Waterloo for the Lobby?


Or maybe just Stalingrad?

The times are definitely a-changin’. It’s amazing enough that a machine politician from Chicago would go up against the Israel Lobby at all on this Iran nuclear deal; and even more amazing that the Lobby, having gone balls-to-the-wall in an attempt to defeat it, would fail. Since an aura of invincibility is a big part of their stock in trade, this seems like a very serious reversal for them. (Of course they failed on Syria two years ago, too, which seemed like a straw in the wind; but they weren’t quite so high-profile about that.)

Even Hillary, always a reliable water-carrier for Israel, seems to be going along with this one, though of course she’s triangulating so strenuously that we need a new category of behavior disorder: trigonophrenia, perhaps?

It’s difficult to imagine Obie taking this initiative without a fairly solid elite consensus behind him, which suggests in turn an emerging elite disenchantment with Israel. No doubt it seemed more of an asset during the Cold War than it does now, and less of a liability when its ambitions weren’t quite so grandiose as they are now.

It’s also interesting to note the Lobby’s complete realignment with the most reactionary, troglodyte elements in US politics. Remember “liberal Zionists”? Ah, those were the days.

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  1. You’ve answered your own question, Michael: what are the chances that the Zionists at AIPAC, State, and the Oval Office are suddenly not getting everything they want after a hundred years of success? One possibility is that they’re suddenly, inexplicably losing power. And that the entire governmental apparatus of the U.S. has suddenly decided to defy them despite the public and private “donations” and potentiality for tragic car wrecks or suicides.

    Far more likely, though, is that this, like every other “setback” Israel has ever suffered, is exactly what they want. As the U.S. becomes Brazil, the 21st century may see Israel finding China a more suitable host from which to facilitate the newest globocular pyramids.

  2. Welcome back — and yes, lovely developments. Three factors, no particular order:

    * Money to be made in Iran, and others are prepared to make it; Uncle Sam and AIPAC be damned.

    * Mini Me has somewhat outlived its usefulness to Empire.

    * Younger American Jews are increasingly turned off by the Jewish State, no doubt encouraged in their revulsion by last summer’s Gaza horrors. Politicians can count heads — there’s room all of a sudden to think (somewhat) independently on the subject of Israel.

    * Amurricans, via defeat and inertia, are not just “war weary” but utterly exhausted and humiliated. The population has no appetite whatsoever for another Middle East war. And surely not one in defense of a fanatical little Jewish outpost about which they know little and care less.

    • The impression of “younger Jews” being “turned off” by Israel is an impression that we receive from…well, literally, older Jews. Who own newspapers and TV stations.

      Granted, it’s possible they’re telling us the truth. But, (A), when was the last time they did that, and, (B), isn’t it the case that all of the other times they lied to us, it gained them billion-dollar military annuities and the extermination of this or that Arab subgroup?

      Amurricans are weary of a whole lot of things, but that didn’t stop Wilson and Baruch–or anyone else, for that matter. I buy the “Israel is less appealing now” angle about as much as “Natalie Portman is a ballerina” or “human lampshades!!!” The only real question is, why are they claiming that Israel is losing its appeal?

      (Ha. That reminds me of the old Berkeley Breathed joke, “Accused of selling the secret of George Bush’s appeal.”)

      But really. Are they planning to let all the settlers go down to establish another century’s legacy of personal injury settlements? Given the truly dark things the Haganah did to so many Jewish people to force them to emigrate away from Arab countries where they had been living in peaceful coexistence, it wouldn’t be a historical surprise if the Fed let Iran take out Palestine in order to keep fuel on the fire.

  3. Welcome back MJS!

    I’ve always felt that demographics alone would surely erode support for Israel. Their hubristic attitude was destined to backfire, considering it has always required the need of our military, and our military has no need for them. The Israeli lobby got complacent and overrated Israel’s actual importance in the mind of most Americans, which is nil so far as I can tell. And although I think he way overstates his case, those videos Max Blumenthal brought back from Israel were a real eye opener in the sense that the younger generation of American-Israeli Jews are historically ignorant and politically brain dead, meaning that the Big H is quickly losing its political capital, even amongst those whom would seem to benefit from its perpetuation as a club to wield.

  4. This doesn’t qualify as a sitzkrieg, let alone a defeat. I doubt committed Zionists and their lackeys would endorse this deal if it wasn’t something Israel wanted. Remember they made a similar deal with Saddam in order to defang him prior to the invasion.

    This deal is a recognition of political and military realities. The US cannot defeat Iran in a conventional war, and the priority for the moment is to destroy Syria. Keeping Iran sidelined and unable to acquire a nuclear weapon until they can be dealt with is definitely a good deal for the Zionists. The Zios will continue to push for a color revolution in Iran which is the better option.

