She’s doomed


Above, the new logo for Hillary’s presidential campaign. What were they thinking of? This is surely one of the ugliest and most repellent designs ever. Did a committee come up with it?

This particular rendering — a PNG file — displayed at full scale shows the predictable sawtooth edge of the arrowhead. Do Hillary’s votaries regard her as so inevitable that nobody has to pay attention to this stuff?

But the image is disturbing on so many levels that one really doesn’t know where to start. Perhaps it’s sufficient to mention how hard, aggressive, and even menacing it is. Which makes it fairly appropriate, I guess — Hillary’s latent physiognomy. Or rather, patent physiognomy.

Compare and contrast with Obie’s soothing logo, which always reminded me of an ad for some kind of tranquilizer:


14 thoughts on “She’s doomed

  1. You know, of course, that his monstrosity is totally market-tested. So, it’s very likely to play a big positive role in getting this vile devil into office.

    My own first reaction was “Oh, wow, that’s perfect,” because the image both does one of the things that so much of classic advertising does: flatter the audience. That arrow confirms that the Hillary supporter stands for progress, despite the patent regressiveness of the product being peddled.

  2. They were obviously going for a hard, masculine look suitable for an inveterate warmonger so snipping the phallus off the Mars symbol and squeezing it into H’s midsection seems to create the right vibe. H is either going to shoot us with an arrow or fuck us with her strap on, maybe both.

    I can’t wait for the Tea party reaction to this logo. The red arrow is proof that H is a socialist (as if any more were needed!) and we will soon be shutting down the military to pay for condos for homeless puppies.

  3. It seems a little ‘swastika-ish’ to me. Just the right amount of hardness and in-your-face. And the ‘H’ is just the icing on that cake. Throw in the subsequent post – ‘Separated at birth?’ and it all becomes clear. “…a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

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