The Henry Ford of the Holocaust Industry


So that awful old humbug, Elie Wiesel, has at last gone to his long account. Old-time readers here will know that I am superstitious about death and don’t like to say I’m glad that anybody died, no matter who. I can stop at the brink even with old Elie, but only just. What an insufferable Uriah Heep he was. There was never even anything remotely likable about him. That mantle of high seriousness in which he muffled himself never, so far as I am aware, slipped by so much as a micron, even for a microsecond.

Naturally he was the mass murderer’s favorite Voice Of Conscience. So far I note that Bibi Netanyahu, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Abe Foxman — I find that Wiesel once received, no kidding, the Jabotinsky Award from Foxman’s ADL — Madeleine Albright, Ron Lauder, and assorted celebrities and other white trash, like George Clooney and Bill Gates, have weighed in with effusive praise. Of course he was also a Nobel Peace Prize recipient — always a very bad sign — along with Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Menachem Begin, Henry Kissinger, and Barack Obama, the last-named having been given the award simply for having been elected President.

Speaking of Kissinger, I haven’t yet heard what he has had to say about the late smarmster, but I can wait. Ditto for Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban. Somebody wake me when it’s over.

One thing I discovered, amid the saponaceous deluge of posthumous praise, and hadn’t previously known, was that the old hypocrite was an ardent advocate of Clinton I’s balkan War. Can’t say I’m surprised.

It’s a kind of fun parlor game imagining how, if one were Rhadamanthus, one would deal with people like this on the Other Side. The trick is to let the punishment fit the crime, without being too sadistic. Away with the Dantesque boiling pitch; let’s be more subtle. I think my sentence for Wiesel would be to lock him up in a seminar room with the late, and also unlamented, Saul Bellow, and let them bore each other for a millennium or so.

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  1. cashing in on holocaust survival goes w/the territory of being a big liar, i guess.

    was there any Western-led conflict that he did speak out against? did he cluck even once about the Palestinians? any marching against the Vietnam war or the like? a quick word search of his wiki page: Zero hits for iraq or vietnam, 1 hit for palestin-e/inian, where tellingly, an interviewer is disputing EW’s own BS story of his life. on the good news front, Bernie Madoff ripped off the EW foundation for humanity of 15 million smackers, per wiki. His foundation did honor Bush 1 in 1991 (sic) for his efforts to bring peace to the Middle East and later N. Sarkozy & Oprah and some other miserable characters. Too bad Madoff didn’t bankrupt this charade.

    you are swimming in shark-infested waters, sharks w/frickin’ laserbeams on their foreheads, in mocking this kosher cash cow.

  2. This is the famous “Fourth of July” that is supposed to be taken seriously, so I don’t. I mean, even, like, in the 60s, I would be tellin’ people things that somehow always went a little too far. One of them was that anything whatsoever that demanded to be taken seriously, by sheer definition, did not deserve it. If you said things like this back then, there would be a lot of people who would, like, you know, just space out on it. In one ear, out the other. The thing was they couldn’t handle the truth.

    Elie Wiesel, was a perfect example. Sort of like managing to live a life as a kind of symbol of suffering. I must confess, since after all this is a confessional blog, a place where people go to confess sins. My actual life, per se, has been a complete and utter disaster. However, all the crazy shit I’ve been tellin’ folks turns out to have been substantially correct. People thought I should take this Wiesel guy seriously, so that, of course, called for instant rejection. So by now I have become somewhat old myself, and was thinking along the lines of “My work here is done”. Then what? Bang! Comes the friggin’ Internet.

    Meanwhile, the world has become chock full of fools begging to be taken seriously. Just friggin’ beggin’ for it. Seriously.

    {QUOTE} “Laureates Letter Supporting Precision Agriculture (GMOs)

    “To the Leaders of Greenpeace, the United Nations and Governments around the world The United Nations Food & Agriculture Program has noted that global production of food, feed and fiber will need approximately to double by 2050 to meet the demands of a growing global population. Organizations opposed to modern plant breeding, with Greenpeace at their lead, have repeatedly denied these facts and opposed biotechnological innovations in agriculture. They have misrepresented their risks, benefits, and impacts, and supported the criminal destruction of approved field trials and research projects.

