The victory lapdogs


Now that Hillary is the officially declared victor in the (endless) Democratic Party primaries, you might think that those who backed her all along might be gracious in victory. But no such thing. The effect has been, it seems to me, quite the opposite: winning has made them even more anxious, vindictive, snide, contemptuous, and bossy than they were before. The lesser-evil brass band, which was already operating at deafening volume even before California, far from taking a little intermezzo, or even a diminuendo, promptly dialed itself up well past eleven. I thought they were browbeating me before, but now? It’s a serious assault on one’s sanity to check e-mail.

What’s this about?

I suspect some of my friends who were balls-to-the-wall for Hillary may perhaps have had a lingering doubt in their minds. I suspect they may have been willing, in the privacy of their own chamber, late at night, to contemplate the idea that Hillary is a crook; a tool of Wall Street; an ardent coadjutor of Bibi Netanyahu; an individual eager to kill people with drones; a person who really wants it to be her finger on the trigger, and can’t wait to pull it; in short, somebody whom no decent person would touch with a bargepole.

I suspect that these disquieting intimations may have been laid to rest by the California result. The people have spoken, the system worked, and so on. Never mind how contrived the system is. We learned in high school that no better system is possible, so there.

So my friends feel newly… justified? Vindicated? And of course as we all know, these sentiments are not good for peoples’ character. They don’t often make people generous. They usually make people arrogant. Perhaps that’s what’s happening here

5 thoughts on “The victory lapdogs

  1. how much of this is driven by pocketbook politics? as you tell people you are keeping them safe, americans don’t really give a shit (by and large) about drone programs or overthrowing Qaddafi. people who maintained their economic position, largely salaried workers, under BO are terrified by the prospect of change. Trump & the Bern appeal more to wage-earners. HRC ensures there won’t be any insurgency or even uncomfortable words that ruffle the feathers of that ever-shrinking slice of US workers who aren’t wage drones. She’s there to guarantee their privileges. Instinctively perhaps, your email correspondents know this & cannot do anything but gloat & stomp on the outsiders.

  2. I don’t know MJS, this post reeks of male chauvinism. Besides, Bernie’s done! If you actually care about things like, oh, I don’t know, THE ENVIRONMENT, GAY RIGHTS, GUN LAWS or any other progressive issue of the day, there’s no other choice but to vote for Hillary! Unless you’re a selfish utopian whose more concerned with some corny dream than the realities of the current American landscape.

  3. Um, Bernie CLEARLY lost fair and square. All the non-purged and/or registration swapped democrats whose ballots were actually counted and who showed up to vote after the Associated Press told them what the result was going to be CLEARLY favored Hillary, not to mention the non-purged and/or registration swapped independents whose ballots were actually counted in the states that theoretically allow them to vote in primaries. Everyone knew the rules beforehand, which obviously means that the absurdity of said rules is irrelevant because of reasons. Why do you hate democracy? The people who matter have CLEARLY spoken. It’s CLEARLY CLEAR.

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