    Dressing a victory in defeat’s clothing is good for the Zionists as well, since this “demolishes” the “myth” of Jewish power in the US “once and for all.” Just in time for another war for Israel in Syria.

    Israel has never been worth a dime to the Empire. US support is bought, not earned.

    Liberal Zionists? We have one running for president, though he’s heavy on the Zionist and light on the “liberal,” as they all are.

    The only difference I see in the relationship between the Zios and the troglodyte element is the willingness of both sides to be open about it. Anti-semites and Zionists have been milk sisters since the days of Herzl, but the relationship was always carefully concealed. Now they have no shame publicly breaking bread with Ukrainian Nazis.

    The love that dare not speak it’s name.

    Most white nationalist organizations are now openly Zionist, at least in Europe, where their job has changed from using whites to scare Jews to using Muslims to scare whites. In the US their job is to sow fear and loathing between whites and minorities.

    It is interesting that FBI-controlled provocateur Hal Turner directed his followers to kill Cynthia McKinney at a time when she had become a thorn in Israel’s side. Of all the blacks they could have targeted, they chose her. It’s almost laughable how they show their hand sometimes.

    • i’m kind of with you. despite all the sturm und geschrei from the zios, and there has been a lot. but 2 years of iran’s economic re-integration will create some facts on the ground that will make military overthrow of the gov’t almost inconceivablle. and any (hyper-hyped and hypothetical) iranian attack on israel equally inconceivable. (so much of this is contrived anyway b/c iran is not a threat to anyone & is not seeking nukes.)

      i fear this is a mistake. same as cuba, iran should be seeking integration with BRICS countries first. and screw Israel & unkie shmuel.

  5. …Even Hillary, always a reliable water-carrier for Israel, seems to be going along with this one…

    Queen Hillary may be keeping mum on this, but you can bet she focus-grouped the hell out of it first. I heard she ran a focus group before issuing her apology for the email server she kept in her bathroom.

    And speaking of which… hell, I’ll bet she runs a focus group whenever she needs to take a dump: “Oh, dear, I haven’t had a good B.M. in weeks. Guess I’d better call my people and get a quick focus group together…”

    • Indeed, I get tired of hearing about it constantly all the time as if its the most important shit in the world. In my daily life it has zero impact. I just don’t give a shit. Yeah, it’s a fucked up place in the world. There’s lots of those, why all the special attention there?

      Oh yeah, oil and religion. Guh.

  6. welcome back mjs. maybe it’s time for Bibi to pull an Operation Samson? as long as he takes out only himself & maybe his wife, i can’t see what the harm would be.

    • Correction: “Can you take a little time to help me out, please?”

      One comment, one grammatical or orthographical error. A batting average as old as the internet.

          • Jeez, ya got me there. Still, it’s only been a couple of months, what with MS’ most recent post being the 11th of Septe…. waaait a minute. I do hope he’s doin’ okay.

            It’s Cool Dude, Seriously posted something about Teh Nucyalur Pockalips and then disappeared! Speakin’ o’ Which, we could meet & troll overt what’s become Sartwell’s ISIS-American Nightmare-Scenario-Porn Blog, but that just seems silly.

            You could e-mail me and tell me about how Steph Curry is amazing that everyone is overlooking, or ask me about how I think Lamar Odom’s gotten a bum hand, contrary to pop’lar ‘pinions, or about my pet peeve (now in two languages!!!): How news headlines say “Why something is so” when they mean “How something is so”. Fuckers.

            Or we could keep on coming here until Faddah comes and throws us out the choych.

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  8. MJS needs to do a post on workplace shootings. Farook & the missus shot their supervisors first. they can’t have been entirely crazy.

    go well Mr. Smith.

  9. I have noticed that accessing websites that report Russian POV information, in other words “Russian propaganda”, routinely cause my Mac laptop to hang up, slow down, not work as fast as it would if I visited CNN or Huff Post, for example…. Has anyone else experienced similar difficulties? Sites that seem to bring on this sluggish behavior are Fort Russ, Russia Insider, SouthFront, RT.

  10. Syria barrel bombs thousands of people and makes millions of refugees, the lovely ISIS chops heads off all over the place and shoots innocent people having a good time in France and Calif, and the Bad Guys are…….Israel??? You can’t make it up!

  11. Me too! We miss Comrade Smith! Where are thou? Are you demoralized by your FB friends who’ve already started the march to the “Lesser Evil” land? How about the white, middle aged, privileged babes who have all of a sudden become victims of the male supremacy? C’mon, there’s so much material for a gifted writer such as yourself in this election season:-)

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