Academe strikes again


Shown above is one Phyllis Wise, chancellor of the University of Illinois, and the most recent entry in a long illustrious parade of academic poltroons who have caved in to the Israel lobby. Wise recently created a stir by abruptly changing her mind about the offer, already extended and accepted, of a tenured position to Steven Salaita, supposedly because of his “uncivil” and “uncollegial” tweets about the ongoing atrocity in Gaza.

No doubt Wise, or her boss, president Robert Easter, heard from a number of individuals and organizations. Easter is shown below. Apparently before he became a university president he was an expert in swine nutrition, which seems eminently appropriate.


The stercoraceous Simon Wiesenthal center went public with its own persecution of Salaita, which took the form of a letter to Easter from the center’s executive director, Rabbi Meyer May. This man of God is shown below, apparently looking for anti-Semites.


There are as many varieties of hypocrisy as there are of beetles, but surely one of the more fragrant stinkbugs in the entire order is the academic hypocrite. All that gaudy patter about free inquiry and so on, from people who would lock their own grandmother in an attic if some Meyer May told them to.

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