Speaking of dancing on people’s graves…

The Antichrist

… when is this schmendrick going to die? There is a grave I would dance on.

I say this as person whose nice old Linux laptop just died, and who is now trying to do some of the same stuff on a Windows machine. With a deadline, yet.

It’s interesting — though maddening — to note that Linux has also become less usable over the years, because it’s trying to be like Windows.

So who’s worse, Maggie Thatcher or Bill Gates? Over to you, God.

One thought on “Speaking of dancing on people’s graves…

  1. My frustration with Linux–well, Gnome–is that it’s trying to be like OSX. A kind of appy, mobile device-friendly OSX. I’ve settled on KDE as the lesser of evils. But even KDE tries to recreate Expose-like effects without the benefit of Apple’s Quartz Extreme, making a merely annoying feature on Apple literally painful to use as the window you thought you had a firm hold of jumps to freedom.

    Microsoft’s biggest evil lies elsewhere, IMO–not that their interface doesn’t suck. In making software and computers as locked down and proprietary as possible. I’ve recently been cursed with a Windows 8 device–and holly shit, I’m pretty sure I’ll nail M-theory before registries makes sense to me. (I’m not saying Apple wanted to make OSX easy for the non-certified engineer to fix–it was probably out of necessity to keep development costs down.)

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