he really stuck is neck on the line and ya'll stomped on it.

Fuck Ya'll Once Again.


@ Steven - Leaving the States was a god-send for me. In my last couple of years there, I felt as if someone was slowly asphyxiating me. I've lived in London for 10 years and am a much better person for it. MJS will hopefully be able to figure out a way to GTFO.

@Diane - I think the suggestion that you get your own blog is a very good one as you do have a tendency to go into in depth discussions and then, uh, flame wars.

I also think you did insult Steven's wife by calling her uneducated by virtue of her relative age to her husband. My husband is over 6 years younger than me. I would have married him if he was 15 years younger than me. He is my partner and the RIGHT person for me. And pardon if I presume on Steven's part, but that seems to me how he feels about his partner.

Steven isn't bullying you. He's just not taking your shit. And I say this as a woman who has been bullied in the past by male superiors. Throwing words like misogyny around willy-nilly does all women a disservice. You only make it more difficult for women when someone REALLY is misogynist.

Appols - I made this WAY too long. But Diane finally pissed me off.


well, firstly, I suppose I’m supposed to feel naive, ashamed,and awed? .... since you are, after all: M!, and:.in The City ...whichever city that is, but really you can kiss my ass also, especially since I don’t recollect any of your commentary in theprior months that lead to this point, and particularly if you've already read, in its entirety, the Censorship thread; where the following was one of Stephens lovely paternal constructive comments, despite the fact that I’ve offered up far more (Bible Free!) links and commentary about ugly goings on in the united states (which I presume this ‘blog’ pertains to), than he has ....actually he hasn’t offered any, he just seemed to arrive out of nowhere to trash Al for deleting vicious misogynist trash:

"anne shew" I figured was too nutty (good) to be true... but I assumed "diane" was merely another citizen of the floating country of single ladies with a worthless degree and early-onset menopause who set up a nest on a blog like this and slowly but surely turn it into a kindergarten or a Bible class; I fell for it! Good show and hats off! (Golf clapping)

Are you sure you’re not hiding a steroidal deformed over testosteroned penis weapon somewhere, M?

Like I said you can kiss my ass too.


oops my mistake, London! I worked for an anci,ent predator Brit comapny in a major Port City, those fuckers are even more misogynist, despite the delicate, polite! teas in the 'fancy,' dank club on the Wharf (of course!), than some of the fucks in control here ...and I should take your shaming?

Again, Kiss My Ass!

@M.In The City:

London was my first out-of-America city. Loved it but could *not* afford it! I lived on Talgarth Road near Earl's Court. I was there in the drought year of 1990... Green Park looked Sub-Saharan, Soul ll Soul was on all the radios!

"He is my partner and the RIGHT person for me."

Music to our ears.


So glad I dropped by, what a [bizarre] wing ding of a thread...

Carry On....


Very entertaining thread.... I think. And what luck, I almost did not drop back in on this posting....


All Steven has done is eloquently and inspiringly convey that a better life is available and attainable in a more humane society outside of these wretched United States. He offers a refreshing counterexample to our dreary existence here. His happiness and empowerment would most certainly be threatening to many who've been drowning in GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH propaganda. I personally find his testimony a breath of fresh air and a note of hope. Frankly, much of the commentary in response has been as dreary at MJS' former working conditions.

anne shew:

morning , back in , "your NEED.. to say is objectifying, in needing to say the age of your wife compared to your own , objectifying is misogyny "


By vamping this thread
We've kept it alive till labor day

Given the sparing post rate here
this unexpected treasure may face the day
alone and Without seconds

My friend herb has anew blog

But he seems to have already consulted his cups

I don't expect a clarion blast from that quarter
on this carpenters union
day of atonement

Merkin in Montreal:

Comrades, not to change the subject of “la lutte” but here’s something to ponder. Could it be that anne shew and diane are the same person? Furthermore, could it be that they’re both the creation of Karl Franz Ochstradt? After all, what better way to keep his comments and website on the spot light than to have a few characters endlessly referring to them under the guise of “being maligned”. Both characters proudly claim NOT to be feminists, which is bizarre. As though feminism is a badge of dishonor. What self respecting leftist wouldn’t want to be considered a feminist? I’m not talking about what has been hijacked and reduced to PC talk and policing vanities but at the core of it, feminism is a movement that strives for equal rights and pay for women and that is certainly a cause well worth identifying with.


