The horsemen of the Apocalypse…

… are saddling up for the Mother of Abominations. Hillary is apparently assembling — predictably enough — a fine team of neocons, brinksmanshippers, laptop bombardiers, and miscellaneous National Security berserkers for a reign which seems certain to be drenched in blood.

People are talking about Admiral James Stavridis for Vice President. He’s perfect, really. A longtime veteran of the bipartisan War Party, he first achieved notoriety as a retainer of Donald Rumsfeld back in the Bush II days, and became NATO’s El Supremo under Obama, where he played a prominent role in the butchery of Libya. Presidents come and go, but the machine hums on. Lately he has distinguished himself by advocating quite openly for a US alliance with the various Syrian jihadis, to do an Iraq on Syria — a long-standing neocon project, of course. Mr Brass Hat is also, of course, a close pal of the Israelis and a charter member of the Anything For Bibi club.

They’re also talking about Michele Flournoy for Secretary of Defense. After serving in the State Department under Obie, she founded and became executive director of the Center for a New American Security, one of the numberless swarm of Washington NatSec “think tanks”, buzzing like cicadas on a hazy, windless August afternoon. I do not understand the political economy of these outfits: why so many? Particularly since they all say more or less the same thing? Who pays for them? Why? I can only suppose that they’re intended as rocks for Permanent Government vermin like Fluornoy to hide under when they’re out of office, and that hedgies and defense contractors pay for them in order to keep these reptiles well-disposed.

CNAS is very much par for the course, enjoying Madeleine Albright and Joe “Talks to God but doesn’t listen” Lieberman as tutelary deities. Not surprisingly, one of the axes they’re grinding most relentlessly is the nuke deal with Iran. A sample of gloom-and-doom prose, from the febrile pen of one Ilan Goldenburg, CNAS’ cop on the Iran beat and incidentally an honest-to-God Israeli himself:

Iran’s regional behavior remains highly problematic. Provocative ballistic missile launches and continuing support for President Assad, Hezbollah, and Iraqi Shia militias are clear signs that the United States and Iran still have conflicting interests in the Middle East that are unlikely to change anytime soon. And competition between pragmatists and hardliners inside Iran has only intensified since the signing of the JCPOA as President Rouhani and his allies try to leverage the nuclear agreement to gain more influence while opponents of the deal try to box him in.

So if you thought Obie was bad — just wait for Hillary. She’s the real thing, red in tooth and claw. She can’t wait to start blowing people up, and she’s got a legion of fanatic gunsels who can’t wait to feed her the ammo belt.

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  1. “she’s got a legion of fanatic gunsels who can’t wait to feed her the ammo belt”

    …and she’s got the shiniest of shiny objects in Trump to distract and outrage (easily outraged) liberals between now and Nov….

    Couldn’t have been scripted better — unless it was scripted.

  2. MJS, firing on all cylinders! apparently the F. Gulen fella & the clintons are tight, to throw another log on the HRC wicker woman. Michael Hudson, in an interview on TRNN, says the European leaders are terrified of her becoming president b/c, you know, Zbig Brzszkszki’s bastard daughter & future SoS Victoria Nuland & Russia.

    and yes chomskyzinn, on Trump. i think. wth? plagiarizing Michelle! i find it more plausible that Melanin & M. each retreated to their corner, reflected on their “values” and experiences, and then wrote the exact same speech consisting of nothing but Lucretian Inane. plagiarizing obama is like stealing the Olive Garden’s recipe for spaghetti & marina. and we have Brain Scientist Ben Carson saying HRC made a pact with the devil using forbidden Jewish rituals overseen by 33rd degree Luciferian acolyte Saul Alinsky! i’m sure the RNC will be more entertaining than the other thing: them taking shots at Trump will be exactly like watching a donkey swat flies w/its tail.

    • Comrade Jason, you’re just too funny! Love the bit about Olive Garden Recipe and the brain scientist. You’d be surprised how kooky doctors are in general and they ain’t nothing like scientists. And of all doctors, brain surgeons top off all kooks.

  3. Hate to say this but don’t ever underestimate the proverbial sexism. I count this as our one and only savior when she starts fucking up. People have much less tolerance for a woman fucking up than a man making the same bad decisions. Plus, she’s so universally disliked, even among the smug liberals that we might actually have a groundswell of opposition to stop her from doing a major nuclear fuckup.

    Then again, we are an island nation and as such, we’re totally disconnected from the rest of the world. Certainly disconnected enough from the old world, Europe, and Asia that we cannot imagine how an inept crazy (as opposed to a competent crazy!) can fuck up the balance of powers and ricochet the mischief that she starts back to us.

    • Patriarchy to the rescue! (but, as the military knows, there is no male or female, jew or greek, when it comes to Empire. NATO already has whole brigades of wymynz & LGBTQ, as does the IDF.)

      i got a few friends swirling in the toilet bowl of academia who were outraged over “plagiarism.” How can you plagiarize “God bless America” & “we need better education for girls”? of course, Melania’s staff, turns out, did copy that speech, i guess. they probably got sucked into the black hole of its vacuity. ”my word is my bond.” not if your words don’t mean anything, sister.

      i hear ya on doctors. i hadn’t ranked ’em, but blind me w/your science doctor guy!

      • When the Platitude Auto-Generator spits out the same speech from 8 yrs ago, that’s an issue for tech support, not a political matter.

        • nice. some other blogger pointed out they all use the same Frank Luntz focus-grouped, push-polled, triangulated BS. i’d be embarrassed to remember a syllable from the 2008 convention, seems the Trump team felt likewise toward the poor speechwritrix, but no doubt there’s intellectual property pyrite in those hills of platitude which must be defended.

