NOT an April Fool item


Post on one of my Lefty lists:

I have just ordered Trotsky in Norway, published by Northern Illinois University Press. According to the ad it is “a very significant contribution to the biography of Trotsky” as well as “an important contribution to Norwegian political history in the 1930’s.”

Now I yield to no one in fondness for esoteric topics, but this title made me smile. I couldn’t help imagining it as a musical, or perhaps a ballet.

Maybe I’ll order the book, if only in the hope that it will have a picture of Trotsky on skis.

6 thoughts on “NOT an April Fool item

    • Apparently the old boy found time, between manifestoes, to have a fling with Frida Kahlo while he was living under Kahlo’s and Diego Rivera’s roof. One would really rather not visualize this menage, but the imagination will go to work in spite of one’s best efforts.

    • With somebody like this fella as Stalin:

      I should tell y’all sometime about a young chap I used to know, who during his college years danced (or rather clomped) this part — Rothbart in Swan Lake — and later went to work for the CIA.

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