Ignoramus (in the etymological sense)


Day by day the hysteria mounts. I really don’t know how my Hillariphile friends can possibly keep this up for the next — what (*counts on fingers*) — five months. Surely there is a limit. Surely, even Chicken Little must take a break, now and then, from preaching the gospel of ruet-coelum.

No sign of it so far, however. The crescendo relentlessly crescendoes. We got past quadruple-forte sometime last week –even the elephants in Verdi’s orchestra have Trumpeted themselves hoarse, and the timpani-skins are shredded. I fear that my friends won’t have any throats left after November.

Doubtless, however, the injured tissues will have healed well enough, a year or two into Clintrump’s first term, that the choir will start tuning up again, for the next upcoming quadrennial apocalypse. They may sound a little ragged and rusty, but you’ve got to give them an ‘A’ for effort.

Something I now notice a lot: my friends are playing the ignorance card. I suppose this is a by-product of the Sanders campaign. Old Dobbin has at least exposed Hillary as the reactionary corporatist warmonger she is. Given that, what have we to fall back on?

Answer: Trump’s ignorance. Q: Can you find Zanzibar on the map, Mr Trump? A: Fuck you. I can look it up.

I don’t suppose anybody has asked Hillary to find Zanzibar on a map, and while I’m not entirely sure she could, the smart money would bet on her as a Jeopardy contestant over the small-fingered chap from Queens.

So: Trump is ignorant, and Hillary is well-informed. My friends like well-informed. They all went to college. Depressing, I know. What happened to my friends who didn’t go to college? Oh, that’s right, I only meet them on the boat, where they have saved my bacon more than once.

Time to get on the boat and turn off the radio.

3 thoughts on “Ignoramus (in the etymological sense)

  1. good riddance to you, loser! this shit storm hasn’t even begun to swell into the main, the general!!!!!

    sorry, not good riddance. if you mean you are off on the boat for a good, never-long-enough-stint, send some e-waves into the blogosphere. “‘This is no flattery: these are counsellors That feelingly persuade me what I am.”

    you predict an endless election cycle. something tells me this election right here…fudge. it won’t have left after your private junket.

  2. For many the objection to Trump seems to be the Embarrassment Factor, not so much his predicted policies. I suggested to an old classmate that electing Hillary to stop Trump would leave the underlying social problems intact. “But then I wouldn’t have to leave the county,” he replied. He also has UK citizenship–not much of an escape since, Corbynism aside, the UK seems to be circling the same drain.

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