  4. my entire neuronal architecture, including the enteric system, has been surgically denervated by politics. The myelin lipds remain, but the ion channels and capacitance are dead. I’ve known extinct species with more joy in their hearts.

    • “Thiel founded Palantir Technologies funded by the CIA’s venture capital arm In-Q-Tel and serves as the company’s chairman”-from P. Thiel’s wiki page. if the guys are to be believed at in their review of CIA involvement in Hollywood in their program on “The Social Network,” Thiel’s start-up money for FB was really In-Q-Tel’s moolah. (In-Q-Tel was a big investor in Pokemon Go; now why would the CIA be investing in this crap? make self-reporting fun!) so why is this guy who is deep deep in the big muddy of American venture finance endorsing Trump & Trump’s ability to “make America great”? curious, given his obvious connections w/the Deep State.

  5. An open hawk with hawkishness ignored by libs throughout the kingdom. Apparently, we’re in for another ‘lesser’ evil that will no doubt accomplish more evil than the ‘greater’ evil ever could. Never doubt the willingness of American libs to feed the beast that’s killing them. The only party I’m apt to vote for at this point is the kind with an open bar.

  6. Krugman, Franklin Foer, Anne Appelbaum, Jeffrey Goldberg and others have taken to singing “The Russians Are Coming” in unison. Cold Warrrior innuendo is back and better than ever. What loathesome people. More Wiki leaks please!!

    • I’ve been getting the full Bill Wienberg treatment thanks to eager reposters. I guess the Krugmans and Goldbergs I expect. It’s the left that really gets me. And the worse the DNC looks the nastier they seem to get–anger proportional to how hard one is trying to believe something one can’t succeed in believing?

  7. Sad but true. I saw that same piece of shit written by that douchebag, Jeffrey Goldberg in Atlantic and couldn’t help but denouncing it on my FB page. Guess how many “likes” I got on my post? Zero! Assuming that your FB friends are not really your friends and instead, they’re more like a slice of all your acquaintances, it’s still pretty amazing that none of these people gave a shit about such douchebaggery. Thanks to all this social media crap, we get to see how stupid the great majority of people who we know are every 4 years. And that by itself is depressing. To live in a country where facts and information are readily available and uncensored but the citizens choose to ignore and instead, follow the advice of some astro turf, celebrity, or yet worse, journalist!

  8. Comrades, you may recall that months ago your Merkin in Montreal pondered the possibility of the Donald being a Manchurian Candidate in the service of Hillary Clinton to enable her to win the election. Conspiracy theory? Indeed but worth pondering given their previous ties and Trump’s unelectability.

    I was thoroughly amused when I found Counterpunch’s Jeffrey St. Clair pondering the same thought:

  9. Messiah vs. Antichrist: Electoral Smackdown! we’ll reveal who is who…after the election. we do know which candidate will be the President from Langley though, don’t we? HRC represents to the foreign policy clowns, SUCCESS. I say: VOTE for FAILURE.

    • I’m with you. The only thing is that there’s this speculation that the FAILURE has been propped up by HRC! I mean we knew he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but picking on the dead soldier’s family instead of hammering on HRC is inexplicable. Sure, he’s out of control but even out of control people know who their opponents are. Could it be that he’s even more stupid that W? Certainly possible.

      • i’m voting for the fucker who seems ignorant of “NATO obligations!!!!!” and doesn’t fellate the dead. i say, bully for him! and fuck the khzrzrzrzr khan parents. “my dead son says vote hillary!” gah.

  10. Welcome back.

    Contrary to some who might find the above contribution now mute, it would appear that we indeed got & are getting that worst Hillary ever: her party’s subversion of democracy in the primaries while elevating the coming deplorables, and now the monster unleashed on both sides of the gate has even gone so far as to dossier a claim that ’twas Vlad what done that very dirty deed, albeit elevating along with the Don, Sanders & Stein. Even if that didn’t sound like a most apt name for Trump lawyers, there’s a fool-me-twice lesson in that pair of alternatives without all the added intrigue.

    Some are saying that you’d be blind not to see Putin prints all over this election. I’d say you’d be well naive not to recognizing the muddying of the waters well-beyond anything a simple KGB man could muster.

  11. Am I the only one who shakes her head at the theatrics of Pussy March on Saturday? I just came across the piece by Anthony Dimaggio in Counterpunch that was all self congratulatory and praising the march albeit a few criticism here and there. Who are they kidding? Mostly white crowd that could afford to fly to DC, get an Airbnb, and march for Girl Power. But no concrete demands, just an opportunity to take selfies to show they were there, the enlightened crowd. Sure, they were there for keeping abortion safe and legal. Except that abortion has been practically banned in a large portion of the country because there are no abortion clinics and no doctors to perform them from the fear of getting gunned down. Where were they when abortion clinics disappeared from the South?

    This was nothing but theatrics to prove that half the country is better than the other half otherwise known as “deplorables”. And if Hillary had been elected president, the same people would have descended on DC to celebrate the war monger in chief. It’s hopeless! No wonder Comrade Smith has given up on this blog.

  12. MJS, beyond glad that the blog is back up! It was really bumming me out that I couldn’t go ‘home’ to my favorite blog if not to just read the old posts and comments. Hope everyone is doing well.

  13. Where’s comrade Smith? How could you abandon us at a time when you can chime in with your perfectly witty commentary? There’s no shortage of material for comic relief and the person who can best leverage this for ridiculing the state of the union has taken a vow of silence. Too bad.

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