Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words


The gent above is Sigmar Gabriel, vice-Chancellor of Germany and — wait for it — head of the Socialist party. The scowl is because somebody mentioned Greece.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words

  1. how quickly europe has gone off the deep end. the Tories are about to scrap the Human Rights Act, and the EU is gonna bomb refugee boats & initiate a new rape of Africa in the name of “stopping human trafficking.” NATO gave Libya freedom & democracy…those bastards now also want Europe’s consumer goods & health care (get your own damn health care & food, you ingrates).

    i suspect Europe’s post WW2 meliorism was all about staving off the arrival of a socialist utopia, a la the New Deal in the US. hopefully this time, unlike all other times, the proletariat will KICK SOME ASS and accept no bribes.

  2. Picking a nit, the Social Democrats do not even self-define as socialists, if they ever did. I mean, they were the ones that tossed Rosa in the drink, after all. Die Linke at least identify as socialists, which is why they remain for the most part pariahs.

    Do a search for “Merkel frowns” for an amusing collage of what looks like Sigmar in a wig.

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