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Thus the Times:

After five months of intensifying combat that threatened to rip Ukraine apart and to reignite the Cold War, the Ukrainian government and separatist forces signed a cease-fire agreement on Friday that analysts considered highly tenuous in a country that remains a tinderbox.

Previous attempts to stop the fighting have failed. But the prime difference this time was that the main thrust of the plan was not just endorsed, but laid out, by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, whom Western leaders accuse of stoking unrest to prevent Ukraine from slipping out of Russia’s orbit.

Translation: We’ll make sure the cease-fire fails, and blame it on Putin.

15 thoughts on “Translation needed

  1. stoking unrest

    I thought that was Victoria Nuland’s job.

    Speaking of, I’m sure you’ve seen Vickie’s former boss slobbering over her BFF. I’m going to have fun posting those pics on liberal sites in two years.

    • Yeah, and it did so about a month ago, right around the time the actual data was being seen.

      The capitalist societies’ mass media would have made the state-based commissars and fuehrers purple with envy. Things go away here. The Memory Hole actually works.

      Personally, I think the main reason for that is well explained by my friend Niranjan Ramakrishnan: With so much “data” and “devices” around — and with so much trumpeting about it, people assume that anything that’s important news will automatically reach them.

  2. OMG! The E.U. just like, totally jumped the shark! On very good authority, reports are that they will sanction Gazprom! Announcement to come on Monday! No gas for them this winter!

    (Serious chance of economic collapse, and my death from starvation.)

    How brave they are standing up to the Russian tanks crushing Ukrainian infants in incubators!

    Europe Goes “All In”: Will Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft

  3. Comrade Smith, where’s your adieu to Timon! Ukraine is off the radar for now since the operation Pivot to Syria has begun. It won’t be long before the mission creep would reach Assad forces, either by “oops, we thought we were bombing ISIS” excuse or by some other non-sense justification. Either way, the Empire has found the perfect excuse to do what they wanted to do last summer.

  4. I hope everything is ok with you and yours, Mister Smith. I am sure that we all miss your unique brand of commentary very much. Won’t you share some of your insights with us from time to time?

    Faithful old dog, Boink.

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