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One nice thing about living in New York: One is never disappointed in one’s ‘elected’ officials. They always run true to form.

Of course I was delighted when Mister Community Organizer, Mayor-elect de Blasio, re-appointed that appalling shitheel Willliam Bratton — the father of stop-and-frisk — as police commissioner. Delighted and I must say a bit surprised: I hadn’t expected him to do anything so nakedly contemptuous of the people who hoped for something different from him quite so soon. But I suppose it’s never out of season to tell folks to lower their expectations. Indeed, one should never miss an opportunity.

And considering his stage-managed lopsided victory, it seems clear that the tiny minority of liberal-schmiberals were never an important constituency. The gestures made in that direction were just an exercise in pacification: let’s have no trouble out of those professional kvetchers. After the election they can raise as much geschrei and gevalt as they like. To revise a James Baker aphorism: Fuck ’em — they’ll always vote for us.

Mayor Bloomberg Lite has now followed up in rare form, appointing the amazing figure shown at right above(*) as chief PR flack for the New York Praetorian Guard. The Times story was perhaps a bit more more humorous than it meant to be:

After a career spent toggling between television and law enforcement…

Which of course — for any thinking person– raises the question: What’s the difference?

(*) One John Miller, a notorious police buff and TV talking head.

6 thoughts on “NYC: Business as usual

  1. [stares wrist where watch should be]
    It’s about time.

    Oh I’m just kidding! Been looking forward to this for some time, didn’t disappoint. Neither did reading about de Blasio’s behavior. I don’t even think his reasoning went beyond, that as a relative new face on the national scene, it’s politically smart to pick a name. If he hires some no name and the press decides that the narrative is “The City is Shit”, when the no-name goes up to ‘explain’ why things aren’t what they seem, the press is going to interpret it as defensiveness and dig in further. Selecting a name like Bratton gives him the cover he needs for at least a little while since the sycophantic press is likely to eat up whatever shit pie a celebrity like Bratton serves up. “Hey, who are we to argue? He’s famous!”

  2. I can’t find out much online about this Miller dude; one rather suspects he’s hired one of those sanitation services like It’s unusual. Press material recycles two or three tired themes. And that’s all we know about him. Is he Irish? Jewish? German Lutheran? Where did he go to school? His dad was a gossip columnist, and his wife’s family are monsters (Goldman Sachs and Big Pharma). Anybody want to do a little sleuthery? I bet the story is pretty interesting.


    Tough shit, NYC; you done been Obama’ed.

    But, seriously — or at least as serious as I can be right now — one thing I took away from the ’08 Obama campaign was that when a candidate’s acolytes start touting his creds as a Community Organizerâ„¢, the thing to do is to run the other way.

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