One who won’t be missed


A first-class creep in every way. One generally doesn’t like to gloat when somebody dies — I’m saving that up for Ariel Sharon — but I can’t think of anything nice to say about this mean-spirited right-wing alter-kaker. The world is not the poorer for his going hence.

11 thoughts on “One who won’t be missed

  1. What?! KISSINGER is still alive? How long, o Lord, how long? There indeed is a grave to dance on, if ever there was one.

    I agree with Antonello about Koch’s so-called ‘sexuality’: it’s a thing not to be contemplated. Fortunately, I think it’s a non-thing. He always struck me as the sort of guy who would rather watch himself on old news clips than grapple with some other human being in a humid bed. I’d bet even money that the guy *never* got laid.

  2. Comrades, there’s justice in premature deaths such as the one experienced by that despicable Lee Atwater. In short, not all deaths are equally meaningless.

  3. I find some measure of justice in the fact that Chomsky is alive and kicking well into his 80s while some other whores, sellouts, and, oh, contrarians(tm) have passed on.

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