Nice windows. Too bad if somebody broke them


I got a call from the cops today. It was kind of an interesting call. Haven’t had this happen before.

The phone number that came up on caller ID had an area code that I associate with cell phones. So I picked it up. Normally I don’t pick up the phone unless I recognize the number or have some other reason to think I might be interested, but I sorta figured this was somebody I knew, whose phone number I didn’t happen to recognize.

“Is that Mr Rantz?” The caller said. I didn’t place the name immediately, but there was a Jay Rantz who occupied this apartment before I moved in, ten years ago. But I brought my old phone number along, so while this was Rantz’ apartment, it isn’t Rantz’ number. Curious.

Incautiously — when will I ever learn? — I said ‘No, this is Michael Smith’. Imagine my dismay when the caller made it clear that he was calling on behalf of the police force, soliciting money for some supposed charity. Naturally I was nauseated, and hung up after a brisk and brusque ‘not interested’.

Now, of course, I’m wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. I suppose I should have made static noises and clicks and quietly hung up, but what can I say? I’m a naif idiot, basically.

9 thoughts on “Nice windows. Too bad if somebody broke them

  1. The other shoe will never drop. These callers are paid fund raisers and once they admit it, they experience massive rejection.

    If the police start calling for themselves (unpaid), hell will freeze over, obviously.

    Everybody with a stable address has had this same experience, has felt this same discomfort and 90%+ (a guess) have contributed nothing.

    • This caller did not sound like a paid fund-raiser with a script. This caller sounded very much like a cop. Of course it’s some corrupt scam — that much goes without saying.

      What other class of public employees does one hear from in this fashion? Not the firemen, not the teachers, not the subway trackworkers, not the garbagemen.

  2. I never pick up my phone anymore. The ringer is turned off. Once in a blue moon my wife or I check for messages. People who need to reach me know where to reach me.

    I don’t think there’s another shoe either.

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