Trouble in the laboratory

The little server that serves this ‘umble site has been experiencing troubles of late. Not yet sure why. Sorry for the un-helpful error messages and the even less helpful timeouts. I’m working on it.

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  1. I once had an indie WordPress site on a commercial Linux host that got tons of spam. I downloaded a page (Firefox ~~ File ~~ Save Page As…) and just one AV scanner, ClamAV (available for most OSs), said it was infected. After Googling around found out that about 80%+ of supposedly free WordPress themes contain obfuscated code (maybe Javascript). So I only get themes directly from now.

    Are you running your own server? Someone I trust who has tried a lot of hosts recommends DreamHost. There is also the “Wordfence” WordPress plugin that’s supposed to provide a lot of protection.

    I certainly don’t know nearly as much about programming as you (I’m a hardware guy), but I’m planning to create a website journal to chronicle my (probably pathetic) planned attempt to learn the Rust language. Will let you know if it gets underway.


    If you have the Firefox browser, you can use the time-saving Sage RSS feed notifier to instantly check for new articles! Get this add-on by going to:

    β€”β€Ί Add to Firefox β€”β€Ί Re-Start β€”β€Ί

    Find and Right-click on (Stop Me Before I Vote Again, front page) β€œEntries RSS” β€”β€Ί Left-click on Copy Link Location β€”β€Ί Left-click on the Sage β€œleaf” icon β€”β€Ί Right-click in the (lower) white area β€”β€Ί Select: New Bookmark β€”β€Ί Location β€”β€Ί Right-click β€”β€Ί Paste (the address from the β€œEntries RSS” icon) β€”β€Ί Left-Click on Add β€”β€Ί All Done. This all takes five minutes, It work so fast! And it will amaze you!


    Micheal, your troubles are just like a DDoS attack.

    This is mysterious!

    I am presently at:

    Contact somebody?

  3. Shit. Where’s Michael? For some reason, he’s one of the few whom I respect on the Internets.

    drunkpundit; I can’t post on your blogs because they are Blogger sites and I will have NO dealings with the GoogleBorg. If you post a comment containing your email address (gmail?) on my main blog, it will not show up unless I “approve” that comment, which I won’t. I like to network. I use, since it’s not any longer part of a giant Borg!!! I use blogs because they will send you a “CSV” file that you can use to start your own indie-hosted site with all previous articles and comments (no lock-in). My main blog is:

    Also see my (hopefully) upcoming article on the latest insane GoogleBorg sucker game at:

    It will shock you.

    • That’s alright blue, I hardly post there myself anymore. I’ve come to the inclusion that most of what I’d have to say is probably already said better by other folks, including you. πŸ™‚

      My own website is dedicated to a local High School band that my son was in until he graduated last year. They asked me if they continue to use it and I told ’em sure. Probably more useful than anything I could contribute.

      • ” I’ve come to the inclusion”

        Oops, I mean conclusion above… writing while drinking on a saturday afternoon is always a challenge.

        Interesting sites blue, I’ve actually visited the Portland Independent Media site through other twists and turns of the internet tubes. Thanks!

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