they dont make trollers like milton marx working class hero anymore

anne shew:

a sampler , time of- 11:53am ,mer kin , of how other wom n enable the abuse of anne , a girl,fe', one


Bumped into this linked at MediaLens recently:



The thread that followed, for the curious:


Didn't count the words.

anne shew:

bo ink, just started to look in to see what your first link was about , haven't had a chance to read , but i will, / " " of a comment that i made on io z's last pg - " on arka's homonormative post " hi arka,having a quick look in to see what you've been talking about this week / did you note my comment to pen karl last week about a person (he said her name was jenny ) suggesting femininity of gay men, i said to this - " being a gay man isn't about femininity , it's of all the varying that goes with men being attracted to other men , of all the gay men that i have known only one was what i would call feminine , they were never comfortable with being born a boy , the most feminine girls do not like make up or heels , neither did he " / i also said to someone else .. that we are not men in drag ,of all of most feminine of womb, that i know ,including myself , don't like make up or heels like daggers.. in our more feminine , something has gone very wrong.. in/of perspective on feminine over the years in ways that relate to some of what i have been able to read in a break here of what you have written about above , my comments here are poorly gathered ,as thoughts , but this is such an important issue , i've been talking about this with others, at gatherings that we have around here , of my neighbourhood , so it is starting to get out there of some discussion about "/ my comments to pen k are on his ferrous E post , " " // / sorry arka ,i haven't had a chance to go back to reading there yet to say more of what i mean by this , and of where this discussing is now going out here in the streets , to anyone reading here , PLEASE read carefully / out


I'm absolutely positive I've defended far more females in my life time than you ever have Merky, so interesting to make your above comment when I see no evidence whatsoever that you give a rat's ass about treating other females with any sort of equality, most particularly those who don't use non gendered monikers. I'm not the one tossing out the standard insults slung at females like ball busters, dumb as a brick and babe, those words have never been in my vocabulary, and I'm going to bet I've written more about how trashy females are generally treated than you ever have (if you ever have).

And what to make of this comment you made ( http://stopmebeforeivoteagain.org/2012/07/some_fun_from_the_empty_suit.html#comment-1359649 ) a while back, Merkin, if you insist on pickling at such straws:

Now moving on to the gender issue raised by diane. Call me a male oriented female but I never cared for gender distinctions raised here and there by my fellow double X’ers. I hardly frequent blogs anyway but if the directness and lack of censorship/moderator are the virtues of a male blog, by all means, keep the gender divide on!

Looks like you're projecting (deliberately), big time. I've never cared for tags, but that's just me. I call myself a human being, and that's it.

And the Karl/Oxy projection is absolutely priceless, since you're one of the most vocal about how fun he is to read and were one of the first to complain when his comments were deleted, and I'm the one he rarely fails in insulting.

Of course you can always ask about my Dial Up floating IP number (I hardly think Karl uses Dial Up) always from the same neck of the woods area code if you were really serious.

anne shew:

boink , had a quick look in at the second link / the time of "a sampler , mer kin , of how other wom n enable the abuse of anne , a girl,fe', one " was meant to be 11:51am

Merkin in Montreal:

Karl di-anne shew, forgive me for mis-identifying you and all your alter egos as my fellow double X’ers. That was indeed a while ago and I have since clued in to who is behind all these shenanigans. Why keep harping on some insignificant remarks made by a passer by unless the intent is to generate publicity for the author of these remarks and directing traffic to his website?

Indeed, I don’t care about gender distinctions such as “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” or your favorite new age bullshit of “female energy” that you keep bringing up. Gender distinction has nothing to do with gender equality.

Incidentally, if the comrades out there are enjoying the specter of a cat fight, I should remind them that one of the cats in question is an imposter.


