Now HERE is a powerful statement for you


Democrats continue to amaze me. These folks are going to attend Trump’s speech — sit politely and listen to his mad imbecile blather — but they’re going to wear white. Oh man, that’s showing him, innit?

Maxine Waters, to her credit, is planning to stay home, which really seems like a no-brainer. My jaw has fallen through several floors and I need to go find it down in the basement laundry room. What in God’s name are these other fools thinking of?

I can only conjecture that the ethos of ‘splitting the difference’ — successively, a la Achilles and the tortoise — has become such an ingrained tropism that they just can’t help themselves. No potential bridges will be burnt, but a Masonic in-group statement will be delivered. The base will no doubt be happy. They don’t, after all, expect much.

5 thoughts on “Now HERE is a powerful statement for you

  1. I caught a bit of Mornin’ Joe this a.m. Two rabid fightin’ dem senators…competing w/each other to express how willing to work with DT they are now that he’s become suitably “presidential.” after won widdle ol’ speech! maybe it was all those blinding white shirts that bro’t Trump to see the light on the need for civility, comity, etc., etc., all that boy scout horseshit that really is just a masquerade for barbarity. no doubt renewed assaults on Syria, or that other Bashar in Sudan, are in the works, now that everyone is friends again in Babylon on the Potomac.

  2. Welcome back Comrade Smith! Finally, we get an eloquent ridicule of the morons we have to tolerate so patiently. I used to say I hate Democrats more so than Republicans for their smug behavior but sadly, the developments in the past few months have pushed me to the point of intolerance. I kid you not, I even get that sick feeling in my stomach when I hear a liberal’s blather.

    Supposedly, half the country is liberal and half is conservative. Recently, the liberal half has been quite successful in shutting down the glitterati of the other half. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the conservative half cannot shut down douchebags like Bill Maher or Rachel Maddow.

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