“Arabs may you be paralyzed & die with great suffering!”


The title of this post is a tweet from the pouty young thing shown above, one May Levi1, an Israeli, needless to say. A helpful chap named David Sheen, who seems to have a good command of the modern Israeli version of Hebrew, has been translating and posting such demented little billets-doux from Levi and other Ziotrash youth. It makes depressing reading, though not too surprising (especially if you’ve read Max Blumenthal’s Goliath, which I recommend).

These are not wild-eyed, gun-toting haredi loons crouched in a West Bank hilltop trailer park; they appear to be modern, urban, secular, with-it young kids, Twitterers and Facebookers and so on. I stress ‘young’, because unlike their American Jewish coevals, who are increasingly uninterested in Israel or even disgusted by it, these precious pups seem quite ready for staff jobs in an extermination camp – a kind of institution which seems now to be the looming entelechy of Israel’s collective soul. One has the sense of a culture nerving itself, arming itself emotionally, for some world-historical crime. The obvious parallel is too obvious to mention.

It reminds me, uncannily, of a certain type of white person you used to encounter in the South, during the high years of the civil rights movement. These specimens couldn’t open their mouth without working the word ‘nigger’ into every sentence, regardless of the topic of conversation.

Whatever it is that drives this type of thing may well be a universal potentiality of human nature, but its frank expression seems to require a particular kind of political and cultural context. I suggest that the existence of May Levi in itself represents a definitive, and damning, judgement on the Zionist project, whose inner logic has now produced the genocidal Twitterfeed.


1 Correction: An eagle-eyed reader notes that the quote was actually from Shira Agiv, shown below. May Levi wrote “Death to these fucking Arabs.”


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  1. i briefly caught one of the cnn jabberfests this a.m., not by choice. candi crowley, i believe, responded to a seemingly pretty fair account of the rampage in Gaza by saying, “Hasn’t Hamas fired over 100 rockets into Israel?” 100+ rockets, 100+ dead. moral equivalence.
    the angry arab talks about some of the racism in israel and pix of the victims and israelis celebrating.

  2. Some Israelis who managed to throw away the chip implanted in their brains at an early age provide a window into thinking of their former fellow citizens (“you have to read Hebrew to get the full extent of it. It is beyond bad…”):

    Just today, an image popped up on a facebook page of an Israeli, showing the mangled body of a bombed Palestinian loaded onto an ambulance in Gaza. Comments underneath it, ranged from “more of the same please” to “‘why are they loading unto ambulance? for chips?” or something like that. Then there is the ubiquitous “they would be worse”. This is quite typical for the commentary one sees in Israel. The sheer blood-lust displayed on Israel’s social media–and in conversations on the street (as recounted by some brave souls) are truly disgusting as well as overwhelming. Even if it’s “only” 20% of the so-called Jewish population that actually express these sentiments, there’s another 40% that feel the same but have enough sensibility to not express the hatred openly. But it’s there, percolating just barely under the surface–and at least in Israel–they know it. As does Max Blumenthal whose indefatigable documentation in “Goliath” is driving the mainstream good Jews of America quite crazy with distress.

    I said before and I can only repeat again–what you see in Hebrew is 100 times worse than anything you read in English. Israel gets to hide its extremely ugly side behind an obscure language that most of the world does not speak or comprehend (including the vast majority of Jewish Americans). Had even a fraction of the average Hebrew conversation/postings/ramblings been on display for the world to see, as they are in Israel, I doubt that even some of the greater supporters of Israel’s brutal conquests would not avert their eyes in utter shame and discomfort.

    Those doing such outing remind one of a diary entry by Alex Cockburn:

    Most of what Tolkin wrote was either mad or incomprehensible but he got furious when Cembalist told him she’d faxed me his ravings. “I think a Jew sending it is a betrayal”, she reported him in the Forward as saying. “It’s theoretically wrong for a Jewish paper to send it.” He went on, “If I’m trying to say something to fellow Jews–saying it in a language that may be difficult for non-Jews to understand–to bring it ot the attention of non-Jews may be dangerous to the Jews.”

  3. (AJ) A mob of Indian workers has beaten the CEO of a jute factory to death in a dispute over increasing their working hours, police told the AP news agency after arresting six workers.

    Four suspects were arrested on Sunday, followed by two on Monday, and are expected to be charged with murder, vandalism and other crimes.

    A group of 200 workers, wielding iron rods and stones, stormed the office of 60-year-old HK Maheswari in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, according to Sunil Chowdhury, the Hooghly district superintendent.

    Maheswari had denied their earlier request to work and be paid for 40 hours a week at the North Brook Jute Mill, instead of the current norm of 25.

    He had also proposed shutting down the mill for three days a week to limit mounting financial losses, according to the factory’s general manager, Kiranjit Singh.

    “The mill workers suddenly resorted to stone pelting while we were busy in a meeting,” Kiranjit Singh told AP.

    At one point during Sunday’s meeting, Maheswari looked out the window at the growing crowd and was struck in the head by two stones.

    He collapsed, at which point a large group of workers stormed the office, Singh said.

    “The CEO was thrashed with iron rods, and he succumbed to his injuries very soon,” Singh said.


  4. Incidentally, both of these girls are doing the duck-face thing in a very big way. When, and whence, did the impression arise that this is attractive?

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