Rien oubli, rien appris: anticipating the restoration


Assuming that we survive the evil Stephen King clowns of the Trump administration, I assume we can look forward to a Bourbon Restoration of the Democrats next time round. The prospect is distinctly unappealing, though of course one will be glad to have heard the last of Trump.

One does rather wonder whom the dems will anoint as their Louis XVIII. Will Hillary try again, and condescend to visit Michigan this time? Stranger things have happened. (Two words: Richard Nixon.) Or will Bill come back? Chelsea, I suppose, is still too young, and constitutional amendments take a while. Perhaps they’ll pickle Bernie in brine and run him.

But really, who cares? Whoever it is, we know what to expect. Neoliberalism, militarism, Zionism — the usual blue plate special.

What I’m looking ahead to — with a sinking heart — is the effect on my liberal friends. I feel sure they will have learned absolutely the wrong lesson from the debacle of 2016. They will be more convinced than ever that they were completely right last year, and that events proved it.

Of course any rational person can see that events proved them desperately wrong. But cathexis is difficult to withdraw, as any disappointed lover knows.

So my guess is that they will double down. They will conclude, inter alia, that it’s more important than ever to whip the strays into the fold. Their scolding, verberative, finger-wagging tone will amp up to deafening levels. And they will hold Trump’s coppertoned flayed skin up in our faces to prove they were right all along, and we were bad, naughty children, and it’s all our fault.

3 thoughts on “Rien oubli, rien appris: anticipating the restoration

  1. More convinced than ever?! They’re running around with last night’s Rachel Maddow transcripts clutched in their sweaty palms, screaming about how right they were already! I can’t imagine them getting worse.

  2. in libspeak, Trump sprang fully-formed from the, uh, Jovial head of the racist trash rabble holding this country back. try telling a lib that the NYT was 1st chair of the Trumpeteers for thirty fucking years or whatev (even if the press was “negative”.) and behold a master’s class in utter incomprehension. I didn’t, don’t, vote but I told a murder of urban Episcopalian ravens that I “voted for Trump cuz he’s the only candidate who had the courage to tell Americans for years the truth: ‘Yer fired!'” if eyes were nails, I would have joined the Crucified. Distrust any belief or endeavor that requires Rachel Maddow levels of being earnest.

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