    “We urge Greenpeace and its supporters to re-examine the experience of farmers and consumers worldwide with crops and foods improved through biotechnology, recognize the findings of authoritative scientific bodies and regulatory agencies, and abandon their campaign against “GMOs” in general and Golden Rice in particular. [yada] [yada] [yada]…” {UNQUOTE}

    See? They are just standing in line to receive the Rense Treatment. Just beggin’ for it:

    {QUOTE} 110 [Nobel] Laureates Supporting Precision Agriculture (GMOs)

    Zhores I. Alferov 2000 Physics
    Sidney Altman 1989 Chemistry
    Hiroshi Amano 2014 Physics
    Werner Arber 1978 Medicine
    Richard Axel 2004 Medicine
    David Baltimore 1975 Medicine
    Paul Berg 1980 Chemistry
    Bruce A. Beutler 2011 Medicine
    Elizabeth H. Blackburn 2009 Medicine (and so on…) {UNQUOTE}

    You can see it all right here:

    They call it “Precision Agriculture”. So what this is, in fact, it’s simply the very end of The Age of Science. And, yes, it’s that simple. The fat lady has sung.

    So in a strange way, the Internet has become my salvation. Yeah my life was shit, but all the “nonsense” I’ve been spouting all along the miserable way turns out to be what people now begin to call “Truth”. In fact, what silly people call the “left” and the “right” are rapidly converging, in a kind of asymptotic way, upon what I’ve been saying all along.

    Prostitutes call it “The Life”. I guess it really is. It doesn’t even need no friggin’ fire crackers. The great Finale Rack has already shot its wad.

  3. I recall an hour-long interview with the Wiesel on some cloying NPR program “on Faith,” in which the interviewer fawned over the moral giant, even as he — with his typical weight-of-the world sigh and deep, this-hurts-me-more-than-it-does-the-Palestinian-cretins regret — calmly justified Israeli ships firing deadly artillery on nameless and faceless lessers in Palestinian refugee camps. Told me all I needed to know about this opportunistic shmuck.

    But let’s take heart. Despite many media attempts to force us to recognize and mourn the man’s greatness, I sense few outside of the usual suspects have noticed or cared that he’s gone, and many don’t know who he was. Compare the reaction to tge death of this Towering Figure with that of a truly courageous celebrity, Muhammad Ali—who had no use for the Middle Eastern apartheid state, FWIW.

    Kudos to Jason for noting above that the Wiesel was nowhere to be found in any of the anti war movements or any movements for social justice. What a fraud.

  4. From what I understand, even the Israelis lost patience with him after a while. Probably his opportunism ruffled many feathers here, too. Of course Holocaust survivor credentials make one all but invincible.

      • As I understand it, that is so. He was such a relentless self-promoter and upstager and camera-hog that he made a lot of enemies even among the like-minded. Or so one has always heard, anyway. They also say he was little regarded in Israel. I’d like to hear more about that, if it’s true.

  5. The Madonna and Child photo is quite touching. An appropriate icon for the holocaust religion, most of whose holy scriptures are as fraudulent and absurd as anything Wiesel ever wrote. Much of the Holocaust narrative fails to stand up to scrutiny, the details of “survivors” like Wiesel often being contradictory, wildly improbable or defying the laws of physics. But Wiesel’s story is so ridiculous that even shamans of the holocaust cult have openly criticized it.

    Even as a salesman of Zionist hate propaganda and warmongering, Wiesel qualified as little more than a barnacle on the garbage scow of Zionist bullshit, going so far as to use the ancient Jewish fable of Esther as evidence of a 2,000 year old plot by the Iranians to exterminate the Jews.

    Of course, one could interpret the Esther story as a plot by Jews to exterminate ancient Persians, and everything written about Iran by Wiesely Zionist weasels a plot to wipe out modern Persians. But I prefer to focus on modern realities, like America’s genocidal war against Israel’s enemies and the identities of its promoters, rather than on ancient fairy tales like the Bible or the Holocaust.

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