The Nation awakes


Rip van Winkle starts to his palsied feet and stares wildly about him:

The Left Ought to Worry About Hillary Clinton, Hawk and Militarist, in 2016

[I]t ought to worry progressives that the next president of the United States is likely to be much more hawkish than the current one…

She’s … taken a more hawkish line than Obama on Ukraine and the confrontation with Russia….

Clinton joined Panetta, CIA Director David Petraeus and the military in proposing that the United States go to war in Syria. (That the United States didn’t act more aggressively in Syria back then was entirely due to President Obama’s decision to resist Clinton and the other hawks.)

… Clinton—joined by several other administration officials, including Samantha Power and Susan Rice—pushed hard, and successfully, for the United States to go to war in Libya….

…[T]here was far more tension between the White House and the State Department under Clinton than is usually cited.

And on and on and on. What a strange narrative. The writers — Bob and Barbara Dreyfuss — seem very determined to keep Obie untarnished, and blame Hill for all the Bad Stuff.

Why? Who cares about Obie, that tiresome, overexposed, played-out lame duck? Is there some retrospective self-justification at work? Were Bob and Babs Obamanauts back in the day? Are they feeling a little… well… sheepish about it now?


I particularly loved the bit about how “President Obama” — as The Nation always refers to the God-Emperor — “resisted” Hillary’s push for war in Syria. I don’t remember it quite that way. I seem to remember Obie being balls-to-the-wall for war in Syria, until it became clear that not even the British House of Commons would go along with it. At that point, any fool could see the cause was lost.

For the time being, anyway. Don’t think it won’t be in the headlines again, probably as soon as the imbecile Ukraine adventure blows up in Hill’s — and Obie’s — face. Assuming it hasn’t already.

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  1. In my rather limited experience working with special needs individuals, I recall one who would stab himself in the hand with a pair of scissors in order to gain the attention of others in the room. It was painful to watch, but–as you already know what I’m going to say, no doubt–it’s far more painful to read those charlatans describing how meek is that pacifistic president of ours, in his heart of hearts.

    Scissors-guy rarely drew blood, he knew full well that what he was doing was stupid, and it only harmed himself. His honesty, in retrospect, was so admirable that I should’ve been laughing instead of fretting over the possible injury he might cause his person.

    From a more cunning perspective, might this indicate that Hillary Clinton is going to be set up to be take the dive in 2016, and some purported “fringe” Democrat will unexpectedly earn Greenwald’s support late in the campaign season, allowing Americans the thrill of taking back their progressive party in the form of an anti-Hill pill? A reformed Donald Trump, maybe?

    • From a more cunning perspective, might this indicate that Hillary Clinton is going to be set up to be take the dive in 2016, and some purported “fringe” Democrat will unexpectedly earn Greenwald’s support late in the campaign season, allowing Americans the thrill of taking back their progressive party in the form of an anti-Hill pill?…

      I like to think that Pwogs won’t fall for that again after the way they were tootsie-frootsied by Howard “The Duck” Dean back in ’04, but… naaah. They’re just too goddamn’ desperate and stupid.

    • That’s what they did with Barbarack: took an unknown black Muslim from Kenya named Saddam Hussein Osama and transformed him into the winning water carrier. Quite the display of magic, that. That might have been less a convincing use of blackface to woo liberals than a message to the old WASP ascendency that the new kids on the block could put the crown on anyone’s head, even a guy they simultaneously trashed in the media.

      Judging by the comments at The Nation there are a few true believers left, but liberal support for Hillary seems a little weak nowadays. This all assumes our elections aren’t rigged, of course, in which case appointing Hillary to the depressidency would seem the appropriate choice. Maybe she really is dying.

  2. who will the next Sr. VP of Public Relations be? unless it’s a lesbian albino minority dismembered pygmy iraq vet, i’m not voting.

    since we are doing media analysis:
    “Obama offers a muscular, but not militaristic, foreign policy.” WT ever-livin’ H? hopefully b.ho’s FP legacy, after the dead & displaced are tallied, will be “exit, pursued by a bear.”

  3. Not that I think that Hillary would be any worse than Obie but never underestimate the nastiness of some of the women in powerful positions. I can only blame it on the fact that they’d have to out macho any man to reach those positions of power. For them, the testosterone show is always kicked up a few notches just to prove that they’re as good a warrior as any man. Think Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, and the mother of all nasty bitches, Margaret Thatcher.

  4. Okay, folks. Here for your enjoyment is my latest political prediction!

    The CIA’s Next US President: Ben Sasse

    Wall Street runs right through Nebraska! This guy comes right out of absolutely nowhere, just like Barack Obama. He’s supported by all the giant “think tanks” like American Enterprise Institute. But we will never know who he is. (Until he starts delivering $2 million dollar speeches like Ronald Reagan.)

    Who will be the “Democrat”? Some loser. You don’t really get to vote, so why bother?

    Demand simple score voting with no machines that make election fraud 100 times easier!

    There’s a depression on. And “needy people cannot be free people.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    Now watch your future:

    The Outsider: Leaving the influence-peddlers behind


    Earth to Paul: Michael really seems to have left the building here. Sure hope he returns! But it’s looking like he might not, as he’s been away since May 27 ’14. Also, I am noticing that there seem to be less than ten equalitarian (“progressive”) comment-enabled blogs on the entire Internet, while there are about 10,000 austerian (“libertarian”) ones. Something bad is happening!

    In response, I have decided to begin running my own blog, even though I am not at all keen on becoming a Blog Master. My blog was originally intended to expose the voting systems perfidy, but I intend to experiment with it as a “dual blog”: one about general concerns; the other about voting system scams.

    You can be the first to comment on it! You don’t even need to register or provide a (hidden, of course) email address (for now anyway). Comments will appear within a day or so, after manual approval. At least 2/3rds of the Indymedia websites have vanished, and new equalitarian venues are desperately needed!

    The new blog is:
    Global Mutiny

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