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Facebook is, more or less, a pestilence, but it has its uses. It makes you aware of truly horrible developments a week or two before you would otherwise have found them out.

The latest disturbing gut-rumble among my Facebook ‘friends’ is… 2016. Yes, that’s right. The last sour comedy is barely over and people are looking forward, looking forward, across four years of actual human life, to the next content-free shadow-play in that long-running sitcom, American Democracy.

Bad enough, eh? But what makes it worse is that people are now trying to talk themselves into liking Hillary Clinton. Obie is like, sooo 2012. Been there, done that. Twice.

Worse yet, the effort is apparently succeeding. All it takes for these folks is that you’re not John Boehner.

I can sorta see it. Up to a point. I always found her intensely attractive, in a purely personal way, and now that she’s not trying to look young any more she’s even more appealing. And of course there’s no denying that she’s more intelligent, and has more personality, than the entire US Senate put together. There’s a reason why she has never held elective office(*): personality is now an absolute impediment.

But as I may have observed before, intelligence is overrated. And even personality only goes so far.

She’s a mad-dog Zionist. She gave us the last-but-one massive giveaway to the insurance companies, before Obie’s more recent effort. She’s been a happy participant in the current terrorist administration’s assassination program.

But oh well, she’s not John Boehner. If you care about differences at that level of detail, then hey, knock yourself out. Whatever gets you through the night.


(*) A gross blunder on my part; curious that I had forgotten. See the comments.

6 thoughts on “Election junkies

    • Right you are. *blush* Clearly it was a period I would rather forget. In my defence I would observe that senator from NY is only technically an elective office. This is very much a machine state.

  1. Really?! De gustibus non est

    I guess the few people I actually follow don’t post that kind of thing, because this is the first I’m hearing about it. Depressing. It’s also kind of amazing that’s the best a bunch of Democrats can think up.

    It’s been said before, here, if I recall, maybe by you, that elections have much the same appeal as spectator sports for a certain group of people. There’s team identity, blowing up differences between competitors, getting incredibly invested in strangers. These people just can’t wait for the next game.

    • I left this open to see how the comments developed, and just somehow misread the title as “Erection junkies,” and did a bit of a double-take. For some reason, that seemed worth reporting.

  2. Wow, Smiff, you’re kinda behind the curve on that, aren’t ya? I recall as early as a week before Christmas hearing the babbling heads on MSNBC discussing Biden’s and Hillary’s chances for ’16. The TV in our house belongs to my wife, so I couldn’t take a baseball bat to it, but if I had the extra cash, I would’ve gone out and bought a TV set so I could tune it to MSNBC and then take a baseball bat to it.

    Christ, you guys, have a little mercy on us, willya? We’ve just been through an “election” campaign media circus lasting nearly two fuckin’ years, and here we are, not quite three months after the last “election”, our brains still recovering from the pummelling they received at the hands of the politicians and the media, and the Jabbering Class is already assaulting us with talk about 2016.

    What’s really giving me a headache is that I can actually look ahead to ’16 and see us being dragged through the same dark, tarry abyss we suffered through with the Obama campaign, only this time anyone who brings up Hillary’s tenure on the board of Wal-Mart, or her early prototype of the Corporate Giveaway Healthcare “Reform” Plan, or her repeatedly fellating Israel, or her wide-open warmongering, or her bare-assed power craving, will be derided as “sexist” by mindless, cultish partisan Liberal Donkeycrats and ’70s old-skool Virginia Slims Feminists.

    Granted, the old maxim holds that history happens “the first time as tragedy, and the second time as farce”, but, seeing as how the ’08 campaign was already a farce, would this mean that the second round of Liberal cultist asshattery in ’16 will be an even bigger farce? Will Female America in ’16 make as big a fool of itself as Black America in ’08? Will Dennis “The Menace” Kucinich or Bernie Sanders waste the Left’s time again with a so-called “insurgent” candidacy? Will Female America respond to the long list of inconvenient truths about Hillary Clinton by whining about Roe V. Wade?

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