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The yellow peril

North Korea nuclear threats prompt US missile battery deployment to Guam

The Pentagon ordered an advanced missile defence system to the western Pacific on Wednesday, as the US defence secretary, Chuck Hagel, declared that North Korea posed “a real and clear danger” to South Korea, Japan and America itself.

The deployment of the battery to the US territory of Guam is the biggest demonstration yet that Washington regards the confrontation with North Korea as more worrying than similar crises over the past few years. It also suggests the Americans are preparing for a long standoff.

Well, shit, look at a map. Surely this has nothing at all to do with that comic-opera outfit in North Korea, and everything to do with encircling China?

I love the idea that ‘the Pentagon’ took this step — who would have thought an ugly satrap-style building could show such geopolitical finesse? One wonders whether ‘the Pentagon’ might have stirred one of its five cement arms and picked up the phone and consulted with another ugly building across the river, to wit, the White House?

4 thoughts on “By indirection find direction out

  1. I swear someday somebody’s gonna disguise a passenger jet flown by an under-educated terrorist zealot as a missile born of a (brilliant) CIA conspiracy and tear that ugly concrete bitch a new asshole. THEN what.

  2. Can somebody please tell me why I’m supposed to be afraid of North Korea? Hell, weren’t their last couple of missile tests epic FAILs? That doesn’t seem to have stopped the US media from hopping up and down and yelling themselves hoarse about what a “threat” they are. Are they really that hard up for enemies these days?

    And what about this Kim Jong Un kid? Am I honestly supposed to be afraid of this pipsqueak? Cripes, he looks like your standard-issue pudgy, homely, socially-inept high-school freshman exchange student. At least his Dad had some gravitas. At least he actually looked kinda scary, what with wearing those evil tinted glasses and buying his suits from the same tailor as Dr. Evil — but Kim Jong Un… jeezus, he’s like the classic Boss’ Son, a little dickweed who’d be nothing without his old man backing him up. Still, the media over here are totally crapping their pants over the kid. It’s friggin’ hilarious, man.

    • Michael probably has it right: this is about encircling China and “projecting power,” whatever that means. The media, including our beloved soporific NPR, ate starting to beat those old familiar drums….

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