Boink, thanks for that link, I loved this part, sadly true among too many still "making a good living":

The socialist feminism of Greer's contemporaries, the arguments that all women could benefit from liberation (with traditionally unpaid women's work, particularly child-rearing, rewarded fiscally) seem to have been forgotten. The minimum wage struggles of those who uphold the new feminists' equality - the cleaners who primp their houses, the minders who watch their children - are largely ignored. As journalist Mark Steel lampoons them, "one of the campaigns which launched the movement was that of night cleaners for decent pay and union rights. The modern feminist, hearing of a struggle for night cleaners, would probably say: 'I agree. I find it a terrible struggle to get one who can stay after half past seven.'"

(Anne, were you referring to 10:51AM, Merkin's slur? First you and I are considered imaginary characters of Mike F. by Karl/Oxy. Which Merky found hilarious, and now Merky is accusing you and I of being a figment of Karl/Oxy's imagination. Priceless. Then she[?]'s got the unmitigated gall to project her(?) hatred of women onto you and I.)

(Sorry, left out the slash in the end blockquote above, accidently leaving two open blockquotes. I hope I've corrected it by adding two end blockquotes at the beginning of this paragraph, I'll learn to use that preview button yet, duh.)

I seem to have opened a refugee camp for people who (like me) miss IOZ.

Well, one could do worse. That was his style: drop a post, like a pearl negligently tossed before swine, and then let the commenters fight it out.

I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or not, and it's not really my style - I've always been an excessively earnest conversationalist. Just ask Owen, who has heard me trying to explain Noam Chomsky to a blonde in a pickup bar.


I should add that I'm easily bored, and could adopt the Schuman-Dzerzhinsky line at the drop of a hat. Verbum sapienti satis.


My merkin, first you’re miffed that a link to Oxy was deleted, and now your accusing me of deliberately providing links to Oxy? Make up your mind:


Here’s a voice of dissent: I found all the deleted comments and the link to the parody of SMBIVA incredibly funny.

And I certainly read no dissent from you when Steven A. provided a means by which to access Oxie’s ‘work’:


"you can’t get there anymore. He’s taken it down"

Use the link and read the copy in the cache. Well worth it.

via a link which you provided:


.... But then again, the comrades weren’t too amused! Here’s the link but unfortunately, you can’t get there anymore. He’s taken it down:


So, I got ya, I’m not supposed to defend myself by relaying to anyone new reading here when Oxy slanders me, his numerous identities, and ‘work.’ Since you’ve never offered any explanation in support that I’m not a figment of someone's imagination. But! it’s okay if Oxy himself provides the link, then you have no complaint whatsoever and get miffed when it’s deleted. You’re full of shit, and just angry that it’s been so blatantly displayed on this thread.

As I stated before, easy enough by asking to verify that my Floating Dial-Up IP always comes from the same area, and does not resemble Anne, or Oxy’s IP data. It’s likely how blog owners can always tell who Oxy is (since he uses so many different insulting monikers, many times (here) including my name), by the IP data.


Well Michael, I do hope you're not including me in that 'swine' factor (I've never commented on IOZ, as I've always found the comment threads depressing and fairly mean intellectual jousting just to joust, as I mentioned some time ago here) I also have made every attempt at earnestness here, but seem to have become ensnared in something that was not my doing.

At any rate, I've been planning for a while on making myself scarce anyway, at least for a time. I was waiting to say goodbye to AL. I think I'll just wave, as I don't need some of the insults I've been continually getting from certain quarters anymore. I'm not interested at all in flame wars, though I'll be damned if I'm just going to let somebody ride roughshod over me.

I do appreciate the better times I had here, which your blog allowed. Thank you.

"At any rate, I've been planning for a while on making myself scarce anyway, at least for a time."

(gets out stopwatch)

anne shew:

thanks diane , yes i meant 10:51am, i just keep getting stuck in disbelief on what that person is writing when i quickly come in and look ,and miss the numbers , i've never been fond of numbers , all of my coding is wording , for the brightest of the bright that have already figured that out .. .


Time to close this one off. Maybe I'll come up with something clever tomorrow, which could start a new hare. I might even do an IOZ and write a sonnet. I have my leisure now, after all, though I expect that learning the Brahms chorale preludes will be taking up quite a lot of my time.


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